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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer 2015 Anime First Impressions: Part 2

Monster Musume no iro Nichijou:  This is supposed to be titillating but is actually just frustrating.  Either have sex or don't, stop stopping halfway through.  Also, there's way too much violence.  Getting hit or hitting someone isn't funny, it's painful.  What is this Loony Tunes?  I'm too smart for this show.  Fail.

Overlord:  Through some random miracle, a guy gets trapped in a gaming world that he's already long since beaten.  With no opposition left, he spends all of his days in tedious boredom.  It sounds pretty hellish, but why should we viewers find ourselves entertained by the prospect of infinite boredom happening to someone else?  Are we sadists or something?  I don't see the point of this story -- value the fact that life on Earth isn't easy so we don't tire of it too soon?  Earth could be worse -- it could be like the world of overlord?  What is this story even trying to convey?  I guess in some sick twisted sense I am intrigued by this show, so I'll go on watching and waiting for it to actually be about something.  Pass.

Sore ga Seiyuu:  It was hard to tell how good this series was going to be before I saw the first episode.  Yes, Hata Kenjirou works on it, but it's primarily the work of someone else.  I also thought it was going to be a short, not a full length episode series.  How would it all come together?  The answer is stupendously.  It may not be as funny as Hayate no Gotoku, but nothing really is, so that's not a good comparison.  The fact that it's even remotely close to Hayate is good enough.  It's a full length series, and the art is just fine the way it is.  A lot better than all these crappy shows throwing in cg where it isn't wanted at all times.  The main cast is already endearing, and it's so awesome hearing Masako Nozawa's Goku voice in a different series.  As far as I'm concerned, this show has already cleared all possible hurdles and is ready to enter my great anime rankings after just the first episode.  As a light comedy, it doesn't have to prove anything more about itself, as it's already funny, and that's all it's aiming for.  Pass.

Million Doll:  This is a short anime, and it is full of annoying cg.  It also wasn't funny, nor was the art that good.  You could say it's the exact opposite of Sore ga Seiyuu.   Fail.

Kuusen Madoshi Kohousei no Kyoukan:  This looked to be like another awful Mushibugyo or World Trigger, but it safely navigated away from those travesties.  Instead it focused on the humor around a cast of eccentric characters all being forced together by their own inadequacies.  Sort of like Haganai except in the sky, fighting cg monsters.  So basically -- like when Haganai spends episodes roleplaying in virtual worlds.  This is a very good model and the girls are extremely cute (like Haganai), so it wins my total stamp of approval.  The story will have to stay as funny and not just keep repeating the same gags over and over again if it wants to continue succeeding, though.  Pass.

Himouto! Umaru-chan:  I hate the central thesis of this story.  It's virtually impossible, realistically speaking, that any two people in the world actually live like this.  But I have to admit its gags are funny, and for a comedy that is all that's required.  So long as the gags stay funny there's merit in continuing to watch even shows like this.  Pass.

Gakkou Gurashi:  The entire first episode was a set up for a single punchline at the end.  It was a good punchline, but I'd already been spoiled about it in all the various descriptions of the upcoming anime, so it didn't do much for me.  That leaves me in a peculiar position where the entire first episode was wasted on me, so there's no telling how good it really was for a virgin viewer.  I basically have no first impression of this show.  The showdown will start in the second episode, where things 'get real' and the real storyline begins.  Only starting next episode will we get a sense of what this show is really going to be like.  Pass.

Danchigai:  An unrealistic show where a guy is plastered with imoutos hugging him at all times bursting with platonic and tsundere love.  This seems like a pleasant enough use of five minutes a week as any.   Pass.

Kangaku Gakuen:  Raunchy humor.  A lot of the overly sexual content is censored, so it actually becomes a more mild and funny show than it was originally intended to be.  This is a good thing, because the humor shines a lot more when you exclude the constant nudity which is just distracting from the silliness of the show.  As it is, with the censorship in place, it just becomes a comedy about how boys want to be good and live up to the angelic nature of girls, but are too consumed with lust to ever reach that zen plateau.  Someday hopefully our heroes will mature enough to treat women right instead of succumb to their base desires, it will be like a coming of age story but instead of winning a tennis match at the end they get to date an innocent and nice girl like Chiyo.  Sounds better than tennis anyway.  Pass.

God Eater:  This isn't even an anime.  It's a CG monstrosity.  Anime is the art form of drawings being animated through the quick flipping of many different drawings one after the next per second.  CG is making a model of everything in a simulated world and then moving the models around as you please.  Models look lifeless, stiff and awkward whereas drawings are on level with 1800's paintings.  Why would you ever choose a CG work over an anime?  I want to watch anime.  I love anime.  Not Tron.  Fail.

After watching the 2nd episode, which was even worse than the 1st, I dropped Chaos Dragon.  In the upcoming weeks Idolmaster and Kaleid Liner resume, so I may as well add them into my watch list now because obviously they're worth watching.  As a result, the current number of series I'm watching this summer season and their relative quality compared to each other on an ep by ep basis is all summed up thusly:

1.  Fate/Kaleid Liner Prism Ilya 2wei Herz
2.  Charlotte
3.  Working!!!
4.  Sore ga Seiyuu
5.  Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls
6.  Non Non Biyori Repeat
7.  Joukamachi no Dandelion 
8.  Fairy Tail
9. Naruto
10.  Kyoukai no Rinne
11.  Sailor Moon Crystal
12.  Kuusen Madoshi Kouhousei no Kyoukan
13.  Durarara ten
14.  One Piece
15.  Dragon Ball Super 
16.  Go! Princess Pretty Cure
17.  Wakaba Girl
18.  Gate 
19.  Ranpo Kitan - Game of Laplace 
20.  Aoharu x Kikanjuu
21.  Rokka no Yuusha
22.  To Love ru Darkness 2nd
23.  Gakkou Gurashi
24.  Jitsu wa Watashi wa
25.  Akagami no Shirayukihime
26.  Miss Monochrome 2
27.  Overlord
28.  Classroom Crisis
29.  Himouto! Umaru-chan
30.  Danchigai
31.  Prison School

The grand total is 31 shows!  An unprecedented number of watchable anime is coming out in a single season.  As expected, the summer 2015 anime season is far beyond the spring, the winter, or any other anime season that has ever graced the eyes of man.

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