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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Russia Bilked Again:

I could care less about Eurovision song contests, but this is part and parcel of the pattern of concerted cheating designed to rob Russia of all of its merit-based international competition victories by the Western world.  This must stop.  So many different things are at stake here.  The purity of sport, the purity of art, the purity of beauty, the concept of fairness and rules-based competition, the concept of neutrality, the concept of using non-political gatherings to overcome our political differences and bring about peace, everything is being ruined by these tyrants using 'soft power' to bully Russia into submission.  But Russia will not be bullied!  The only possible endgame to all this crap is nuclear war, because Russia is not so weak that anything short of nuclear war could ever bring it to its knees.

All this taunting and teasing does is turn off the Russian public from the West and make them hate and despise us for the cheaters and bullies we are.  Far from bringing about 'regime change' in Russia, by showing how duplicitous and unfair we are to Russia in all fields at all times, the public will simply rally all the more behind Putin and Russian nationalism.  You can't get a fair shake from the international order, so all you can do is hunker down with one another and reinforce your solidarity at any price against a united hostile aggressor that is the outside world.

The situation is laughably obscene.  Russia's singer wins the majority of the popular votes across all of Europe, even in Ukraine.  That's right, the people of Ukraine preferred Russia's singer to any other.  But instead of Russia winning the contest like you would expect, Ukraine won the competition, due to a group of appointed elites who got 50% sway on who they judge to be preferable.  There's no way Ukraine somehow evinced superior singing skills that only professionals could discern and all the stupid plebeians just weren't good enough judges of music blah blah blah.  The odds of that happening when all of Europe is competing is virtually zero.  The odds of Ukraine of all people being crowned, deliberately, instead of Russia, while singing a song specifically bashing Russia, is just too ridiculous to seriously contemplate that it's all coincidence.  Nor is it a coincidence that a transgender won the previous Eurovision contest.  This show could care less about merit, it's just a chance to ram their agenda down everyone's throats and screw any genuine fans of music who just want to listen to people sing.

Eurovision crowned this Ukrainian Tatar singing about how mean Russia was to Crimea because they want to send a message -- we don't care who had the better song, so long as you cross us in geopolitics we're going to kick you in the balls and shove it in your face and stomp on your face forever using every chance we get concerning everything.  This message was sent loud and clearly all throughout the Sochi Olympics (which were marvelous, clearly the best Winter Olympics ever staged by any objective measure) where we continuously bitched about the clearly superior Russian figure skaters winning the gold medals because the judges actually followed the rule of law and the written down procedures of judging.  Merit was allowed to win in Sochi, so we threw a collective fit, demanding why Russia wasn't bilked of its medals like they've bilked Russia in everything else.  We stole their Olympic gold medal in London 2012 when the clearly superior Russian Gymnast Victoria Komova lost to the black Gabby Douglas simply because she was black.  The judging was all over the place and Gabby was getting ridiculously high scores for no conceivable reason while the Russians were underscored on every device.  We stole their 2010 gold medal in figure skating when it was awarded to some no-name nobody American who didn't do anything impressive instead of the Russian Evgeni Plushenko who landed a quad.  We stole their World Cup by blinding their goalie with a laser pointer during the corner kick that led to Algeria's only goal.  Without cheating Algeria couldn't do anything against Russia and Russia would have won that game and advanced to the next round.

We stole Russia's right to host the next Eurovision, which would have been the case had they won this Eurovision contest like the popular vote all across Europe said they should have.  And next we're trying to steal their right to participate in the Rio Olympics and their right to host the 2018 World Cup.  The stamping on the face of Russia never stops.  The cheating never stops.  The aggression never stops.  And this is the most powerful nuclear entity in the world, with a military that spanked Syria in a matter of weeks which our military found completely incapable of stopping for years.  Why do we keep poking the bear?  What good does this do anyone?  What do we think the end result of all this is going to be?  Russia apologizes to us and pays reparations?

