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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Trump Wins, but Election Continues Anyway:

Trump has the overwhelming majority of delegates, but that hasn't stopped all four of his opponents from staying in the race anyway, like zombies without brains who just don't get that they're already dead.

I did my part and voted for Trump in Texas.  Since the delegates in Texas were rewarded proportionately, my vote even counted.  Now we just have to wait until November when I can vote for Trump again.

Hillary is a despicable person who has gotten away with mass murder and protected rapists while stealing millions (billions?) in every scheme known to man.  The fact that she's the nominee for the Democratic Party just tells you what you need to know about the state of America right now.  This is an evil country full of evil people, drowning in darkness.  Even if Trump is elected, it can't permanently solve the fact that almost half the people in the country voted for a known mass murderer and rape enabler.  The USA has no future, and my real loyalty is to the nonexistent nation of Vinland.  Even so, so long as I live here, I have to make it as nice a place as I can for my own sake.

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