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Monday, January 18, 2016


Technically, there was still a new winter anime series that hadn't been given a first impression yet.  It's a story made in China, so odds were it wouldn't be very good, but there's no harm in giving it a whirl.  It turns out that 'Reikenzan yada yada' has a huge number of flaws and zero good points.  The art is bad.  The characters are rude.  The sense of humor is totally woebegone.  And overall, the biggest problem is how terribly boring it all is.  Needless to say: Fail.

As a result, the anime viewing season for this winter is 20 strong.  There's no doubt I'll at least watch the first three episodes of all the shows I'm tracking.  I tire of a lot of shows as they go along, even ones I was initially excited about like Black Bullet and Rakudai Kishii, so reaching my 'mediocre' goal line doesn't necessarily mean they'll reach my 'good' goal line of watching in full, much less my 'great' goal line of watching and rewatching and still marveling at their quality.  But twenty at minimum mediocre shows in a single season is already a huge treat.  2016 is starting off in fantastic shape.

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