Ukraine is an abyss that is falling into ever further disorder and poverty by the day.  If the whole nation were annexed by Russia it would be a favor to them.  Perhaps then some competent government could be put in place and the economy could rise to a level equivalent to Russia's (three times as high as Ukraine's.)  The fact that Russia has at least liberated Crimea and Novorussia from Ukraine's corrupt and tyrannical regime that was installed due to a coup, not an election, should be something the whole world celebrates and thanks Russia for daily.  Instead we pass economic sanctions on Russia, hurting American and European companies alike who are just trying to deliver better goods at cheaper prices for all.  We ruin all of our international competitions because they are no longer based on merit and fair play and thus can no longer even be considered sports but are instead merely propaganda theater.  We create ill will with one of the most powerful nations on Earth that could easily destroy the world that will last decades even if we stopped harassing them tomorrow.  We encourage Russia's neighbors to engage in even more human rights abuses and give them a free pass when they slaughter civilians like in Odessa or hunt down and kill any free press that criticizes the Ukrainian government or invade and attempt to conquer Ossetia which has made quite clear it wants nothing to do with Georgia anymore.  They don't care that Ukraine daily violates the Minsk agreements and shells civilian cities for no reason, just out of murderous hatred and spite, years after the war was supposed to be over.  They don't care that Russia has been fighting ISIS while our ally, Turkey, is shooting down Russian planes and killing their pilots while offering money, supply lines, free passage and hospitals to the actual ISIS terrorists fighting in Syria.

When Turkey shot down a Russian jet that had done absolutely nothing to Turkey but was simply fighting the same war on terror that all sane good men would approve of, against some of the worst, most barbarous scum to ever inhabit the planet, we sided with Turkey.  Are you kidding me?  When ISIS blew up a Russian passenger plane, killing 200+ men, women and children, our news barely reported it, no one commiserated with Russia, and no public figure mentioned it.  But when a terror attack occurs in Paris killing fewer people, we spend weeks mourning the attack and all the press and public figures state they are mourning for France, we all fly the tricolor and light up our monuments in blue white and red, blah blah blah.  Do Russian lives simply not matter anymore, no matter how innocent they might be?  Do we even care about the Beslan Massacre?

Russia is being attacked from all sides and in all ways, economically, diplomatically, in sports, in television, by terror attacks, and by actual state entities attempting to invade and destroy their allies.  We are currently arming and training a Ukrainian army whose stated purpose is to violently retake Crimea, now sovereign soil of Russia and whose people overwhelmingly and repeatedly have shown their allegiance to Russia in any number of polls and elections both before and after their accession.  Turkey actually shot down a Russian jet with no provocation and killed Russian airmen!  That's an act of war folks!

It has to stop!  This is madness!  I have no idea how Russia has managed to remain affable and tolerant after all these abuses, how they've managed to not bristle and fight back after all these years, but even their indomitable patience must eventually run out.  No one can take this sort of abuse forever without snapping, saying 'fuck it all!,' and hitting the red button that ends the world.  Russia has something like three thousand nukes they can fire at any moment.  They are the most powerful destructive force in the world!  And we keep poking, and poking, and poking them like a kid's game!  Even without nukes, their tanks could be in Paris in a week considering what a joke and shambles Europe's army is.  They could just stop selling oil and natural gas to Europe and the continent would go dark in the middle of winter and millions would freeze to death.  Russia is a vital part of the world's economy, culture, balance of power and natural resources.  Why are we doing everything in our power to antagonize them on a daily basis, when they are deserving of nothing and have only been doing the world a favor and a good turn for the last twenty years?

We never treated the USSR this poorly when they were evil.  Now that they're good, we show them zero respect and trample all over them daily no matter how angelic and kind they become.  It's the exact opposite of tit for tat.  It's madness.  Pure madness.  Where does it all end?  If this is what the world is going to act like from here on, with manifest injustice and double standards every day of the week, year after year, then I hope the whole world burns.  We aren't worthy to walk the Earth anymore.  To hell with it all.  Russia needs to do the right thing and pull the plug.

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