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Friday, June 24, 2016

Pro-Nazi Doesn't Have to mean Anti-Jew:

One thing that always annoys me is this false either/or between Nazis and Jews.  Germans and Jews are two of the most outstanding ethnic groups in history.  They both have above average IQ's, a long list of Nobel prizes, outstanding businessmen, artists, soldiers, orators, etc.  Can't I respect both of these groups for all the amazing feats they've accomplished?

It just so happened that in 1939, Germans and Jews had a political disagreement.  Jews wanted to be communists and Germans wanted to be Nazis.  The two couldn't get along and eventually it turned into a world war -- the Bolshevik USSR vs. the National Socialist Third Reich.  These fallings-outs happen, even within a single nation.  The USA fought a war with our cousins the British -- twice!  Our own civil war pitted brother against brother.  Good men on both sides laid down their lives for the moral truths they held dear.

The Germans overreacted to their internal Jewish political opposition and decided to kill them all in a Holocaust.  The North didn't do that to the South, nor did the British attempt that in the Revolutionary War.  It was a stupid, rotten thing to do.  We all hate communism, we all hate liberalism (which is another word for libertinism), and yes Jews were over-represented in these causes.  They still are today.  But that isn't worth killing over.  All you need is to secede and go your separate ways.  Israel is a great country today, a product of just that sort of idea.  If the Jews of Europe had moved to Israel then Germany could have had its way and the Jews could have made any type of country they wanted out of their own new land.  Both are far more deserving of a sovereign territory than anything the Palestinians could have made of it.  If all the liberal Jews in America, France, the UK and elsewhere were rounded up and given a fat chunk of land as a severance agreement in, say, Ohio, no one would be the worse for it.  In fact, those Jews would probably thrive economically, come up with all sorts of cool new inventions, make tons of money offering all sorts of great products, direct a lot of awesome movies like Indiana Jones, design more Magic cards like Mark Rosewater, etc, etc, etc.

But the Jewish way of life is not the Aryan way of life.  We need to go our way and live by our philosophy and they need to go their way and live by theirs.  We want homogeneity, they want diversity.  Fine.  We'll be homogeneous and they can be diverse, over there, away from us.  I'll look forward to trading our fine German automobiles for their movies and search engine AI advances.

The Nazi internal policy of a wise popular ruler over democracy, the kirche, kinder, kuche policy for women, eugenics, anti-faggotry, beautiful art and sculpture and architecture over degeneracy, their splendid showing at the Berlin Olympics with their overwhelming athletic dominance, and so on are all things to emulate and envy in the modern day.  Their imperialist foreign policy of lebensraum, expanding the landmass and resources of the German people at the expense of backward neighbors, is also admirable and worthy of emulation, though no different from what the USA did to the Amerindians or the British did to the whole world.  The policy of wiping out Jews and Slavs as racial and ideological and cultural enemies was an awful idea.  Both the Jews and Slavs have had tremendous contributions to world history.  Their art, science, philosophy, etc, have been high points of world culture.  Look at the Bolshoi ballet or the Kremlin and tell me we should have wiped out the slavs.  If Germany had restricted itself to fighting a normal, rules-based war with their ideological foes we would think no worse of them than we did over World War I or how we view France during the Napoleonic Wars.  Because they added to this the wish to slaughter all the men, women, and children of glorious ethnicities with long histories of success and symbiotic kinship with our own people across thousands of years they mucked it all up and turned what should have been the philosophy of the future into eternal pariahs.

Just because Nazi Germany overall was a great political platform compared to modern day America and Europe (subsume ourselves with billions of third worlders and cease reproducing in favor of feminist worker empowerment and faggotry) doesn't mean you have to irrationally hate Jews and Russians too.  We can pick and choose here, you know.  This is a buffet, not a chef's ten course meal where the Holocaust must inevitably be dish five.

Jews are legitimately leery of Neonazis, and it makes sense that they don't want a return to fascism if they can help stopping it.  Anyone would be opposed to a resurgence of the same group that Holocausted them the first time.  That doesn't mean we have to single out Jews as the source of all opposition to fascism in the modern world.  That's pretty much universal, and it's our own kin and neighbors who are stopping us from enacting it, not the tiny minority of Jews in the world.  They don't hold a gun to our head and make us vote for the dumb policies they support, that's all on us.

