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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

16 100's:

I've played World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor into the ground.  I have 16 level 100 (max level) characters, 8 horde and 8 alliance, representing all the races and all the classes.  All of them have item levels of 650+, which is competent enough to raid the last dungeon in the game.  I even have 4 WoW tokens stored away for an additional four free months of WoW whenever I wish to start playing again.  When you get all your characters to max level and max item level, all while playing the game for free, you can say you've beaten the game, even if it is an online game and there's never any real win condition.

WoW, like football, is done until September (when Legion comes out, the same time football resumes).  Luckily, there is a Warcraft movie coming out this summer, so WoW isn't totally dead for the rest of the year.

Even so, the time WoW took up will have to be filled by something else.  Will MTV's Shannara Chronicles fit the bill?  Sadly, no.  Though I praise the production value they clearly put into the show, it's too based around fan-service sexual baiting and a corny bad rock music for the background.  I guess MTV will always be MTV, no matter what subject material it tackles.  There's also way too much 'girl power' signalling and the feminist nonsense just gets really old really fast.

Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm had its best episode yet, but it's still not enough to enter my anime rankings.  We'll just have to suspend judgment to the very end.  At this point Schwarzesmarken is looking like just as deserving a show as Ao no Kanata.  Both of them are already listed in my 'runners-up' column because I indefatigably intend to watch them to the end.

Mahoutskai Precure has come out with a great start, as one might expect.  It's no coincidence that it ranks at the very top of my weekly viewing schedule as my most anticipated show.  Grimgar, Boku Dake ga Inai Machi and Dimension W all continue to prove why I put them into my rankings with solid episodes.

Assassination Classroom has been in the news recently as it seems the manga is coming to an end soon.  If that's the case, it's very likely the anime will go all the way to the ending as well, which would be a huge plus for the show.  From the very beginning, the mystery of why this seemingly nice guy intends to blow up the Earth has been the burning unsolved question that propelled the whole show.  If we don't actually get the answer to that question, it's like the show doesn't exist at all, it has absolutely no value whatsoever.  It's very reassuring that we will get the answer to that question, and pretty soon.

Baka to Test 12.5 was a charming and easy read, but it was just more of the same that we've all seen a million times in this series.  The jokes get pretty dull when they're repeated this often, but oh well, it was a last bow and a curtain call so I'll forgive it.

For some reason Deadpool is really popular so I guess I'll watch it eventually after all.  I watched Guardians of the Galaxy for the same reason, and hated it throughout.  But I suppose I have to watch the sequel as well, because it ties in to the rest of the Marvel cinematic universe I love.

UQ Holder's most recent chapter finally resolves the mystery of why the mage of the beginning wore Nagi's face.  It took over a 100 chapters but the biggest burning mystery at the end of Negima is finally resolved.  Thank goodness the pain of that cliffhanger is now officially over.  Now if only all the other mysteries surrounding Negima would also be cured, this manga could end up being the best ever.

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