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Friday, June 3, 2016

Clannad Side Stories Released on Steam:

Clannad may be the greatest story ever told.  So when a chance arises to read more Clannad, that's something that should be seized upon immediately.  Steam has just such a chance available now.  An expansion pack that was originally available for the PSP, then the PS3, Clannad Side Stories is now available for the first time in English on PC, available to the outside world for the very first time.

If Leisure of Grisaia is worthwhile, then this Clannad visual novel is ten times as good a deal.  It's great that Key is finally releasing its visual novels in English for the rest of the world, since Key's works are beloved by all worldwide, this is our first chance to support the company and all of its great work up until now.

Someday Key will also release Rewrite+ to the outside world, which will almost be as worthwhile as Clannad, and Little Busters Perfect Edition, which will also almost be as worthwhile as Clannad.  Then all the missing pieces of Japan's Key greatness will be transferred to us.  (Aside from Kud Wafter)

Meanwhile, I'm up to volume 15 of Spice and Wolf.  Just three more volumes to go.  All they did in volume 14 is receive a map and decide where to go next.  You could watch molasses faster than the pace of this story.  But this dull, torturous journey to the north is almost finally over, thank the lord.

I broke my anime wishlist into three parts, one for stuff I just wanted animated, one for stuff I wanted animated mainly because then it would be translated, and one for stuff that I wanted animated because it would be easier to consume than the previous translated version.  This way I can compare apples to apples and not confuse the results by wanting different things for different reasons.

I also lumped Spiderman in with the other marvel movies, now that Spiderman is part of the marvel cinematic universe.  The freed up slot in my movie rankings was then filled up by war movies in general, and Black Hawk Down plus 13 Hours in particular.  I really liked 13 Hours.

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