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Thursday, July 28, 2016

There are no 'good ones':

The biggest stumbling block preventing white nationalism/racism/nazism/whatever from returning to power is the "I know a good one" syndrome.  If people know a single diverse specimen that they like and respect, or God forbid has already married into the extended family, they will want to protect that single person at the expense of the nation as a whole, the majority's interests, or even the future of the world.

Using simple, 2 year old level logic, you can make fairness algorithms like "if 10% of black people are better than 50% of white people, it would be illogical to kick out the meritorious blacks and leave in the loser whites."  The same can be applied to any other grouping, "women should be allowed the vote because I know a woman who votes more intelligently than many men."  I know a peaceful Muslim and there are violent anti-abortionists so no conclusions can be drawn about religion as a whole.  Blah blah blah.  And the people making these arguments honestly think they are so smart for realizing there is an exception to every generalization, and that they've somehow scaled logic's Mt. Everest by arriving at this enlightened moral high ground.

But it's not because I personally resent said peaceful Muslim and wish him harm, or said meritorious black, or said sagacious woman voter, etc, that I decide on sweeping policy prescriptions that go against Muslim, black, or female interests.  First of all, it's because of statistical probabilities, which means more benefits will accrue to these sweeping measures than harm done to the 'good ones.'  If fairness is not the end all be all of the world, but simply the greatest good for the greatest number, it doesn't matter in the least how many people are harmed so long as more are helped in the long run.

But even if you ignore utility calculations, there is a way to prove that it is fair to lump in the 'good ones' with the 'bad ones.'  In fact, every member of a bad group is bad, notwithstanding all their exceptional qualities that vary from the average.  This is because by their very presence they deceive others into thinking all their peers must be acceptable as well.  They are like judas goats.

If a herd of goats sees a goat enter the slaughterhouse and then leave the other side unharmed, they'll eagerly stream into the slaughterhouse and thereby get slaughtered.  This is what "I know a good ones" do to white countries.  We find one good example of a group, judge that therefore the entire group is harmless or even beneficial, and then get slaughtered by the rest of said group.  If they really were good ones then they would not have tried to deceive us into thinking that the rest of their group should be supported and bolstered.  A really good one would have warned us against their own group and been shouting at the top of their lungs that everyone else who looks like them is pure evil and the last thing you'd ever want to let immigrate into your country.

A really 'good one' black would be someone who honestly lays out all the facts about black criminality and stupidity, and warns us against allowing blacks into the country.  If someone said to them, 'it's a shame, but you all have to go, we can't take your kind anymore.'  Rather than ranting and railing against how unfair this is, that he's a 'good one' and he shouldn't be treated like this, he should patriotically agree that this is for the best for the motherland, and that it's a small price to pay to see western civilization preserved from its imminent destruction at the hands of the coming 4 billion African tidal wave.

And even if this hypothetical 'good one' said "please don't kick me out, I encouraged and will continue to encourage all the others to be left out, but I should be left in on the basis of merit," he's still an evil doer for the enemy's cause.  This is because his very existence, his very presence as a meritorious black, will convince infinite millions of do gooder, feel good whites into the liberal position that blacks aren't so bad after all, why look at George, he's swell, we could use a few more blacks like him, let's open the gates wide again and let them all in!  Even if he spends his entire life campaigning against this liberal vision, the implicit truth he reveals just by being a good one undermines our cause more than anything he could ever say or do for the cause.

The same is true if a woman votes sanely.  She should still be urging women to lose the right to vote, because any sane woman would despise the way women vote.  And if she said, 'most women should lose the right to vote, but not me,' then again we have the problem that the saner she votes, the more logical and wise she is with the franchise, the more people will rethink their position on women voters and want to enfranchise women again.  The more meritorious she is, the more she empowers liberals who think all women are or could be like her.  Her very merit is the poison, the greatest danger any woman could ever present to male voters.  The better, the worse.  A woman who realized the danger she was putting discriminators into by being a perfect counterexample to their arguments, would be the first to ask to have her voting rights removed so that no one would get the wrong idea about women voters by pointing to her as an example.

Likewise, it is unforgivable for peaceful Muslims to frolic around in the public square, saying "I'm not like those other bad Muslims, you can't judge all Muslims, there are good ones like us."  Can you imagine if some Muslim invents the cure to cancer and earns trillions of goodwill points for muslims in general?  That goodwill will translate into ever laxer security and more immigration and more accommodation towards the bad muslims and the explosion (literally) of all the bad side effects that come with muslims being in your country.  And yet we're supposed to consider this guy a 'good one?'  He's the reason all the bad muslims are allowed to immigrate into our country.  He's the reason all muslims are allowed to freely exercise their religion and impose all their demands on the rest of us.  We keep remembering that nice Muslim down the street, who insists on being a Muslim and refuses to leave the religion solely to the malefactors, and we end up forgiving the unforgivable Muslims too.  We lump them all together, good and bad, and say, 'it can't be helped, we can't harm a single one!'

