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Saturday, June 20, 2015

My Thoughts on Dylann Storm Roof's Manifesto:

It is surprising how lucid Dyllan's thinking is.  I don't think he's as intelligent as other white nationalist thinkers/writers are, but he never intended to be an intelligent writer/commentator anyway, so that's not really a concern.  The fact is, nothing in this manifesto screams "trailer trash," "insane," or "high on drugs."  It's just the normal conversational thinking of a normal guy talking about the subject matter at hand.

He's clearly conversant with all the same websites and facts and historical knowledge that most white nationalists focus on, including me.  I wouldn't be surprised if he even read my site, though I may be a little too obscure for him to have ever found or noticed, just as I never found or read his site before all this happened.  His knowledge of the Northwest Front leaves me curious whether he actually read the books, like I have, or just has a passing knowledge of what's in them and criticized them before really trying to engage with Covington's thought process.

In any case, there was nothing he's read or seen that I haven't read or seen as well, and nothing that radicalized him that didn't likewise radicalize me, and millions of other white sympathizers around the globe.  There's nothing radical in his complaints, in fact, he seems to be a rather moderate white nationalist compared to what other people say about the other races and what they wish they could do to them.  He just wants an age, like 1950's America, where whites stood up for themselves and ran things well and efficiently, ignoring the complaints of third world barbarians who somehow thought this didn't favor them enough.  He wants a Europe that doesn't commit suicide by allowing in endless third world immigration like it is currently doing, a sane Europe that existed for thousands of years before World War II.  He doesn't call for deportations, ethnic cleansing, genocides or anything.  Just sane policy that reflects the interests of civilized decent people, whites and East Asians, above demented destroyers, like Muslims and Blacks.

What's radical is his decision to resort to violence after seeing and thinking and reading all the same material that the rest of us have.  The Council of Conservative Citizens website is a heavily trafficked website.  It's in the top 5,000 most visited sites on the web in America.  If everyone who visited this website went on a killing spree I'm pretty sure America would have imploded by now.

I don't think going on a killing spree is the answer to our plight or our woes.  Naturally, everyone else who reads the CofCC thinks the same, which is why only Dyllan Storm Roof is in the news.  I'm not sure why he thought his actions were in any way productive or justified.  He himself complains that everyone else just 'talks' and apparently he's the only one willing to take action.  But how did he expect his actions to be of any use compared to all our talking?  To use his own words, 'it's an enigma.'  I sure would like to hear more about his thought process on how exactly shooting up a church full of praying old grannies was going to right the wrongs of black crime and Muslim immigration into Europe.

It's clear that this man's heart was in the right place, but his logic circuitry was a little askew.  If he thought this was going to help the cause of white supremacy, there's something off about his critical thinking skills, even if he isn't insane or too high on drugs to think properly, which was my initial assumption before reading his manifesto.

What I find most humorous is that this massacre was caused entirely by the liberal media.  By pushing its false victomology narrative of Trayvon Martin being gunned down by the vicious racist mean bully George Zimmerman, and whining about it non-stop 24/7, to the point that even innocent and carefree Dyllan heard about it despite his best wishes to ignore all things political, he was forced against his will to investigate the objective case for whether A) blacks are the victims of white oppression and black baby bodies are being constantly gunned down in the streets by evil racist whites who aren't even prosecuted for their crimes because blacks are 'open fire' free targets in our evil white racist society or B) in fact whites are the victims of 90% of interracial crime, that blacks on average rape 37,000 white women a year, whereas white men on average rape 0 black women a year, that blacks are responsible for hundreds of black-on-white stranger homicides a year for no reason other than that they hate white people, who they have never interacted with before and don't even steal anything from afterwards, that thousands of white Boer farmers have been cruelly tortured and murdered by black South Africans ever since the fall of Apartheid, a disproportion far beyond the average murder rate in South Africa, etc, etc.

After investigating the objective case, he was so infuriated by the discrepancy between what the liberal news was reporting, that somehow Darren Wilson is the problem and not Michael Brown, and what he himself had found out, which all the schoolbooks and tv shows and everyone had lied to him about all his life, that he simply 'popped'.