Nor do I buy the ridiculous claim that Jews are so sinister and devious and intelligent that once they decide on something the white race is utterly powerless to oppose them.  If that were actually true than we don't deserve to live, if we're that gullible and stupid then fuck whites, who cares what happens to them?  It's not because we're the helpless puppets of the Jews, whites simply agree with Jews on this issue and are almost as fervent anti-Nazis as the Jews themselves, even without a threat of another Holocaust, which means actually whites are more despicable for their liberalism than Jews ever were.  White liberals are the primary problem not only in terms of numbers, but even in principle a white liberal, being a race traitor, is a worse person than a Jew who is just trying to look after himself and his own.

Otherwise sensible alt-right sites become mind-numbingly stupid and obnoxious when they start going on and on about jew jew jew jew jew.  Jew this jew that, the jews are doing this the jews are doing that, the jews across all history and all time controlled everything, jews are plotting this in the future, jew jew jew jew jew.  God, please, make it stop.  Why do we give a damn what the Jews are doing, have done, or will do in the future?  They are not us.  We aren't obligated to listen to them.  We have our destiny and they have theirs, and may the best culture win.  It's like these people are more fascinated by Jews, Jewish history, Jewish beliefs, Jewish culture, etc, than their own white race that they supposedly love and champion.  Can they ever stop thinking about Jews for ten seconds and just delight in Aryan pursuits and dreams for a few seconds?  Spaceflight was an invention by good German stock.  Let's start talking about the stars again, can't we?  That's something worth contemplating, dreaming about, and getting invested in emotionally.

I also have a complaint about those alt-right websites that condemn any similarity to Nazism or the Confederacy on any plank or platform simply because they killed Jews or supported slavery.  Killing Jews is bad, I get it, but it isn't remotely as bad as letting Muslims invade and conquer Europe.  It isn't remotely as bad as the fall of western civilization.  So going after Hitler, who most definitely would have made Europe bloom with a thousand years of white western purity and nobility, is absolutely insane compared to attacking Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill who ensured this egalitarian swamping would occur.  The bad guys won World War II and the Civil War.  Both times there was a group that supported traditional gender roles, traditional racial hierarchies, traditional support of aristocratic virtues over lowest common denominator trashy behavior, spiritualism over materialist money grubbing, etc, and both times that side lost and civilization took a step downwards towards oblivion.  The Civil War and WWII are the greatest tragedies in world history.  Even worse than the fall of Rome.  We recovered from Rome.  There's no sign that we'll ever recover from this.

That doesn't mean we have to reinstitute slavery.  Slavery made sense at the time where only blacks could even survive long enough to farm the crops that enriched half a continent and made it the second greatest country on Earth (second only to the Union.)  The blacks themselves lived at a higher quality of life than virtually anyone else on Earth, a chance they only received due to our kindly transport of them out of Africa in the first place.  Slavery does not make any sense now.  Robots can do all the field work we need and they don't rape our women or drive down property values via endless violence and senseless gunfights over nothing.  Supporting the Confederacy does not mean mindlessly replicating the circumstances of the Confederacy in the modern age.  It means taking the metaphysical lessons we learned from that period and applying them to the new circumstances we find ourselves in today.

For alt-right sites to disavow Nazism and the South is to disavow the cause entirely.  Because abstractly, philosophically, they are renditions of the values and virtues we hold most dear.  There is no escaping Hitler or Robert E. Lee, nor is there any reason to.  They were great men who still to this day had a wiser and more accurate view of the world than the liberals around us whose policies are the worst sort of foolish nonsense.  Trying to wiggle and squirm your way through to a 'moral', 'principled,' and 'consistent' position where you disavow all former versions of right-wing governments but still want a right wing government to be installed anew just makes you look duplicitous, weak, equivocating and pathetic.  Let me assure you, Hitler and Stalin never apologized or tempered their words, and look where that got them.  They never had to run or hide from 'shameful' truths, they just banged their fist on the table and said "Forward!"

There is a third way here.  Admire the Nazis and the South for what they did right, and jettison the parts where they went wrong.  No one wants to return to Southern Christianity in the modern world, but we do want to return to the sexual norms of the period and the relationship between men and women that prevailed at the time.  We can pick and choose.  Humanity should always be trying to better itself, of course stopping at 1850 or 1940 isn't ideal.  The ideal philosophy is one invented just now, just here, with all the added wisdom we've gained since the beginning of time.