A truly good Muslim would immediately renounce Islam so that the floodwaters of 'good muslims' could be drawn back and the beach underneath of purely bad Muslims could be revealed.  They are camouflage, and they benefit their fellow bad muslims as camouflage infinitely more than they benefit us as 'good one' citizens.  A good Muslim would be horrified at the thought of continuing to act as cover and empowering the bad muslims in his group, and leave that group behind immediately.  The fact that he doesn't, a priori, since we're talking about 'good one' Muslims, proves his sinister intent and that he was never good to begin with.

Here's the truth, this world is currently beset by multiple existential crises.  One is Islam.  Islam destroys any society it becomes the majority of, any and all Muslim countries are barbaric.  Another is blacks, for the exact same reason.  Third is feminism and homosexuality, which asserts that the family unit is no longer necessary and reproduction of the next generation is somehow outdated and superseded by the right to love whomever they please, as many as they please, for as long as they please, and no longer.  The entire civilized world is below replacement level births, which yes, eventually means extinction, and beyond that, because we aren't pairing up like we've evolved to do we are facing a worldwide mental illness/depression/despair/drug nightmare.  It's worst for gays, who are acting the most unnaturally, but in truth everything in modern life is unnatural, the way women live, the way men live, and the way children live, and we're all suffering as a result.  When people suffer too much from this 'free love' culture, they turn to killing sprees, heroin, video games or cats, it doesn't matter what, but they turn away from life.  They sever all ties with the outside world, no longer have any meaningful interactions with other human beings, and no longer have or raise kids who are capable of fitting in to a social order themselves.

There are other existential crises we need to be worrying about.  One is dysgenics.  If we grow too fat, unhealthy, and stupid, we will be unable to invent the next step towards human progression.  Dysgenics is real and alive and well documented by endless studies.  It is the inevitable result of paying welfare to people based on how poor they are and how many kids they have.  It is also the inevitable result of waiting past your prime years of fertility, which are the years meant by evolution for healthy children to be born in.  Both sperm and eggs grow progressively more degenerate the longer you wait to have a child.  Even if there aren't immediate and apparent birth defects in the children of elderly parents, they leave thousands of ticking time bombs which, if combined with some other birth defect in their marriage partner's dna, will lead to a truly screwed up child.  The combined physical damage done to a child's dna by irresponsible elderly reproduction is higher than that done by incestuous cousins or even siblings, and the issue is totally ignored because of feminism.

Another is the environment.  The world only has so many resources and we're using them up at an unsustainable rate.  Global warming if allowed to continue indefinitely could make Earth the next Venus.  There is no birth licensing so anyone can just go ahead and collapse the ecosystem via irresponsible breeding plus emigration and there's nothing we can do about it, intellectually, because we've given people both the right to breed and to emigrate to anywhere on Earth.

Another is the clampdown on freedom.  In the past it was possible for all sorts of tribes to live in all sorts of ways, and there was a natural experiment running on Earth where the fittest survived and prospered while the failures died out.  Now culture is imposed from above via education and the media, brainwashing virtually every member of the world into the exact same self-destructive thought patterns and punishing anyone who dares to contravene the established narrative.  Only one country on Earth even has freedom of speech enshrined in their constitution, the USA, and if Hillary is elected the supreme court she appoints will revoke even our right to freedom of thought and the freedom to promulgate our thoughts to others.  Technology has become so powerful that everyone can be monitored at virtually all times and in all communications, so that no one is ever safe and can freely speak their minds anymore.  The stultification of governments clamping down on anyone who says there might be anything wrong with the current structure of the government should be self-evident.

How are we ever going to improve on the current model if even daring to say it isn't perfect is a crime?  And who is going to spread a more innovative culture to the stultified one that has stamped out all of its internal voices of rebellion if the whole world is united into one super-governmental body?

