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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

One Piece DVD:

Ordinarily I wouldn't be overjoyed about getting a dvd release of a series.  Blu-ray is so much better, right?  Well what if your alternative isn't blu-ray, but low resolution avi's from a bygone era?

That's the situation with One Piece.  The best series of all time also had the lowest resolution, lowest quality fansub of all time.  Fixing that has come the hero 'cloaknsmoke,' who for the first time puts in people's hands a modern dvd version of this venerable anime.  Covering the first few hundred episodes, this invaluable resource gets us up to the modern era of HD tv releases in widescreen, such that future dvd seasons are far less necessary.  But for that critical beginning period, this dvd version is light years better than any previous fansubbed release.

One Piece is such an important series that it should only be viewed in the highest possible manner.  Right now that means watching cloaknsmoke's dvds.  There's no other game in town.  For people who have never watched One Piece, now's your chance.  And for those who have seen it before, it's time to rewatch it in never-before-seen crisp clear glory.

The episodes covered are the incredibly moving Arlong, Drum, and Arabasta arcs.  These were the good old days of One Piece, before they slowed down the pace, when there were so many flashbacks and origin stories you could barely get back to the present.  Not only is this dvd release the most critical in terms of quality upgrade, it's also the most critical in terms of being the One Piece people need to watch the most.  This is the best section of the best series ever made.

A fansubber has also released the first season of Galaxy Angel in blu-ray, a first for this series, and a long time coming.  Now if they would just get on with Nanoha A's, Ranma 1/2's third box set, etc, etc. . .

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