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Sunday, July 31, 2016

It's Even More Fraudulant Than I Thought:

P.S.  I've now learned that one estimate puts the cost of the Rio Games at 4.1 billion to begin with, 80% of which is paid for via private means.

From the Financial Times, "Rio 2016:  The High Price of Olympic Glory" article:

"By contrast, the bill for Rio 2016, which the organisers say is $4.1bn, will be modest."

"The city government calculates that the games have cost $4.1bn in direct expenses such as arenas and the athletes village, for which 80 per cent of funding has come from the private sector." 

Which means the people of Brazil have had to shoulder, the horror, all of $820 million in taxes over seven years.  You could run up a bill like that just eating some hamburgers.  This is pocket change.  This is a joke.  The idea that we can no longer afford to host olympics is a complete, absolute, ludicrous, obnoxious lie.  The only people peddling it are the ones who never wanted the Olympics in the first place, regardless of the cost.  The Rio Games, which will have 281 days worth of tv coverage, costs less to produce than a single blockbuster movie.  Movies full of car chases and explosions are fine, but God forbid we celebrate the best of mankind bringing the world together in a united striving for excellence.  That we simply cannot afford any longer.  We could afford to host it in Greece 1896, but you see, the world is infinitely poorer now than it was back then, so it can't be helped.  I guess it just has to be cancelled.  It isn't our pocketbooks that have shrunk, it's our souls.  We are midgets compared to the men who came before us.  They could build the Empire State Building in a year, but we can't host an Olympics every four years anymore.  This isn't about money, it has always and only been about will.

Does anyone on Earth still have the willpower to accomplish anything great?  Or have we fallen so far below our predecessors that, even with our vastly higher populations and larger economies, we can't afford to do anything anymore?  We are asked to sacrifice .001% as much as our ancestors simply to continue an ancestral tradition, and we say to their dismay, well maybe you guys could afford it, but we're just totally strapped for cash right now and there's nothing we can do, so sad, well, maybe once we're ten times as rich it will be feasible again, blah blah blah.

Here's an idea, Americans could stop throwing away $126 billion worth of food into the trash every year.  That's right.  First we buy the food, at a restaurant or a supermarket.  Then we, inexplicably, without even taking a bite, just throw it into the trash can.  40% of all the food we buy.  That's almost half.  How about Americans are required by law not to waste any food, and if they do they're executed.  Then we take the 126 billion we just saved every year and spend it on the Olympics every four years.  It's now free to the host city, and free for us too, since previously we were just throwing our money away to no purpose anyway.  We could also use it to fund all the World Cups, world championships, and every other sporting event on Earth.  We would still have so much money left over, that we could use it to give first class training facilities to every athlete on Earth so that they would be better prepared for international competition.  Then we'd still have infinite money left over, so we may as well use it to clean all the drinking water in Africa while we're at it.

We can afford to throw 126 billion dollars worth of food into trash bins every year out of pure spite, simply as an opulent pissing in the face of every poor person on Earth who would die for that food, but nope, we can't afford the $820 million necessary to host the Olympics anymore.  That's just too much to ask from anyone.  Everyone's quick to bring up the costs of the Olympics and how they should instead be spent on relieving poverty, but no one even mentions these $126 billion worth of food that could have gone to starving people all over the world but was instead simply thrown into the trash untouched instead.  If it's poverty we're talking about, wouldn't this food be the first thing we should latch onto?  Not the Olympics, which is .16% as expensive?  These people could care less about the poor.  They aren't in the least interested in alleviating poverty.  They just hate the Olympics.  They are creating a false narrative that, if it prevails, will indeed put an end to this 120 year tradition.

There is nothing good in this world that evil people aren't out to destroy, simply because it is good.  The Olympics are so bright and beautiful that every ugly, dark-souled individual on Earth can't stand it and therefore makes up all these vicious lies against it out of envy and spite.  The price of the Olympics, liberty, or anything else is always eternal vigilance.  If we don't actively speak up in favor of the Olympics, you can be sure they will actively speak it down.  With the 2022 Winter Olympics only having two bidders, both non-democratic states free of liberal western media venom and lies, it's obvious that the destroyers have almost gotten their way and we are at our final line of defense as they're banging down the door.  If we don't rise out of this torpidity, the Olympics, a 120 year tradition, really will simply disappear one day.  Forgotten to the ages, just like the first time.  Abandoned to their fate.  If that day happens, a part of the human spirit will be lost forever with them.

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