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Friday, February 26, 2016

Another Reason to Stay Pure:

One of the biggest problems with allowing any level of diversity is the "I know a good one" syndrome.  Once people get a taste of diversity they can't kick the habit, they're addicted all the way until the inevitable overdose.

If a nazi-racist state allowed, say, Jews, or gays, or well-intentioned Asians, or whites who have already married said Jews or Asians or Hispanics or whatever and want to keep their hybrid families together, out of some sort of bleeding heart consideration for their plight, what would happen next?

Whites, who were taught that being white was special and important, would find all sorts of common ground with the non-whites around them.  Likewise straights would decide that gays weren't that big a deal, and therefore staying single for life like the gay lifestyle wasn't a problem either.  These endless counterexamples that completely disprove what we are trying to teach our kids would undermine any type of indoctrination/education program we could come up with.  You would teach the kids about how awful diversity is and how terrible open borders was, and they would all raise their hands and chime in with, "I play with Fido next door and he's great!  He's just like me!"

In the workplace, you would talk about how terrible non-white workers were and bam, all the hands would shoot up and say, "Sa To Fu next door was the first designer of our new product, he's leaps and bounds smarter than we are, we'd never have stayed in business without him."

By being surrounded solely with 'the good ones,' from the dreaded "I Know a Good One" database, whites in Vinland would inevitably come to the conclusion that all diversitys are 'good ones.'  After all, it's the only diversitys they've ever known or met.  By being flexible in your standards and letting in all 'the good ones,' all you're doing is creating a perception in the newborn nation's mind that diversity is always so vibrant and celebratory.  In fact, if I had to choose for 10% of my population to be diverse, I would rather choose the absolute worst terrorists and gangbangers to be my diversity instead of hand picked East Asians, Jews, politically conscious gays and high-caste Indians.  At least then I wouldn't be controverting my own propaganda every day with the most ludicrously well behaving non-whites on Earth.

After getting along swimmingly with so many diversities, they would immediately be open to inviting in more diversity and undoing the whole foundation of the country.  If not solely for the desire to have more diversity to swim around in, it would be seen as an act of kindness and respect.  "Look, we like our neighbors and coworkers and classmates so much, that we want to show how much we love them by inviting in more people like them from abroad.  This will show what a special place in our hearts we have for our native diversities in an act of ultimate flattery."

The last thing any homogeneous country needs is "I know a good ones" from elsewhere.  They're the camel's nose under the tent, and sure enough the rest will inevitably follow.  All of our 'paranoid fears' about how diversity destroys civilization would be dismissed because everyone will personally have a good friendly non-white they sympathize for and want to treat like a fellow human being with equal rights and universal respect and blah blah blah.

In addition, people will always seek ways to get ahead economically or via social status at the cost of the group.  If we leave an option open for people to make group-sabotaging decisions (like staying childless, or being gay, or marrying a non-white, or staying single and focusing on a career), they'll definitely take it.  As sure as Sunday the 'minor exceptions for exceptional cases' will end up being the new majority a few years down the road.  What sounds like being tolerant and flexible on a case by case basis ends up just being a yawning loophole that everyone goes through and takes advantage of as a matter of course.

I can see it now, when a new breed of liberals is born into Vinland, they want to show how creative and progressive and rebellious and cool and challenging of the orthodoxy they are, by marrying a non-white and importing him/her into the country.  If that isn't nixed from the start, the whole population will be miscegenated in a lickety-split.  Not because there's any objective benefit from acting in such a manner, but simply because kids like rebelling against their parents and bucking the system, and are given higher social status by reverential onlookers when they do so.  Also, there's a human instinct to prefer exotics regardless of their objective worth.  For instance, a country full of blue-eyed blondes will find dark haired Italian women more attractive than Suzy next door.  This is ludicrous, but it's hard-wired into the genome so we have to take action against it or it will definitely prevail in the end.  Coercion is the only answer to irrational instincts.  Sexual freedom is the last thing we need.  The only way we can prevent miscegenation is to not give the sexes any choice in the matter.  If they don't have any diverse neighbors or friends or coworkers, if they never see or meet or even know of the existence of diversity in the universe, then they'll be content with the homogeneous people around them and breed and love appropriately.  But if you give them a plethora of outbreeding options inevitably some proportion will take that opportunity every generation, until the whole gene pool is muddied and destroyed forever.  Once they've fallen in love with a diversity it will be too late to stop them, they'd rather die than give up on what's important to them.  But if you don't create any triggers for them to fall in love over, there's zero chance of any crisis occurring, and generation after generation will procreate smoothly and without issue.

