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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Regalia Dropped:

This show is way too shallow.  The characters are saccharine.  They have no ignoble impulses of any sort.  It gets dull really quick when everyone's so nice and cheerful and glompy with each other.  It's like, are you even human beings?  Or just dolls?  Do they have any worries or concerns or desires at all?  Meanwhile, the fight scenes have all these dramatic explosions and the like, but there's no explanation of what's going on so it's all sizzle with no meat.

What makes fights interesting to the outside observer is the thought processes behind each strike and how people's strategies fare against each other.  This is why we want to understand the motive behind every move in chess or go.  The same is true of a fistfight, sword fight, or any other competitive match.  You don't just want to see what's happening, you want to see underneath what's happening, why it's happening, what the competitors are thinking and how it led to the results we see before us.  Good fighting series reveal that underneath the underneath.  Bad fighting just shows the endless mindless motion and leaves the viewers completely in the dark as to what the hell is going on.  Regalia shows only bad fighting, fights without rhyme, reason, resources or rules, just flash flash bang bang.  As a result, the fight scenes are just as boring a the one dimensional character moments.  Everything in this show is way too lifeless and simplistic.  Shallow to the core.

Meanwhile, Naruto is back to filler again, unbelievably, so that's another show lost for the summer.

Dragon Ball Recut is looking to be the most important anime of 2016.  82 episodes of one of the most famous and high quality manga series of all time, providing the essential missing piece to the puzzle of the rest of the series which has already been rendered in high fidelity, is pretty difficult to compete with no matter who you are.  Now Dragon Ball moves from an incomplete series to a complete series, from an inadequately covered source to an adequately covered source, and everything in Super is just bonus from here.  Dragon Ball isn't nearly as long as One Piece nor does it have remotely as emotionally moving scenes as One Piece's early arcs had, but just by being a completed work it might be better than One Piece can ever be now.  It's at least something to consider while watching Dragon Ball Recut, just how much better does this make the show?  Just how high ranked should Dragon Ball really be now?

Meanwhile, Daredevil Season 3 has been announced.  Marvel Netflix is the best tv out there, and the fact that it just keeps on coming is one of the reasons why.

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