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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Naruto, Miss Monochrome Dropped:

Naruto was dropped the moment it went into filler.  The adventures of Tenten in dreamland and whatnot.  Completely pointless waste of time for the anime to go into filler when the manga's been done for a year already.  What exactly are they waiting for?  So stupid.

Miss Monochrome has become 'miss monotone one-joke.'  I'm tired of the same nonsense occurring over and over.  It's just pointless.  There's no characterization in this series, only dumb antics.  I would have soldiered on until the end of season 2 in just a couple weeks, but then I heard the series was going to continue with a new cour this fall.  The idea of watching 15 more eps of this crap is unaswallowable.  There's a limit to stupidity.

I would drop Wakaba Girl too but this show is actually close to ending so I may as well just watch it all the way through.

This puts the summer season down to just 20 shows.  Still better than average, but hardly the phenom I originally thought the season would be.

Akane-iro is fully fansubbed in bluray, so now's a great chance to rewatch it.

I also rewatched Amagi Brilliant Park in blu-ray.  That was a treat, but the over-reliance on violence as a source of humor got pretty tiresome pretty quickly.  It makes sense that this show only barely made my rankings, despite how gorgeous it looks.

This means I'm all caught up on great ranked series I need to rewatch.  I've done my part by watching and rewatching the things I've endorsed, now it's up to everyone else to watch them at least once and see what my hype is all about.

I added some more permaposts to my list.  Namely:  'Don't Bully the Weak,' 'What Happened?', 'Education,' 'Marriage,' and 'The Road Less Traveled.'  I also added an additional link in my 'Blacks' permapost at the bottom to the extra post 'Black World, Coming to Theaters near you in 2100.'

These permaposts are some of my finest moments and favorite essays over the years I've been writing at this blog.  They sum up everything I really want to say, the rest is just bonus.  I encourage everyone to read all of them, including all the links at the bottom of my 'Blacks' permapost and my fictional novella Changeling.  It all has my seal of super duper approval.  At nearly 1,000 posts, reading through them all would be pretty tedious and repetitive, but concentrating on these hand picked gems should still be worth one's while.

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