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Sunday, January 18, 2015

We Are Not Invincible:

The central premise behind all liberal inverted world thinking, where they support the inferior portions of society over the superior ones, is that we, the white race, Western Civilization, the modern world, the developed nations of the Earth, America, Europe, etc, are invincible.

This is why they feel no doubts or worries about constantly undermining and sabotaging said entities.  "What does it matter?  There's more than enough money to go around, why not share with the less fortunate?  There's plenty of open space left in America, why not let immigrants come enjoy it?  There's tons of jobs that still need doing, why not let in able bodied workers to come work at them for cheap from abroad?  Crime isn't so high that we need to do anything about it, just forgive the boisterous naughty youths and get on with your life.  Terrorism barely hurts anyone, just don't worry about it and enjoy the roses.  Who cares if gays can marry, how does it affect you?  Even if everyone is given the vote, the collective wisdom of the crowd is never wrong.  If people want to take drugs, what's the harm in letting them?  Why not give people who have historically fallen behind preferences in college entrances, hiring, and promotions, don't you feel sorry for them?  Why should we care about overpopulation abroad, I'm sure they'll work something out when the time comes.  Who cares if the birth rates here are at historic lows in all of history, I'm sure when the time comes we'll find a perfect population balance and the birth rates will swing back up, and besides immigrants are just as good as the native born anyway.  Who cares if machines are replacing workers at an unprecedented rate, I'm sure those fired workers will find some new and better, even higher paying job soon enough!"

The list just goes on and on.  They aren't worried about anything.  Sometimes they may even be right, and the doomsayers are overly paranoid or fearful over genuinely minor issues we can easily absorb.  As that famous guy said, "there is a great deal of ruin in a nation."  It's surprising how many shocks we can absorb and keep on chugging in a generally upward direction.  But there is a limit to everything.  You can pretend that everything is fine with an endangered species until the last member dies.  Once they're extinct, even a liberal must admit that our worries about the group were not unfounded.  There are reasons to be fearful of things.  Species do go extinct.  Empires do collapse.  Nations are conquered and massacred and despoiled in wars.  Economies do go into tailspin, irrecoverable depressions.  Any student of history can point to endless shining golden ages that all eventually crumbled into complete disrepair, like the previously civilized Roman colony of Britain.  Things break.  Systems stall out and cease functioning.  Whole nations and cultures die, never to be seen again in the annals of history.  The Incas, the Aztecs, the Olmecs, all sorts of mighty American empires no longer exist.  Practically zero trace is left of their thinking or way of life in the modern day.  They are gone.

The inhabitants of Easter Island, who built all those giant stone faces, are no longer with us.

Haiti has fallen into disrepair ever since Napoleon left and it's never gotten any better.

South Africa and Rhodesia are worse off now than they were under white rule.  They're going backwards, not forwards.  For them, time does not heal all wounds, it only exacerbates them.

Shit happens.

This is true on an individual level as well.  It's fine to say that crime is no big deal, until the crime happens to you or someone you love.  Then it just so happens to be a very big deal after all.  Think about that before you breezily brush off the victims of crime or terrorism as 'statistically few.'  It doesn't help the actual victims that they're a rare breed.  They're just as dead all the same.  Because of your complete disregard for their safety they are now dead, mugged, crippled, raped, or otherwise injured.  You could have prevented these issues, but you decided it wasn't worth it, and to the altar of liberalism all of these unnecessary sacrifices were offered, like unto a blood god of the olden days.  Do you really have the right to offer other people, other people's family members, to the altar of your creed to suffer and die so that you will feel self-satisfied about how mercifully you treated criminal and terrorist prone groups?  Why should one single person anywhere in the world, even if it were just one, have to suffer because you weren't willing to let them do what it took to protect themselves from evil?

Liberals first rob us conservatives of our right to self defense, by not allowing us to take the actions necessary to defend ourselves, and then mock us when we suffer and die as a result of their crippling rules and regulations that are holding us back from winning these fights with a sneer and a 'what's the big deal, the victims are statistically small numbers anyway.'  No victim is small.  The right to life is enshrined in our declaration of independence, an inalienable right given to us by God.  This implies a right to self defense, to preserve our own lives against any and all threats.  Therefore, by what right do liberals have to disarm us, bring murder trials against us when we do defend ourselves, force our borders wide open even though we know people who mean us harm are flowing like a sluice of sewage into our homelands, and not allow us to deport those who we know mean us harm by their own polls and self admitted surveys?