Sites that run away from themselves and spend all their times apologizing and trying to explain how 'we aren't like those bad right wingers,' radiate weakness and are despised by ally and enemy alike.  It is the exact opposite psychological mindset and profile of an effective organization that intends to ever achieve anything.  For God's sake at least have a little pride in your own beliefs and ideals.

At the same time, sites that drone on and on about Jews and give mystical powers of agency to Jews leaving nothing behind for the rest of us are just as despicable and pathetic as the previous group, if not more so.  It becomes almost unreadable when after every post on foreign policy, some stupid commenter chimes in saying the whole world moves at the beck and call of Israel all to further their evil designs, blah blah blah.  Let's get this straight.  Israel is an awesome country.  They did what the Nazis were trying to do -- they displaced an inferior group with a superior one and made a desert bloom.  They built walls around their country, created a unified ethnicity and culture, dedicate themselves to their own survival and prosperity and growth, and are unapologetic in their own self defense.  They're exactly what we want to be!  Why on Earth would you fucking complain about Israel when they're living breathing examples of our very own principles?

I don't want to harm Israel, I want to be Israel.  Jesus Christ.

What we need is a website that's fine with Nazi and Confederate patriotism and symbols and fellow-traveler thinking, like wanting to resume eugenics or round up the gays again and excising them from our healthy heterosexual marriage based society, while at the same time never talking about Jews except perhaps in the most cursory, dismissive manner, like, "We wish them the best.  They are not us.  We have our destiny, they have theirs, and we should have our country, just as they already have theirs.  We honestly don't give a fig about them, because we are 100% absorbed in how happy we are just being us and among ourselves and that's all we're going to care about from here on."

Talking about Jews is about as enlightening and productive as talking about shapeshifting space lizards or Scientology.  It's absolute garbage.  After five words from these Jews-on-the-brain it makes you want to run away screaming, it makes you want to join the liberals who are comparatively sane and sensible about the world.  Just to not be associated with Jew Jew Jewity Jewity Jew ranters.  Just to not be them, anything, anything will do!

John Derbyshire had a great point a few years back where he said he doesn't care what black intellectuals say.  All it ever turns out to be is 'black black blackety blackety black.'  He prefers more imaginative minds that want to talk about math, physics, history, warfare, poetry, and all the great ranges of human excellence we've developed over these thousands of fruitful years.  Well it's the same for these types.  I don't want to hear 'jew jew jewity jewity jew' all day either.  If you're trying to talk about trench warfare and suddenly a commentor pipes in with "jews control the central banks and they're going to jew us out of our jew-fiat-currency filthy jew kike wealth!"  Oh my God!  Shut up!  Maybe all you can think about in life is Jews but the rest of us are trying to write sonnets over here.  Okay?  Please, just go away.  Somewhere far, far, far, far away.  Where we can never hear your voices again.  Go rap it out with the black intellectuals who are still talking about themselves.  You make a perfect match in the lowest circle of hell.  The hell of the absolute boredom of shallow, one note minds getting to talk and talk and talk about what they think is so very interesting forever.

I've thought all the interesting thoughts there are to think about the topic of Jews, and written all the interesting posts about them I'll ever feel like writing.  Now I'm ready to move on writing about the things that still interest me, like anime, superheroes, and the citizen's dividend.  This is what a healthy, normal brain looks like.  Jewity Jewity jew is what a brain on drugs looks like, like a freaking egg spattered on a frying pan.  It's to the level of pure madness how obsessive they are over this trivial topic and this tiny group.  You don't have to be politically correct about Jews.  You can tell the truth about Jews.  But once you do, shut up and move on!  It's not like the truth about Jews is the be all end all of existence.  It's about as important as the truth about maple syrup.  I'm all for telling the truth, but pounding it into people's heads that 2+2=4 over and over all day every day is just the carping of a madman.

Maybe someday an alt-right site will appear that embraces fascism, Nazism and the Confederacy, while disavowing Jews-on-the-brain space lizardism, but if so I still haven't found it.  That's why I continue to take the Road Less Traveled By.

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