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Thursday, May 21, 2015

All Caught Up:

A lot of great series came out in blu ray last month.  I've finally caught up with them all, and can proudly proclaim yet again that all the series in my rankings I've not only watched, but rewatched, so long as their second release form was in the proper archive-worthy HD version.

The few shows that are still waiting on an HD release for a second viewing include Ojamajo from Sharp onwards, Locodol, Wake Up, Girls!, Yuuki Yuuna, Love Live S2, SAO II, Amagi Brilliant Park, and Akame ga Kill.  Obviously still ongoing series that have aired just a few months or days ago in 2015 don't count, because not only is there no way a blu ray release is out yet, but it would be pure madness to rewatch something so recently after the first time, when it's still already stored in your short term memory.

These shows aired in 2014, though.  It's been long enough that I'd like to see them again if I could.  But the fansub community isn't keeping pace with these particular releases, for whatever reason.  Love Live Season 2 is the most ridiculous case of this.  The fourth highest selling anime series of all time, and we still don't have a fansubbed blu ray version even after a year and a half has passed.  It's boggling.  To make matters worse, the tv release looked positively awful for some strange reason, and this series above all desperately needs a clean, crisp blu ray release to replace the eye cancer of its broadcast version.  Hell, maybe that's why it's the fourth highest selling blu ray series of all time.  Fans desperately needed the blu ray version in this case.  And so of course this is the one show that fansubbers don't bother to sub.

Exactly one month ago, volume 4 of Love Live S2 bluray was subbed by FFFansubs.  That's great work on their part, but come on. . .  We're talking 13 episodes here.  7 down.  6 to go.  So at this rate, the show will be completely subbed in another year and a half?  In 2017?

In 2017 giraffes will have learned how to walk on their hands.  In 2017 there will be flying cities.  And in 2017 we'll finally get a non-grainy release of the fourth most popular anime of all time.  Does this make sense to anyone?

With all my great anime rankings safely sorted into the rewatched category, I had some free time to check out American television instead.  Not only Daredevil, but the Flash has been pretty decent too.  Of course, the whole worthless black woman miscegenation pushed down our throat is pretty revolting.  Iris West in the comics was a redhead with freckles.  So of course she's a freaking black woman in the tv show.  Why not?  As a proper color blinded person, honestly I couldn't even tell the difference.  Why, everyone in America is apparently as blind as Matt Murdoch since nobody is complaining about the Flash's new love interest.  But that's America for you.  Pushing for the most ludicrous crap anyone can stomach, even though no one in the real world actually walks within 200 meters of a black woman much less falls for one of them.

Black ape men are willing to pump and dump black women because they'll screw anything with a hole, but even they have enough taste to never marry one of those things.  Why do you think the illegitimacy rate is 70%?  No one is brave enough to try spending an entire lifetime with one of those blobs.

So of course the Flash, Barry Allen, graduated top of his class, working a prestigious job, the most powerful man on Earth (even stronger than Superman in the comics), good looking, can have any girl he wants, falls for a black woman who, ::rolls eyes::, thinks she's too good for him and totally blows him off in favor of -- get this -- another good looking white guy who also for some inscrutable reasons has fallen for this negress.  One time is within the realm of mathematical possibility, since, yes, somehow, one or two white men on Earth have been known to fall for black women (like, gag, George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars and easily as famous and rich and awesome a guy as Barry Allen is in the fictional universe), but two?  Two?  In the same show?  At the same time?  Whatever happened to the Pauli Exclusion Principle?

And to make matters worse, the Iris West in this tv show isn't likable at all.  I mean, even if you somehow ignore her ugly black face for a second.  She's a total bitch.  She embarrasses her boyfriend Eddie in front of all their friends, getting into a nasty personal fight in the middle of a ritzy dinner out with outside company.  Who the hell airs their personal dirty laundry out in front of others?  That's totally castrating to the guy.  It's completely disrespectful.  If you have a problem with a guy, you speak to them in private about it.  You don't try to humiliate him in front of all his friends by showing he doesn't have his house in order.  Any woman who did that deserves not only to be dumped on that instant, but a slap for good measure.  Instead he gets the great idea of proposing to her a few days later.  Yeah.  That makes sense!

She's also a total bitch to her Dad, to Catelyn, to Barry, to everyone in the whole wide world.  She whines about being left out of the loop, but no one was under any obligation whatsoever to tell her their secrets.  It's a superhero's right to divide his superhero world and his daily life world.  It's for his own protection, and the protection of those around him, and also for his chance at normalcy in daily life where things aren't always as hectic and high tension as when he's fighting for his life or to save the universe.  If she doesn't get that, that's her problem.  And yet she takes it out on everyone else as though they're to blame and she's the victim.  What a bitch.  And these two white guys supposedly fall in love with this thing?  This spitting venomous ball of invective, sneers and complaints?  This whiny high maintenance asshole?  No.  Even if the world were color blind -- this version of Iris West would never have gotten a single guy.  A love triangle is out of the question ridiculous.

Aside from Iris, the Flash is a pretty good show though.  Harrison Wells and Barry Allen have a great relationship, and are a great combo of hero and villain.  Cisco is a fun guy you'd always want to have as a friend and as company to hang out with.  Catelyn is funny in a pathetic sort of way.  Felicity is fun to have around whenever she visits.  The whole non-black cast is great.  The actors are good too.  They can express so much with just a face and a look, they don't even have to say anything to get their points across.  It's very impressive for an American tv show to reach this level of quality.  Daredevil is better because it's more realistic and consistent with its treatment of fights and power levels.  But it's bizarre that two good US tv shows would actually be coming out at the same time.  When's the last time that happened?  When's the last time any good show was on US tv?  O.o.

If the Flash is this good, maybe Arrow is good too.  And if they're both good, maybe that new series will also be good, Legends of Tomorrow.  With Daredevil season 2 coming out as well, 2016 is going to be a good year for television.  Let's just hope anime doesn't fall behind.

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