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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Actually Naruto Didn't End:

The Naruto manga is continuing after all.  Kishimoto is writing another Bolt centered chapter next year, and then there will be a monthly manga series supervised (though not actually scripted) by Kishimoto running after that.  Who knows how long it will be.  It has enough Kishimoto influence, however, to be considered canon.  Naruto has no plans on ending, either in manga or anime form.  The anime has just announced that it will cover one of the spinoff novels, Itachi Shinden.  Who knows if this will come before the regular manga finale or before it, but it at least opens up the possibility that the remaining light novels will also be covered by the anime.

I now predict that the Naruto anime will cover all of the light novels, the Scarlet Spring gaiden, and this new Bolt-centered manga.  It will continue throughout 2016, throughout 2017, and possibly even past 2018.  They don't seem interested in stopping, and the franchise doesn't seem interested in stopping, any time soon.  If so that would be great.  I'm always in the mood for more canon Naruto to be animated, despite my hatred of filler.  If Naruto's anime actually covers everything I hope it does, it's a strong candidate for the #1 anime of all time slot.  I can't wait for 2016.

In other good news we're getting more To Love-ru ova's at least until December 2nd 2016.  This is another franchise that just plain refuses to die, in a good way.  All hail To Love-ru, the sexiest manga/anime of all time.

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