For the same reason, allowing gays in is huge trouble.  Once the very concept that gay love is an acceptable and normal alternative to heterosexuality, the numbers of gay people in a country explode.  There are some cultures where everyone is gay, like how all the little boys in Afghanistan are routinely raped by older men.  Likewise, at least 20% of women of college age in the USA say they're bisexual, and that number only rises by the year as it becomes more hip and cool and accepted in the mainstream.  There doesn't seem to be any biological damper on female bisexuality, so in the end they will all be reporting this, and then it's just a crapshoot whether they form stable reproductive healthy heterosexual pairings later in their life or get on board the barren and purposeless journey of lesbianism instead.  Even if lesbian pairings are harmless and they would have just as healthy children and just as many as if they got with guys (using artificial insemination or whatever), this would be crippling to boys who have no such option on the other side.  If 75% of women are marrying each other, leaving just 25% of women left to service all the men in the country, guys aren't going to turn gay just to get sex.  It may be true that all women are bisexual, but hardly any men are.  We're clearly hard-wired differently.  The only way a man can be happy is with a woman, so it's just rotten of women to pair with each other when A) they could be happy with a man and B) every one of them is desperately needed to make a man happy.

The bad examples "assimilated minorities" and "politically conscious gays" would give to the rest of the community is a poisoned apple that would rot the whole barrel.  It's just introducing the vectors of horrible civilization ending diseases for absolutely no reason except some silly attempt to look 'objective' and 'unbiased' and 'unprejudiced.'  We don't have to show how clean our minds are and prove we aren't racist or sexist or homophobic or islamophobic.  We don't have to prove how rational and logical and sensible and wise we are.  We have to survive as a people and as a culture.  This isn't the time to make strong poses and prove how well we can cope with diversity.  This is the time to run away from all possible challenges, make life for our children as easy as humanly possible, and make making the right decisions as clear and obvious and easy as humanly possible.

"We must secure a future for our children." Is the mantra of white nationalism.  No where in there does it say, "we have to assuage our pride by showing we aren't being prejudiced or unfair or judgmental by excluding people for simply their nature, which is wrong, instead of their behavior which is still morally okay."  This isn't some sort of high-handed contest where we have to dot every i and cross every t in order to have the right to survive as a community, as a people, as a culture, as a civilization, and as an ideology.  Even the good ones pose problems.  Even the most amenable minorities who want to get along, through their very existence, encourage people to adopt pluralism and re-introduce poisonous minority-friendly concepts into our children's heads.  Even if all these diversities are trying their best to support the state ideology of white nationalism and only unintentionally, through their very benign existence, countermand everything we are trying to impart to the next generation, it still would be suicidal and absolute madness to let them be part of the founding stock of Vinland.

Non-married couples, through their very presence and example, speak volumes more than any propaganda can gainsay.  Once it is in the next generation of women's minds that they can divorce, remarry, sleep around, or do whatever they want and it will all work out because after all they've seen it worked out right in front of their eyes, nothing we tell them will convince them to stop.  Once they've gotten their hands on the forbidden fruit of feminism, we'll never be able to tear it from their grasp again.  Only if the whole community is 100% purely married couples who never ever accept the idea of divorce, staying single for life and focusing on your career, being gay, adultery, slutdom, etc, will children learn from the good examples of their parents and their community and stay on the right track themselves.  Once you permit it for somebody you've just permitted it for everybody, because monkey see monkey do, and because women are so attracted to these tempting sins that if there's any sight of them they'll pounce like rabid starving wolves on the prospect.

Lead me not into temptation is a very good Christian prayer.  It means that people are weak minded, and even though they know something is wrong, they'll do it the moment they get a chance, their emotions, addictions, and instinctual urges are just so strong.  We mustn't give women the opportunity to even learn what their emotions, addictions, and instincts yearn for.  The moment they even have a clue about how deliciously sinfully they could live their lives, they'll cling to that lifestyle like badgers from there on and never give in to being housewives again.  One grain of impurity would mean the entire next generation of women would all be Gloria Steinem.

100% purity.  100% ideological conformity.  100% propaganda saturation.  100% indoctrination.  100% coercion.  If it's not 100%, it's 0%, because that 1% will corrupt and ruin the entire project in the blink of an eye.  It is infinitely easier to destroy something than it is to build it.  Give the enemy, the anti-christ, any leeway or starting position at all and they will destroy white nationalism before you can say Jack Raspberry.  Good, beautiful, true things are infinitely fragile and helpless, needing the combined swords of every man in the community to keep them safe.  You can spend a hundred years building a cathedral and an hour planting bombs that tear it all down.  You can show infinite loving affection for your daughter for five years before she's kidnapped, raped and killed in the few minutes you looked away to handle some other business.  White nationalism can fall from just one bad example giving the next generation the wrong ideas which just grow into an incurable cancer from there.

