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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Assassination Classroom Season 1, Non Non Biyori Repeat Blu-ray:

The first season of Assassination Classroom and the second season of Non Non Biyori are now subtitled in bluray, their most perfect form.  It may be wise to wait until the 2nd season of Assassination Classroom is also out before bothering to rewatch the 1st, but at least for Non Non Biyori's situation now's the perfect time to rewatch this show.

Idolm@ster:  Cinderella Girls and Sailor Moon Crystal are now the 2015 shows who have gone the longest without a bluray subtitled release.  Nanoha Vivid doesn't even have a bluray release in Japan.  But these were two longstanding issues that it's good to see finally resolved.

Meanwhile, I've reached volume 7 of Hataraku Maou-sama!  The story has changed a lot since its beginning.  No longer is it about trying to make a living in Japan, it's just about the plots and intrigues of various angels and demons trying to disrupt their life in Japan and the countermeasures they take to preserve it.  This is unfortunate because overall it feels forced, instead of a natural outgrowth of their situation.  A problem that's simply tacked on by the author, not inborn, which could be resolved whenever the author felt like, but is dragged out just to extend the length of the series.  Spice and Wolf felt much more natural in comparison, because they were always pointed towards their original goal of reaching Yoitsu in the north.

The new version of this story isn't exactly bad, the skill of the author remains the same despite the entire setting and plot changing.  But it isn't the Hataraku Maou-sama! we all fell in love with in the anime.  I can understand why they never bothered to do an anime sequel now, since it would've been an entirely different genre and wouldn't have appealed to any of the show's original fans.

Even so, the story is better than the random nonsense that's normally being animated, like Hundred, so a sequel would still be nice.

World of Final Fantasy uses the atb system of the old games, so you'd think it would be a stellar must play product.  However, the cutesy graphics show a complete disrespect for the game from its makers, who can't be bothered to put any time or effort into the product.  This is a PS4 game that looks worse than FF1's graphics, worse than FF8's graphics, and worse than every other FF's graphics.  Why can't they give me a game on this powerful PS4 engine that can at least look as good as the models in FF7 while in battle?  For both the main characters and the monsters, this should be an obvious necessity.  But Square Enix keeps pouring out crappy games with terrible models, saying they have turn based combat, and then declaring we don't want a turn based combat game because we don't buy their games that have crappy models they'd be too ashamed to have made in 1994 but are seemingly fine with now.  It gets really tiresome.  Dissidia Final Fantasy has great looking characters.  Why can't they put those characters into World of Final Fantasy, and have that be the look of the game?  Why this SD bobble head crap?

Squaresoft used to produce beautiful looking games with beautiful music every year.  Now they can't be bothered to make one decent game in thirteen years.  10-2 was Square's last good game.  They've been coasting on its success ever since, continuously remastering it, but they haven't published a single good game since.  Amazing.  How are they still in business?  Who supports these people and their terrible insulting products?  We the fans only want one thing from them anymore, and that's an FF7 Remake.  If they botch that as well, their purpose as a company is over.  Just turn out the lights and go home.

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