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Sunday, March 1, 2015

2015 = Transition Year:

2016 computers are going to be awesome.  NVIDIA releases its first new Pascal based video card in 2016.  Windows 10 comes out with Direct X 12.  Intel releases its skylake chips.  Seagate unveils its HAMR external hard drive.

In comparison 2015 has diddly squat to offer.  At best, some of these things listed above will come out in late 2015, but there's no point getting one without all of the others as an improvement together or your computer will be obsolete right out of the gate.

The presidential election is in 2016.  Political change is impossible in 2015 as the president can veto anything congress might want to pass and the senate isn't filibuster proof.

There are no Olympics until Rio's 2016 summer Olympics.

The Women's World Cup is this year, but remember that pro women soccer players generally lose to high school boy's teams.  How exciting is high school boy's soccer to watch?  We won't get a real World Cup again until Russia 2018 -- and that's if it isn't boycotted by the West over this stupid Ukraine conflict.

The PS4 still has no good games.  Final Fantasy 15 still has no release date.  Meanwhile, the PS3 is still releasing good games like Tales of Zestiria.  What a joke.

DC Comics aren't releasing any movies in 2015.  In contrast, from 2016-2020, they're releasing two movies a year.  Talk about a bummer.

Marvel comics is releasing 3 movies in 2015.  That's less than 2014's 4 movies.  It's also less than 2016's 5 movies.  Am I seeing a pattern here?

2015's anime schedule lineup is actually really strong.  I have no complaints here.  In fact, it may be the best lineup ever in anime.

2015 is less stellar for manga purposes.  In 2014 alone, Naruto ended, Kenichi ended, The World God Only Knows ended, Working!! ended, Claymore ended, Sora no Otoshimono ended, Kitakubu ended, Hunter x Hunter went on hiatus, Soul Eater ended, and Rosario Vampire ended.  In contrast, the latest new good mangas started in 2012 -- Gokukoku no Brynhildr, Assassination Classroom and MIX.  So that's at best 3 new mangas starting trying to replace 10 old mangas ending.  Not a good ratio.

On a sidenote, I've updated my good manga permapost to include the timeline of when it started being made until when it finished being made (or is still being made).  My permaposts are getting better all the time.

Yuru Yuri's long awaited ova has finally come out.  However, I still won't be content without a third season.  And a fourth, and so on. . .

Even Nanoha StrikerS is out on blu-ray now, but not a single episode of the entire franchise has been blu-ray subtitled yet.  This is a real bummer.  Sakura Trick blu-ray is finally done.  But other Winter 2014 anime series, like Love Live S2 blu-ray, have still barely begun.

2014 was a year bustling full of activity, so it's only natural that 2015 would be a letdown in comparison.  Even so, why does everyone schedule everything fun for even years only?  The sheer extremity of the peaks and valleys is approaching ludicrous levels.

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