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Sunday, July 17, 2016

1936 Axis vs. Allies Medal Count:

Axis Powers:    178
Allied Powers:  124

Judging by the Olympics, it makes sense that Hitler thought his alliance was stronger than ours and his volk would prevail.  What he neglected is that Russia did not participate in these games, and if it had it probably would have tipped the scales, just like Russia was the decisive factor to Germany's defeat in World War II.

I did not count neutral nations or nations that served both sides in the medal count.  For instance France was an ally but Vichy France was an Axis Power, so I just ignored their medals altogether.  The Czheck Republic was an Ally but Slovakia and the Sudetenland was an Axis Power, so again it's best to just ignore their medals.  Yugoslavia had Allied members but also Axis members like Croatia, so it's best to just ignore them.  Estonia and Latvia originally were opponents of Russia before they fought Germany, so again it's a wash whose side they were on exactly.

Even though it looks like Germany was foolish in assuming it could take on the whole world, it in fact did so in 1936 and came out triumphant, so maybe they weren't such madmen after all.  So long as you assume that the Olympics are a good barometer of martial excellence, that it accurately reflects how heroic your people are and what they can accomplish as a whole, Germany had a better ally in Hungary than the USA had in Great Britain.  After looking at the great results Hungary, Finland, Japan and Italy had in the Olympics, Germany must have felt like they were invincible compared to the hapless Australians who could only win one medal, or the Philippines with just one medal, or Belgium with just two.  If they roll over in the Olympics, they'll probably just roll over in war, which is after all just another athletic competition where everyone tries to go higher, faster and stronger too.

And the truth is, most of the Allied powers really were no match for the Axis.  Hitler conquered Europe in a few months.  France rolled over without a fight.  Great Britain was protected by the English Channel, but effectively their army was destroyed at Dunkirk and they posed no further threat to Germany.  The Olympic medal count was an accurate depiction of the events in the field.  The only problem is the USA was #2 in the world in medal count, which means a very tough nut to crack on the battlefield, and Russia who didn't even enter the Olympics, who ended up having the strongest army on Earth and rolling up the entire united Axis Powers mostly all on their own.  Remember, the USA didn't even join the war until 1942, and by that time Russia had already mostly beaten Germany, at a time when Britain could really do nothing but watch on the sidelines.  This was Russia's victory, no one else's.  If the USA, with its measly 56 medals, had tried to take on Germany with its 89 medals alone, I'm sure Germany would have won.  The medals never lie!  The USSR remained a stealth power that no one could properly gauge because they didn't participate in the Olympic Games.  The last time we saw Russia in the Olympics was under the Czar in 1912.  If Germany had only known how good the USSR was at sports, they never would have tried a two front war and invaded, but they assumed boycotting the Olympics was equal to winning 0 medals and thought they would have an easy time of it.  Biggest oversight in world history!

If only Germany had called it quits in 1940 and simply ground Britain out by its U-boat campaign and conquest of their overseas territories, without starting a war with either the USA (56 medals) or the USSR (300 medals if they'd competed!), they would have had as sweeping a victory as the 1936 results predicted.  Today the whole continent would belong to Germany, and there would be no muslim immigrants driving trucks into people in Nice, killing 84 and injuring 200+, raping all the women of Sweden, molesting 2,000 German women without a single man being arrested for it, castrating and disemboweling Parisians at the Bataclan, getting elected mayor of London, being responsible for almost all crime, 80% on welfare, etc, etc.

By now the German space program, who first invented the rocket, would have colonies all across the solar system.  Instead their ethnic German population has flatlined since 1970 and will soon be decreasing massively as all the elderly die off.  As Hitler predicted, Germany didn't have enough land to even support itself with what was apportioned to it after the Versailles treaty, and it's been suffering from its stunted situation ever since.

There wouldn't be any 'no-fault' divorces in Germany.  Women would have stayed virgins until marriage and had plenty of kids, because they could always just fan out into their new lebensraum in Poland or Yugoslavia or the Moon or Mars.  There would have been full employment of German men at high wages because the women would have stayed at home and there would have been no influx of immigrants taking their jobs.  There wouldn't be any drug epidemics because Germans would have been too proud of themselves to ever stoop so low.

Instead of modern art, classical art would still be thriving, with music akin to Orff's Carmen and beautiful Greek-like statuary.  People would still dress sharply and architecture would be on the grandest scale in the world, making it a delight just to step outdoors and look around you.  No doubt German athletes would still be dominating at the Olympics and World Cup due to their promotion of sport and outdoors health activities from the very beginning of childhood.

Germany would have finished putting into place clean energy by now, as they were forerunners in environmental protection and animal rights.  They probably would already have invented artificial meat by now, as a tribute to Hitler's vegetarianism and hatred of killing innocent life just for food.

Watching the 1936 Olympics (filmed and documented in 'Olympia' by Leni Riefenstahl), it's obvious how much potential Nazi Germany had for itself and as a leader of the world.  Wasting all of that potential in the fratricidal snows of the deep Russian winter has to be the greatest tragedy/folly in world history.  The future was fascism.  You could tell that was the case in 1936, when Spain, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland and Germany were all united behind it.  But the future was lost at Stalingrad and now we're in some weird parallel dimension, some awful alternate dystopian history, like Planet of the Apes, where instead 4 billion Africans and 4 billion Muslims work together to flood the world with their backwards cultures and bring us back to the stone age, all while some worthless fairy effete elois/liberals sing kumbayah and watch their cities burn one by one as they invite the invaders in to rape their women and plunder their property as much as they please.

In Nazi victory land, if that truck driver had done that, all Muslims in France would have been deported immediately.  That would be the end of terrorism in France.  Instead we just sit on our hands and say it can't be helped, terrorism can never be stopped, and light candles and put teddy bears on all the bloodstained spots marking crushed children.  It's disgusting.  When can I switch worldlines to the rightful, true history of the world, where the Nazis won?  When can I slide out of this nightmare and back into reality, where whites stood up for themselves and were still proud of their accomplishments?  How do I jump back to 1936 when the nations of the world were still sane?  If only World War II had mirrored the Berlin Olympics, not only fascism, humanity could have had a future.  As things stand, I doubt we'll even make it through the 21st century.  Muslims will come to power in a nuclear state like France or the UK, and in a fit of martyrdom, take the whole world out in nuclear war against the infidels so that they can rejoin Allah in Paradise with their apportioned 72 virgins for eternity.  And we will simply hand over these nuclear codes to them and shrug, saying, it can't be helped, that's democracy for you.  What a farce.  This world has been nothing but a sick joke ever since 1945.

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SonOfIberia said...

"...influx of immigrants taking their jobs."

As an engineer, I can only say that the kind of people who make the bulk of immigrants in Europe is too stupid to steal any high-level jobs.

I dare North-Africans and blacks to steal the job I want (design of optical integrated circuits.)

Now, I don't live in Europe or the U.S. for that matter, but I hope you get the point I'm trying to make.