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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

More Bleach Please:

If the Bleach anime restarted today, it could go for 60 episodes before catching up with the manga.  That's if it consumes three chapters of material per episode, which is quite possible given that Bleach is low on words per chapter compared to other manga series.

The Bleach manga has been fantastic during this 1000 Year Blood War Arc.  It's told us Ichigo's backstory, why he's part hollow, how his father met his mother.  It's revealed the fabled royal guard and soul king to us.  It's given our heroes such a tough fight that even captains are dying in battle, as well as lieutenants, a first in the series' occurrence.  It's had a ton of awesome new fights and shikai/bankai reveals.  This could end up being the best Bleach arc of them all.

If the Sternritter and Juhabach put the beat down on just a few more groups of heroes, the fighting would be perfect.  Until the good guys are down to their last man and fighting with all their remaining resources, I'd like to see the bad guys keep winning.  Right now there's still too many healthy heroes running around who haven't even started to fight yet.  Once that's taken care of, Bleach will have the epic ending it deserves.

Sure, Bleach has some basic flaws that are always aggravating.  Its sense of humor really isn't that good, and ends up just wasting time instead of being funny and lightening the mood.  The villains are a little 'too' villainous to the point of being a farce.  Everyone is so cocky right before they get beat down, it gets a little repetitive.  But all of these flaws pale in comparison to how many good things are happening simultaneously.

Learning more about Yachiru is worth any number of bad jokes.  Villains stabbing each other in the back is worth it so long as they can keep beating captains when push comes to shove.  And repetitive speech patterns shared by virtually all characters is okay so long as the fights and abilities keep on being uniquely cool.

A Bleach anime would get to take advantage of a user base of manga readers who number in the millions.  There is no better entrenched user base that could be relied on for any other 'new' show people might want to fund instead.  It's been three years since the previous anime ended.  Haven't the fans been kept waiting long enough?

If you wait until the manga is over, you won't get any increased manga sales by making an anime of it.  The time to strike is now, not later.

Dragon Ball Kai Buu is going to end eventually.  What other shonen jump series could possibly take its place and air alongside One Piece?  Toriko is nowhere near as popular as Bleach.

Japan has a duty to Bleach after animating so much of the series, to go ahead and finish the rest of it.  Bleach is a national treasure to Japan, a work of art rarely seen in history, it's madness to leave it unfinished.  That's like letting half the Eiffel tower fall over.

The opening and ending themes for Bleach are amazing.  The soundtrack is amazing.  The voice actors are tremendous in quantity and quality.  Two of them are already dead.  Wouldn't it be honoring their legacy if the series were actually brought to a proper fruition?  Waiting longer just risks even more dying before their final lines can be spoken and saved for eternity, all the generations to come who have yet to watch this series are waiting for the sequel arc to be animated.  The art is impeccable, the animation is crazy good for a long running series.  Bleach is nigh perfect.  If it received a proper animated ending, it would be the 4th best anime ever made.  Sometimes things must be done just for their own sake, never mind popularity or sales.  The national government of Japan should realize what a force Bleach has been culturally/diplomatically and make sure that it's given the respect and honor it deserves by receiving an ending (like Dragon Ball and Naruto, comparable series, are receiving).

There is no series more deserving or more in need of a sequel anime than Bleach.  More than SAO, more than PapaKiki, more than Index/Railgun, more than Saki, more than Full Metal Panic, more than Maria-sama ga Miteru, more than BakaTest, more than Claymore, more than Rurouni Kenshin, more than Flame of Recca, more than Spice and Wolf, more even than Negima, Bleach deserves an animated ending that shows the story all the way through, from beginning to end.

We're talking about a series that began in 2001 and probably won't even end this year.  We're talking about a series which will likely end up with over 100 million copies in sales.  We're talking about a member of the big 3 -- One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach.  It is simply impossible, inconceivable, to keep ignoring a series of this size and grandeur any longer.  What are the animators thinking?  Do they want even more time, so that they don't have to do any filler?  By the time they're ready the whole show will be over, and all the momentum will be lost!  Do they want more money than Bleach can bring in?  Good luck -- every halfway decent selling manga, light novel, and visual novel has already been adapted.  Do they want artistic glory?  Nothing could be more glorious than bringing to a close a work this famous and this beautifully illustrated by the legendarily good character designer Tite Kubo.  It's time to make more Bleach.  It's been time for a while now, but we're seriously looking at 60 episodes worth of material ready to go here.  This is way more material than Fairy Tail had when it decided to resume airing.  If Fairy Tail deserves another season, why on Earth not Bleach?

Life just isn't the same without Bleach.  It aired for eight years straight.  It felt like it would always be there.  And then it just suddenly ends, right before the last arc begins?  That's madness  That's just malice.  That's ISIS level terrorism.  Why not burn all us fans alive while you're at it?

While I'm at it, I'm going to add another seiyuu to my anime voices list -- Takahiro Sakurai.  He's a well known talent, rated as the 10th best male voice actor by polls/surveys, and it's about time I admitted his skill as well.  As the voice behind the hauntingly emo Izuru Kira, he stands out even in the midst of an all-around stellar voice cast.  He's also well known as Suzaku from Code Geass, Sting from Fairy Tail, Guiche from Zero no Tsukaima, Yuuji Kazami from Grisaia, Oshino Meme from Monogatari, and Faldio from Valkyria Chronicles.  His accolades are practically unparallelled.  Takahiro Sakurai is just one of the dozens of good things about the Bleach anime we can't get from the manga alone.  It's time to bring Bleach back, and give Takahiro another paycheck.

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