I have a feeling that if he'd been gently dipped into the pool of racism since birth and had learned these facts not all at once, but gradually and from trusted family members who also taught him how to cope with the absurd lies told by the public, none of this tragedy would have happened.  Instead, having learned the horrible facts about black crime, Jewish media duplicity, Muslim and Hispanic immigration, how whites are demonized for all their supposed 'sins' (which turns out to not even be historically accurate descriptions of whites in the past) but never lionized for their accomplishments, all at once, in a matter of just a few months, it was simply too much for his head to handle and it drove him nigh insane with rage.  His entire life up until this point had been a lie, concocted by traitors and scum, to indoctrinate him into willingly surrendering his own future and heritage to the barbarians who were tearing it apart at this very moment.  Realizing all of that, all at once, was too much for him and it made him wish to find an outlet, any outlet, rather than handle the gravity and depth of the truth that stood in front of him any longer.  According to various eye witnesses, he had intended to commit suicide at the end of his murder spree, but I guess he chickened out at the last instant and tried to get away instead.  Suicide takes more courage than the average soul can muster, so there's nothing wrong with this.  It just goes to show how overwhelmed his spirit had gotten that he felt that he'd rather take his own life than live any longer in this world of lies and a community that has betrayed him since birth.

If only the media hadn't lied to him about race, if only the media hadn't tried to portray Trayvon Martin as some sort of martyr but had silently dropped the case as an open and shut clear cut example of self defense, none of this would have happened.  Liberals tried to create a false narrative about race in America, Dyllan Storm Roof saw through their lie, became infuriated by the fact that he was being lied to by the media, and retaliated by killing nine more blacks.  If they had shut up about Trayvon Martin, these next nine never would have had to die.  Dyllan was incensed by the unfairness the media and schools treat whites compared to blacks, and decided to right the scales of justice on his own in some sort of cosmic collective way.  If society had been fair and treated the races equally from the start, assigning blame to blacks when appropriate and praise to whites when appropriate, Dyllan would still be a normal young adult leading a normal life right now alongside everyone else, and no one would have thought twice about him.

So congratulations to Al Sharpton and Obama and all the other race baiters who portrayed Trayvon Martin as their own long lost son.  Their ludicrous lies have led to this inevitable blowback, and the blood of these nine innocent church goers is now on their hands on top of the recent attempted murder of Zimmerman by that liberal loon a couple weeks ago, all the people who were killed in retaliation for Ferguson like that poor Bosnian in St. Louis smashed in the head by a hammer, the two innocent cops in New York City who were executed at point blank while sitting defenselessly in their patrol car, and on and on and on.  They have stirred up a small-scale race war and their rhetoric only adds fuel to the fire every single time they open their mouths about the topic.  Today, it was Dyllan Storm Roof's turn to add to the body count.  Tomorrow, it'll be someone else's turn.  But the moment they started this shit with their lying portrayal of Trayvon Martin, the boulder started rolling, and now no one can stop its momentum anymore.


Anonymous said...

My question is how was Zimmerman the victim when he chased the child?

Diamed said...

Here is how the events of Trayvon Martin's death unfolded. Trayvon was walking around in the dark in the rain in a hoodie in a neighborhood that had previously been burglarized multiple times and was on high alert. The neighborhood watchman, Zimmerman, who had previously helped other victims of crime in the neighborhood with their blessing and gratitude, noted the obviously suspicious figure and started tracking him to make sure he wasn't up to no good. At this time he called the police as well in the hopes of getting backup.

Trayvon noticed he was being followed, but at no time did Zimmerman accost him or manhandle him. All Trayvon had to do was walk home and close the door, and that would be the end of the story. Or he could have bolted away and run home if that's what he preferred. Though less sensible, Trayvon Martin could have also turned around and engaged in polite conversation with Zimmerman, who as the neighborhood watchman had every right to be doing what he was doing, and try to clear up the misunderstanding.

Instead of exercising any of these safe, normal options, Trayvon decided to jump Zimmerman, tackle him to the ground, punch him in the face, and slam the back of Zimmerman's head on the concrete curb/street in a clear attempt to kill him. Zimmerman also said that Trayvon reached for his gun and said "I'm going to kill you." Though that last part isn't verifiable, the injuries to his head are well documented and the grass stains on his back as well as the position of the entry wound of the bullet confirm that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman and pinning him to the ground when he died.

If a neighborhood watchman follows you, do you normally ambush him and try to kill him as the default response, without even an attempt at conversation? If not, why do you excuse Trayvon's behavior for doing so?

The fact is Zimmermann went to trial and was found not guilty by a jury of 12 peers. They went over all the evidence and they found Trayvon to be at fault, case closed. The fact that you're still trying to defend Trayvon as the victim when the courts already ruled the other way means you're living in a fantasy land.

Child or not, when you attempt to murder someone, expect to be killed in turn.