Currently, the situation in Europe and America is not going to immediately collapse the entire nation.  For another fifty years or century or so, there is enough resilience in the demographics and economics of the modern world to handle an outsized load of black and muslims.  However, it is madness to therefore do nothing about it for the next forty or ninety years, and then suddenly try to save ourselves at only the last possible second, long after it has become a much, much worse and harder problem than it is today.  Because we are headed for collapse.  This part is absolutely unassailable.  There is no way in hell, no way on Earth, we can support the population of Africa quadrupling, and then sending all of its newborn sons into all of the modern welfare open immigration states of the world.  I don't care how industrious, affluent, or caring Sweden is, it cannot support four billion black immigrants, half of whom are jihadi muslims looking to bring the world to Allah via the sword/gun/bomb.  There is a threshold, a weight our bridges can no long physically support, and we are inevitably heading towards that threshold so long as we do not change our course politically.  If we leave everything alone and just let nature take its course, the four billion blacks, most of whom will be muslims, slated to be born by 2100 will destroy the white, western world that has been at the forefront of progress and civilization since the dawn of time.  There is simply no way in Hell a white population, which by then will have shrunk to half the size it is today, could support that many black burdens.  No economy, no matter how productive, could handle that welfare load.  The crime levels would reach such a high that no one would be able to safely leave their own front doors, and even staying inside them won't be safe because home invasions, tortures, rapes, and murders will become the norm, just like it is in South Africa for the whites there.  The Islamic bullying will reach such a pitch that we'll all have to submit to Shariah law and pay the jizya to our new dark age overlords.

This is a problem of just numbers.  The birth rates of Muslim and black lands are so high, and ours are so low, that there simply is no way whites can keep a liberal democratic welfare state and open borders and survive.  If we shut our borders now and prevented the incoming four billion Africans from moving here, we'd probably be able to manage somehow the burdens we've already imported that are metastasizing like cancers in our midst.  But if we don't, it is physically impossible, no matter what economic policies you put in, no matter what education policies you put in, no matter what rules and regulations you put in of any sort, to maintain any semblance of a civilization in what was the greatest era/region of human civilization on Earth.

You cannot assimilate four billion immigrants to three hundred million natives.  If you mix the two, the only result you'll get is the natives' annihilation.  This is just a mathematical taking of the average.  This is just the law of gravitation.  The bigger body moves the smaller one a lot further than the smaller body moves the bigger one.  This is just a law of physics.  This is just reality.

The United Nations is not some paranoid conspiracy theory body of kooks.  Their demographic predictions, if anything, tend to underestimate the populations and birth rates of the third world.  If they say there are going to be four billion Africans by 2100, you can expect there to be four billion Africans by 2100.  This is not fearmongering.  This is not Chicken Little sky is falling nonsense.  This is the sober and learned opinion of experts in the field, working for the most neutral and objective organization in the world, the United Nations.  There is no factor that will or can inhibit this population boom outside of political change in the outside world.  If we stop giving them food relief and foreign aid, if we stop curing all their diseases and investing in them, if we stop allowing them to immigrate into our countries, yes, we could stop this explosive population growth.  It would be a bloody business and hundreds of millions of Africans would have to starve to death right in front of our news reels, but we could stop the madness and forcibly put Africa back onto a sustainable path.  But without this political will, this iron stomach willing to watch hundreds of millions of blacks die, nature will take its course.  The UN is telling us that nature is taking its course.  80 years is not very long, demographically speaking.  It's just four generations.  Does anyone expect African birth rates to change this generation, ie, among current 20 year old Africans?  If not, that means we only have three generations left to change African behavior in a kind, gentle, liberal way.

Do liberals believe that the children of this generation will be taught not to procreate and their sex habits will be massively changed?  Who will teach them this?  Certainly not us.  We aren't there.  We gave up colonialism long ago.  And black schools don't seem to be very educational going by the IQ results and PISA test scores, etc, we occasionally grade them with.  So who is going to teach them to reduce their birth rates?  Not us, and not their parents, who were themselves massive breeders.  Why would they teach their kids to act otherwise?  Will Muslims in Africa suddenly liberate their women and let them go to college?  Will they suddenly take their arranged marriage child wives out of their burqas and tell them to go back to school and get high paying jobs as nurses and engineers?  When is Islam going to go through its own women's liberation moment?  When will the women of Islam demand the use of birth control, defy their husbands, and slit all their throats in the night if their menfolk attempt to beat them anymore?  Will this happen among the children of this generation?  Next generation?  Or the generation after that?  You can only pick among these three.  If it doesn't happen in any of those three chances, lo and behold, we've arrived at 2100 and the African population has in fact quadrupled.  The men of Africa are never going to hand power over peacefully to women and dismantle their patriarchal system.  Islam has lasted since 600 AD and it has never, ever given women any choices regarding their marriages, reproductive rights, sex lives, educations, etc.  Likewise, macho black thugs are more likely to rape black women than listen to their appeals for freedom and moderate their overbearing behavior.  The whole concept is laughable.  In South Africa, the majority of women have been raped and the majority of men are rapists.  Are these the great liberal saviors who will release their women to lives of freedom and opportunity in the workplace?

