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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fairy Tail, Idolmaster Set to Continue:

Fairy Tail's anime has been rather ingenious in terms of weaving in a bunch of omake's and other spinoff material to fill up two entire cours of content ever since the Grand Magic Games ended.  However, this is still pretty thin gruel compared to the mainline story progressing, so I'm very pleased to announce that the mainline story is set to progress starting with the spring season.  For now they've only scheduled the Sun Village arc.  It's conceivable that they could drop back into filler again once the Sun Village arc ends, though it would be crazy to do so.  More likely, we'll get to watch main line Fairy Tail from here on for the rest of the year, as the Tartaros arc has plenty of content to keep us sated.

Isn't it a little ridiculous for Fairy Tail to be animating real new content even though the manga is only one arc ahead of the anime, while Naruto is already finished as a manga but bogged down in filler in the anime?  Who on Earth made this decision?  All they had to do was animate the rest of the manga.  That's all anyone wanted them to do.  Why filler, when it serves no purpose, because there's no need to delay to give the manga space anymore?  It's unbelievable.

Meanwhile, as I expected, there's no way a cast of 14 Idolm@ster girls could be covered in a single cour.  What I didn't expect was that the next cour of Idolm@ster would be airing this summer instead of this spring.  It's only a short wait either way, so no big deal.  Cinderella girls has been awesome, as expected of this franchise.  I can't wait for the next half of this season to begin 3.5 months from now.

At least provisionally, Durara will also be a split cour show.  It will skip this spring season, start again during the summer season, skip the fall season, and then start again, and end, in the winter 2016 season.  36 episodes in all.  But with the low sales figure from the first volume, that schedule is still in some doubt.

This winter season has been really annoying in terms of all the episodes that simply didn't air.  Idolmaster and Assassination Classroom both skipped episodes earlier this season, and now One Piece and Dragon Ball didn't air last week.  However, that should be fixed and One Piece + Dragon Ball should both be airing shortly.  Meanwhile, the One Piece manga is taking another break this week.  The suffering never ends.  At this rate the Dressrosa anime section will overtake the manga version.  Then what?

The Ukraine ceasefire seems to have succeeded.  In addition, the killers of Nemtsov were just dumb Islamic terrorists, the same as they always are.  So much for Putin bashing.

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