Being so proud about moral sensibilities that you would compromise the Vinland project with any potential weakness, however remote or unlikely, is unforgivable.  It's genocide all over again.  Can you imagine, the world goes to hell, but luckily, just before, we get a Noah's Arc of white nationalism to fly away to settle space, but we included a gaggle of gays, feminists, Jews, Indians and Asians to prove how broad-minded we were, and the whole thing falls apart in a couple decades?  Will you ever be able to explain to God why making sure no one could call you racist or biased was more important than the survival of your people and the continuation of Newton, Aristotle and Chopin?

We have a divine mission on this Earth, to preserve the divine glory of the white race, which has some 99% of all the greatest achievements in human history, and to make sure that white race is still around to produce the next 99% of great achievements in the future.  That isn't something to be gambling around and playing around with for the sake of looking good or feeling smug about ourselves or gainsaying our detractors.  No, we need to be a thousand times more careful and more thorough than we feel is within operational safety limits.  We need to make sure whites are taken care of, and the rest of the god damn world can take care of itself.  If they really are so full of "i know a good ones," then they'll do just fine without our babysitting and without our adopting of trojan horses into our midst.

100% separation.  If we don't completely divorce ourselves from the outside world, you'll see the perversity creep in within one generation.  Hard workers and bright entrepreneurs will receive huge pay raises if they leave Vinland and go work in Silicon Valley or Singapore instead.  They'll say to themselves, "hell, me and mine will do fine, I'm being paid so well I could live in a personal castle with a thousand servants," and then those beautifully nurtured children, investments into the future of the white race, will fly the coup and give us nothing but barren hopes and dreams while they go enrich their new diverse neighbhors.

Meanwhile, people in Vinland will start booming businesses that need tons of labor and they'll say, "surely a guest worker program wouldn't be amiss.  These people are law abiding, hard workers, doing an act of love to support their families, what harm could they possibly do?"  And boom, we'd import 10 of them for every one of us, because our country would be so neat and orderly and non-corrupt and prosperous that it could afford to hire 10 of them for every one of us, and boom, Vinland will have disappeared in just one generation.  Once they're here, we'll say, 'they've been so good to us, they've worked so hard, we couldn't possibly discriminate against them now.'  And then three or so rotten generations later it will have all descended back into Venezuela and even the idea of Vinland will be gotten, we'll be all so interbred and indoctrinated into the new liberal tolerant pluralistic fold.

We shouldn't have any diversity in our country.  We shouldn't see any diversity in our country.  We shouldn't be within reach of any diversity in our country.  We shouldn't even know about any diversity in our country, aside from history classes where it is safely dead and buried and can't infect us anymore.  100% purity.  100% separation.  I guarantee you that if we even allow ourselves to trade with diversityland it will be over, done, the dream will pop like a soap bubble then and there.

There are no cheap, easy, half-hearted, two-bit, wishy-washy ways to white nationalism.  The fervency of your convictions needs to be plasma-grade, surface of the sun hot, or it will just go the way of the dodo like all the previous failed attempts (see: Sparta, the Confederacy, Jim Crow South, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Yugoslavia, Rhodesia, Apartheid, etc.)

I don't think violence would help this project in any way, so it's not violent extremism that white nationalism needs.  Just extremism.  We need to be absolutely, 100% to the hilt convinced of our own beliefs, and pursue them absolutely, fully, to the greatest extreme imaginable.  Anything short of absolute and total extremist resolution, determination and conviction will get us right back where we started, with liberalism.  Liberalism is the ground state of an atom.  White nationalism is an excited, unnatural, exotic particle likely to fall apart at any instance.  Just like Ayn Rand said -- if you do not stand explicitly and uncompromisingly for anti-socialism, you will eventually end up a socialist.  If you are not explicitly and absolutely uncompromising in your desire for an all-white sovereign state where we can raise our white children to behave like proper whites who inherit the white race-soul that inspired Rome, Greece, Germany, the USA and Britain in their heydays, you will be liberals at the end of the day, your children will be bebopping and screwing blacks while snorking up heroin, they will be overrun with piercings and tatoos, they'll never marry or divorce ten times, and it will all be over, over, over, forever.

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