Are these the guys who are going to hand everything over to their women and tell them they are free to go, to have children or not as they see fit, to marry or not as they see fit, to work or not as they see fit?

In all of history, women have never freed themselves.  Every freedom, every right they have was originally given to them voluntarily by men.  If the men do not choose to give women these rights, does anyone think women will boldly wage a war of independence for them?  Will they rise up like Spartacus and strike off their own chains in a woman's revolt?  We all know this isn't going to happen.  It is not in women's psyche to claim with violence that which they cannot get through entreaty.  If men do not give them their freedom, they will remain enslaved forever, just like they have been across all of human history.  Since we of the west are not willing to free them, because that would be 'colonialism,' these next three generations of forced breeding are baked in the cake.  They've already happened.  They're future history.  The four billion blacks and muslims are already born.  Nothing is going to stop their coming.  The UN knows this -- why don't we?

So as you can see, just like Pickett's charge, in the end it's all just mathematical again.  There is absolutely no way, no matter what scenarios you contrive, no matter how brave your men are under fire, no matter how accurate your artillery might be, to ever succeed at this attack.  It would be like the world suddenly reversing on its axis and spinning the other direction.  This is just impossible.  It cannot happen.  There is no way birthrates in Africa will go down, nor is there any way for the western world to accommodate the coming newborns.  Both of these facts are ironclad and indisputable.  Which means the liberals are wrong, and we are not invincible.  Our societies cannot absorb the costs, we cannot be do gooders and just look the other way, we cannot forgive their trespasses against us and turn the other cheek, we cannot love our neighbors as we love ourselves, there is in fact no way we and they can both survive.

This is if we allow demographics to just take their course.  Naturally, if we all ascend into beings of pure light or computer thought waves or take flight in space ships off to Mars or whatever, four billion Africans will be child's play for our economies and civilizations to support.  By then, we could probably handle four hundred billion Africans.  They could breed like bunnies and with a carefree wave of our hands, we could rain candy down upon them all and tell them they've all been good little boys and girls.  But this is a very dangerous bet to play around with.  During the 1900's, we all thought we'd be living in space by 2000.  We thought we would have flying cars, flying cities, fusion power, the cure to cancer, the cure to aging, we thought we'd be all powerful by now.  It turns out AI isn't as easily invented as Terminator 2 thought.  It turns out there were no Space Odysseys in 2001.  And so on.  To rely on loopy sci fi solutions to save our bacon because this time our scientists will get their miraculous inventions of time travel and warp bubbles done on schedule is sheer madness.  Yes, I expect scientists will deliver on all of their promises someday.  Eventually, life as we know it will be totally different and our powers will be like unto Gods.  But there is no guarantee that will be by 2100, and there is no reason to gamble the future of the Earth on our scientists beating the buzzer just before a total civilizational meltdown due to a mere lack of political will to reach out and do what we've had the power to do from the very start -- close our borders and shut down the aid spigots that are keeping this mad inflating bubble floating decade after exponentially expanding decade.

Liberals pretend to care about the year 2100 and the future of human life on this planet.  They complain about global warming causing bad effects that will only start to appear in the year 2100, long after we are all dead.  Therefore, they have no philosophical principle they can stand on to say that the coming deluge of African births is somehow unimportant and insignificant, requiring no political change of behavior on our part, simply because it hasn't happened yet.  If we can forecast a known risk occurring due to our inaction, we are obligated to forestall it long before the risk has materialized.  This is the purpose of wisdom.  This is why we are sentient, rational beings, different from all the animals who just act according to instinct with no concept of the future or incoming changes to their environments.  This is the basis for our claims of having any value at all.  If you throw that away, if you put us on level with the stupid grazing cattle who refuse to do anything to save themselves from the inevitable slaughter house, then you discard all morality and all philosophy altogether.  There is simply no ground upon which left to stand, and in a nihilist moralverse, there is no reason to favor sparing Africans over slaughtering them, so abandoning all future tense thinking doesn't get you any closer to liberal victory either.

The year 2100 is when the western world is slated to end, all at the hands of barbarous third worlders, who refuse to reform their own behavior, and would rather eat out our substance like locusts than sustain themselves in their own lands through their own efforts.  Global warming, in comparison to the threat of 4 billion African immigrants looking for women to rape and government welfare handouts, is a laughable threat.  Oh noz, Florida will be underwater!  Oh wait, the entire country has been flooded by Africa and now there isn't a single inch of ground that doesn't look like Haiti anymore.  Actually, Haiti would be an overly optimistic estimate, since Haiti is supported by western aid.  But when the entire West is overrun and becomes Haiti, who is left to give aid to Haiti anymore?  We won't even be able to save ourselves.  The quality of life will reach new, unprecedented lows, never before seen in the history of the planet.  Four billion Africans will move in, destroy all the infrastructure that allows us to feed four billion Africans, and then we'll all starve together in the largest famine in world history.  The death toll will be unimaginable to anyone who has lived up until this point.  The destruction will be on a scale never before seen.