Another is the threat of WMD.  Mankind is a warlike species and its inevitable that eventually one nuclear power, or bio weapon power, is going to push another too far, like the constant poking and prodding we've been doing to Russia in the last couple decades, and a nuclear war will be the result.  We can't help ourselves, just like children constantly bully each other, nations constantly war with each other, we're simply a violent and cruel species to begin with.  If we don't disarm all WMD worldwide, they'll eventually be used, damn the consequences, by someone whose grudge towards others outweighs love of their own lives.  Alternatively, we can let everyone be as weaponized as they please, but in that case we must have spaceflight, so that all our eggs are never in one basket again.  So long as we're all here, WMD's will eventually kill us all.  The lack of urgency in our space program is itself an existential threat to mankind.  We should have been populating other planets and stars already.  The colony ships should already be on their way towards their destinations by now.  We got to the Moon in the freaking 60's.  We're approaching the 50 year anniversary to that shit and we've made no permanent colony anywhere else in the universe.

Not to mention the existential threat of dark energy expanding our universe so far that we won't even be able to colonize any galaxy outside our own local group, which means the 99.999% destruction of all potential life in the cosmos, for no damn good reason, simply because we refuse to get off our butts and invest seriously in space flight again, like we used to do in the 60's.  Not to mention cosmic strings, supernovas, or asteroids just buzzing through and spontaneously destroying everything because, again, all our eggs are in one damn basket.

We are in serious trouble.  This world is in serious trouble.  It's never been this bad before in human history.  The perils of a one-world government exercising Orwellian levels of oppression are a totally new threat to mankind.  So are WMD's.  So is the concept of billions of barbarian immigrants flooding across vast oceans and skies with inventions they never themselves were capable of building.  So is the ludicrous idea that male-female pair bonding is not essential to the human experience and we should instead just do whatever sounds fun.  Tens of thousands of years of human history all across the world buzzed along without issue, never finding it difficult to simply reproduce themselves and continue their culture, but now all of that is in dire peril and exceedingly unlikely to occur.  It's a miracle anyone is born in a mad world like ours, and there's no guarantee they'll be able to run the gauntlet and reproduce the next time, or the next, or the next, etc.  We have never managed to overstrain the Earth's resources before, but with a world population of 7 billion going on 15 billion, we're entering virgin territory, and it's not going to be pretty.

If we're all retards then we won't be any different from monkeys.  The quality of our gene pool must be preserved, but no one is even worrying about preserving it, much less improving it, which is what any sane government would be doing just as rapidly and fervently as inventing space flight.  This is also the first time in history where poor people are given a green light by the government to reproduce while elites are massively discouraged from reproducing.  In all the previous thousands of years of history, the elites were favored by the government and had the most children as a reward.  Now we've reversed everything and the more ridiculously awful you are, the more sex and kids you receive, all courtesy of the government which funds this mad hatter's world.

The world didn't use to have any existential threats, save for a rare asteroid strike or the like.  Now we've, simultaneously, managed to throw ten or twelve at ourselves, all through insisting that individuals come first and societal health second.  The "I know a good one" syndrome is an outgrowth of individualism, which says that no collective can ever assert any group interest if it conflicts with a single individual's 'human rights.'  With restrictions like that, it's no wonder we have spawned so many simultaneously enormous problems like hydra heads that keep splitting daily into two then four then eight simultaneous existential threats.

In other words, individualism is mankind's most existential threat.  Or, in other words, people who know a good one and are thus paralyzed from doing the right thing are the world's greatest existential threat.  So the good ones themselves are the world's greatest existential menace.

They're the heart of evil.  If not for them, if only they weren't around, we could act!  But no, they insist on simultaneously being here and good, which leads the whole world astray, straight into the fiery abyss of hellish doom our future is yawning open with.  If they were truly good, they would see where this is going, and either be bad and thus fulfill all the stereotypes so we could bloody well act already, or just go somewhere else, far from here, so we don't have to worry about 'lumping in the good ones' in our collective reprisal.  Anything but what they're doing!  Their actions, their very existence, is a greater evil than anyone else could even try!  Mass rapists and serial killers are nothing on these people!  No one is harming the world so much as these intransigent 'good one' exceptions.  Please, anything but the good ones, I'll trade them all away for the worst ones you can find anywhere on Earth.  We'd be infinitely stronger and healthier as a result!  The good ones are the fleas riding on the bad one rats that spread the disease of liberalism.  They are the vector of calamity that is killing us all.

Good ones need to create good one countries for good one onlys where they can all live happily ever after as the good ones.  Then the bad ones can be exterminated without any risk of harming any good ones and without any guilt or compunction on the side of the exterminators.  And lastly, the homogeneous remainder needs to never be exposed to good ones again, lest they make the exact same mistake over again and invite in not only the good ones again, but the bad ones as well, who are impossible to discern from the good ones until it's always too late.

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