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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November Updates:

I'm up to Index New Testament #12 now.  Three more mainline books to go, plus a handful of side story volumes, and I'll finally be up to date with this neverending sci-fi adventure.  By the time I'm caught up he'll have probably written five more books though.

I'm liking Jessica Jones, but not as much as I did Daredevil.  Nevertheless, I added it to my tv hall of fame as a part of Daredevil's greatness (since all the netflix marvel shows are interconnected).  It's also part of my seasonal viewing schedule, which now has more American tv shows airing than Japanese tv shows, in a radical twist from the norm.

I have a lot of complaints with One Piece recently.  It's too focused on comedy and gags, when it requires serious art and characters to provide a sense of urgency to the story.  There's no dramatic tension because they keep poking fun at themselves.  It has so many enemies now that it feels like the manga will never be able to wrap things up, which is very dissatisfying for people who want to see genuine plot progress.  It's strayed too far from the main cast and keeps worrying about side characters that ultimately don't matter.

In contrast, Bleach is serious both in art style and in tone, it's whittling down the number of enemies left (not increasing them like in One Piece), and it's still developing characters and providing nice flashbacks that let us dive more deeply into the lives of the people we care about.  As such, I'm moving Bleach up to my #3 manga and One Piece down to #4.

One Piece through Water 7 and One Piece after Water 7 just feels like two completely different series these days, and not for the better.

The One Piece anime is safer from moving down, though, because Naruto is forever stuck in filler, Bleach's anime was cancelled years ago, etc.  One Piece's anime safely airs every week, year after year, whereas no other franchise gets that kind of reliable support, so it's just impossible to compete with One Piece in the anime world.

Iowa is finally at #4 in the college football playoffs, where I said they should have been from the start.  It's good to know the committee is finally as smart as I am on these things.

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