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Thursday, May 26, 2016

School Days Bluray:

School Days has come out subtitled in bluray, so be sure to check out this classic in its most perfect form.  Even the ovas are included.

Maria-sama ga Miteru's 3rd season is also out in bluray.  Just one more season to go.  But it appears something happened to prevent Scriptum from finishing the project, considering it's been half a year since his 3rd season release.  Someone else will have to pick up the flag and finish the 4th season if this project is ever to be completed.

While rewatching Maria-sama's 3rd season in bluray, I'm reminded of just how amazing this series is.  To think that even a work of this quality is only the 40th best anime ever made, and there are still 39 other works of art that are even finer.  It really makes you marvel over the whole industry.  The biggest problem holding Maria-sama back is the lack of a proper ending, which could have been reached if they just had one more season of anime.  Only Seikai no Monshou and The World God Only Knows are in a comparable situation to Maria-sama and ranked higher than it, and those two series are legendary.

The Flash and Arrow's latest seasons have ended.  They will be resuming in the fall, so we won't be missing them for long.  The best part of both seasons is when they were introducing the characters and plotline for legends of tomorrow.  When left to their own devices both arcs were underwhelming.  Both the heroes and villains stupidly spared each other over and over, making for a playfight dance that lacked any seriousness.  Hopefully they'll do better next season.  Until the Wheel of Time tv show begins, this is the best we've got to work with.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar's third volume, the first book after the anime ends, is almost finished being translated over at nanodesu.  Now's the time to jump in and read the newest adventure, which is easily as good if not better than anything the anime featured.

Oreshura's volume 6.5 is being translated at a much slower pace, but at least there's still progress being made.  SAO volume 17 hasn't even begun to be translated yet.

Baccano is being held up by the lack of the epilogue of volume 10 being translated, a situation which has continued for over half a year since the last chapter was translated, so we can consider it a dead project.  That means the best luck finding something to read is Juuou Mujin no Fafnir, Spice and Wolf or Hataraku Maou-sama!

Tamayura movie 4 and the Girls und Panzer movie are out raw, so hopefully both will be out subbed shortly as well.  In any event, there's clearly a lot of fun things to do right now, so everyone needs to get cracking.

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