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Monday, August 17, 2015

Go Trump!:

Donald Trump for president.  His new policy position on immigration -- restricting legal immigration to high skilled immigrants and deporting all illegals and building a wall so they can never come in again and using e-verify so they can't overstay their visas is brilliant.  It's the final solution to the immigration problem.  And it's supported by 55% of the American public, so there's a real chance that he could actually get this done.  As the most popular primary candidate by far, I trust Trump to deliver on his promises way more than Cruz, Scott Walker, Santorum or others who may or may not be good in the immigration issue when push comes to shove.  Furthermore, Trump doesn't have a demented anti-abortion platform like the other Republicans do, so it would actually be okay for him to become president concerning social issues.

Bernie Sanders endorsed the pretend aggrievement of the Black Lives Matters crowd, where criminals who fought with cops died as a result of their own bad choices and now blacks are complaining that they should get to live in a law-free society and cops should just have to make way for their royal highnesses.  Since Bernie Sanders agrees with that insane position, he's worthless.  Trump has promised to restore law and order and respect for law and order when he was on the O'Reilly Factor.  He doesn't have any time for this black lives shit.  Trump promised he wouldn't be pushed around by dumbass black lives protestors like Bernie Sanders let happen to him.

Trump is the best candidate we've had in a long time.  Romney was also strong on immigration and non-hard line on social issues, and I endorsed him.  But Romney made that lame comment about 47% of Americans are parasites and he lost the election overnight.  So long as Trump doesn't say something stupid like that he could actually win this thing.  I think America's had enough of Democratic misrule and economic doldrums.  Hillary is a known murderer.  It should be possible to run against her with a personal history like that.  And Trump seems to have the guts to point these sorts of things out, unlike everyone in the Republican establishment.

Usually, the Republican primary is already over by the time Texas gets a chance to vote, so I probably won't bother actually voting for Trump myself.  But for those of you who live in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and so on -- vote Trump.  He's the only hope for America.

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