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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Koichoco Finished, Unlimited Fafnir added to my great anime list:

Koichoco had its ups and downs.  I only liked the Chisato and Isara routes, but that's still 2/5 of the game, a sizable portion.  It was definitely worth playing, and it's all the more satisfying when you finish the 100% playthrough and a special movie and song plays for you as a sort of congratulations, pat yourself on the back, you really did it.

I should be finishing Imouto Paradise next, that or Hoshizora Memoria.  I'm just glad I finished something before Dracu Riot was finished translating, so my backlog didn't get any heavier.

I'm now on volume 4 of Hataraku Maou-sama!, and it's still surprisingly fresh and inventive in both its humor and its drama.  I have no idea why such a good novel series didn't get a second season of anime, when the first season sold so well too.  But the novels will do, I just want to know what happens in the end.

I'm rewatching Juuou Mujin no Fafnir, this time in bluray, and am adding it to my great anime list as #181.  I originally had it as just a good anime, but I was so often reminded of how good it was and kept nostalgically yearning for it in comparison to all the other shows I'm watching that I think I have to admit this show was great from the start.  Something similar happened to me with Majikoi and Btooom.  I didn't recognize their greatness at first, but on the second watch through it became obvious what special shows they were.  This show has a fantastic seiyuu cast, with seven great seiyuus playing all the various main characters, but be warned, the irresistibly charming Iris is not Yui Ogura, but Rina Hidaka, also in my great seiyuu list, doing her best impression of Yui Ogura.  Rina Hidaka is really hitting it out of the park recently.

I've essentially finished rewatching Little Busters, which would be my at least my third run through for all the eps, with just two episodes of EX left to go.  There's a reason this show is my 11th favorite of all time.  When the Perfect Edition Visual Novel comes out, I'll play that too for all the missing parts, but I think I'm satisfied with the anime version and will no longer ask for additional episodes on this side of the equation.  The story is more or less complete as is, and it would be difficult to fit any more into the anime version of the story without turning it into a jumbled mess.

With that slot freed up from my wishlist, I can instead ask for a 2nd season of Fafnir.  Yeah yeah I know I'll never get one, but still, wouldn't it be nice?  The story isn't nearly over.

Unlimited Fafnir will also be added to my good books list.  The good news is the light novels are fully translated over at baka-tsuki, so this is another must read series on top of Spice and Wolf, Baccano and Hataraku Maou-sama! which I'm already trying to tackle.  It appears the anime more or less faithfully follows the light novels until the epilogue of volume 3, so the spot to jump in is at that epilogue, and then from there onwards you have volumes 4-11 + the prequel volume all translated and ready to go.

While I'm at it, I'll also remove Grisaia from my anime wishlist.  The visual novels are being translated, so an anime addition isn't really vital.  Furthermore, it would be very difficult to work in any additional animated material when the anime has already streamlined the story down into a concise narrative and finished.  Squeezing in more would just make a jumble of it, just like with Little Busters.  It's too late now to try to fix the timeline, but asking for an entire remake of the series when it's already so good as it is is unreasonable, so I'll just have to give up on the idea.

In its place I'll add Sword Art Online.  I'm completely uninterested in this new movie they're making and just want them to hurry up with Season 3 and the awesome story of Alicization.  Right now a new season of SAO is my greatest wish in anime.

While we're on the topic of dragons (Unlimited Fafnir is about dragon girls using dark matter to fight real live dragons, after all), I also added a new video game to my gaming hall of fame list.  Bahamut Lagoon replaces Doom, because tactical rpg's are just that much better than first person shooters.

At the same time, I've become disenchanted with the poor graphical efforts seen in I Am Setsuna, Dragon Quest XI, and the small size of Star Ocean 5.  This is the PS4, somebody needs to step up and act like it.  I no longer have any intention of playing any of these games.  FF XV looks like a new generation game worthy of the PS4, so that's my target for now.

The Fairy Tail ova is technically translated, but the translation is really rotten, so if a better group comes along and translates it later, be sure to watch that version too.  It's such a good episode, it's important that people get this one right.

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