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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hidan no Aria AA, Supergirl Dropped:

Hidan no Aria AA has too many weaknesses to make up for its strengths.  That the 'elite' opponents would leave their flag wide out in the open is ridiculous.  That isn't elite at all, that's an amateur mistake.  If the only way they overcome their obstacles is because all of their opponents self-destruct in the stupidest way imaginable, there is no story.

Spinoffs that aren't written by the creator almost always suck, and this was no exception.  Call me when the real Hidan no Aria gets a sequel.

Meanwhile, Supergirl's latest fight was too dumb in many layers.  The wire-action looked awful, which made the fight really cheesy.  But on top of that problem, the idea that Supergirl, who had only been using her super powers for a couple weeks, could take on her hardened criminal aunt who had been fighting all this time and was in her prime as an evil organization's mastermind is absurd.  That disqualifies the series right out of the gate.

The next superhero tv show to look forward to is Jessica Jones.  I assume it will be great.  The trailer is great and it's done by the same guys who did Daredevil, but you never know until you actually watch the show.  That's still a few weeks away.

For now, we'll have to be content with college football.  This Saturday has three pivotal matches -- LSU vs. Alabama, TCU vs. Oklahoma State, and Florida State vs. Clemson.

I don't see how Alabama can be rated 4th when there are still ten teams without a single loss in the country right now.  Not only is that a joke, but now if Alabama beats LSU, there's no reason for LSU to fall out of the playoffs as a result.  You would just flip Alabama to #2 and LSU to #4, because after all what's the shame in your only loss being to #4 Alabama?  If Alabama loses, I have to believe that will knock them out of the playoff race, but if LSU loses the SEC will end up with two spots in the playoff, both with one loss, while eight undefeated teams don't even get a shot at the title.  How ridiculous is this?  The committee obviously doesn't know much about football -- or fairness.

That said, I have to believe that if anyone currently in the top 16 in the rankings wins out, they'll end up in the top 4.  (Except for Memphis, which will never be given respect no matter what they do.)  The later half of these teams' schedules is the much more strength-of-schedule impressing half, including all of the conference championship games.  Ohio State was ranked 16th in last year's poll at this time of the year, so obviously #16 has a chance this year as well.  Good luck to everyone involved, and let's just see how things play out.

In addition to making my previous post a permapost, titled 'Anime Wishlist,' I expanded the number of entries to the round number of 100.  These are the 100 animes I want to see made, that basically have no chance of ever being made, which makes them 100 round numbered tragedies.  Enough to crush the heart of even the strongest man.  In other words, these are the 100 biggest mistakes the anime industry has made by not fulfilling its artistic promise and being the best it could be.  If some new mistake comes along that's even worse than these 100, I'll replace one of the previous mistakes with it.  If one of these 100 mistakes miraculously gets fixed in the future, I'll squeeze some other anime that should have been made in its place.  Hopefully I can keep the number at an even 100 for the foreseeable future though.

To Love-ru Darkness 2nd had a great ending, as befitting my 99th favorite show.  However, there's still an ova slated to come out in January of 2016, so To Love-ru isn't dead yet.  It will stay in our hearts forever!

The Tales of Hearts manga has been translated.  It's only a prologue of the actual game, but we have to take what we can.  Kohaku sure is gorgeous.

My support for Trump is wavering.  He doesn't seem to be a deep thinker about the issues, preferring soundbites over actual policy suggestions.  Furthermore, I don't like his anti-free trade stance.  Obama is preferable to Trump in many ways.  Plenty of Republicans have promised to control illegal immigration once they get into office.  I think Rubio, Carson, Cruz and others can all be trusted on this issue.  Anyone's better than the mass murderess Hillary, but I wouldn't mind seeing Trump go down so long as it's still in the primary.

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