We don't have to prognosticate these things out of the tops of our heads like Athena sprung from Zeus full grown.  We have worked examples of this soul crushing ruin already happening before.  It's right before our eyes -- in Detroit, in Haiti, in Rhodesia, in South Africa, everywhere blacks or Muslims take control it all comes tumbling down to Hell on Earth.  We don't need to theorize about what will happen in 2100.  We've been given worked examples by the mercy of God, who is telling us in the most clear and forthright manner imaginable exactly what will happen, word for word, detail by detail, year by year.

The end of the west is not the end of the world.  If current trends hold, China, Japan, and South Korea will continue to refuse third world immigration into their countries.  They will inherit the technology and philosophy of the west, take the good parts and leave out the bad ones (the liberal, suicidal ones), and go on to live happily ever after in space, the virtual world, as AI, as genetically enhanced mutants, or whatever future they so choose.  Only Europe (including Russia), North America, Australia and New Zealand are currently on the chopping block.  But as an inhabitant of the USA, this is still a rather gloomy prospect.  Everything my ancestors and I worked for will be undone and annihilated.  Any of my descendants or kin's descendants will be ravished, enslaved, and ultimately driven to extinction.  This is not a very encouraging prospect, or a good motivator to do anything in the present.  With such a horrible future awaiting us, even having children in America is a crime against humanity.  It is a crime against those children, who will live to see the age I am speaking about, given current average length of life statistics.  They do not deserve a fate worse than death, and so it is better that they are never born in the first place.  So long as this sword of damocles hangs over our heads, there is no point to life, or living, or reproducing, or doing anything at all.  It's all going to be destroyed anyway, and sooner rather than later.  It's just Assassination Classroom's plotline except one hundred times as long.  Who cares?  We're still headed to the same exact ending, and we're still absolutely powerless to stop it.  The despair tastes the exact same for anyone foolish enough to continue living in these doomed realms.

Individually, there could be some salvation in prescient whites doing whatever it takes to flee to Asia and somehow finagling their way into these remaining healthy countries through any means necessary.  Even Vietnam, even Cambodia will be a better place to live than the coming America.  But Asia cannot accept all the white refugees from all of Europe and America, and it seems deeply immoral to proffer a solution that ultimately is no solution at all for the vast majority of our race.  It's just turning your back on them, on justice, on goodness, and saving only yourself like a captain deserting his ship.  Like it or not, we are whites, not Asians, and their bright future is not ours.  Nor can we take it from them, nor can we share in their glory.  That is their culture, their future, their people, their race.  We are us, and they are them.  If we cannot save ourselves as a collective, we have no right to save ourselves as individuals.  We have failed the Darwinian test and deserve to die out anyway.  We are scum and should be cleansed from the Earth, not somehow scheming our way out of the sight of God's righteous judgment.  If there is something so inherently twisted and wicked about the white race, that it really would happily accept four billion African immigrants into our borders without a pip of protest, and would happily sing kumbayah with them even as their outsized load capsizes our ships of state and we all drown together, then good riddance to that rubbish.  Good riddance to the white race, which was the ugliest affront to the face of God ever seen before in this whole starry universe.

Which leads to the worse is better theorem.  Currently, Europe and America is too comfortable.  Economically, demographically, everything is still going on too swimmingly to awaken us from our somnambulance.  Once the Islamic terror attacks start killing thousands of us every day.  Once the economy has crashed and there is no further recovery.  Once criminals are smashing into our barred window houses and raping our wives and daughters.  Once everything has finally gotten as bad as we all said it would be, finally, at the last second, whites will stand up for themselves and throw the invaders out.  We will bar the gates and leave them to suffer the results of their own lack of birth control for all these barbarous centuries they ignored their Malthusian limits and dumped their excess populations on us.  Our military might is unquestioned.  Even when outnumbered and outgunned, by a force just as well trained as the British were, Britain still won the battle of Plessy against the Indians.  At the battle of blood river, a few Boers overcame an infinite horde of Zulus.  Time and again it's been shown that third worlders cannot really compete with us in battle.  So once we are willing to fight, our victory will come swiftly on the wings of Nike, and a new spring will begin for half the world.  After we throw out all the third worlders, the liberals will have finally, empirically exposed their arguments as so much useless filth and rubbish, and they will either repent and rejoin the fold, or be forced to live with their beloved third world brothers in the third world, or just massacred out of hand for their century long crimes against conservatives by forcing the situation into this dire a predicament.

At some point, something has got to snap.  How much do we have to suffer until then?  Depending on their belligerent stubborn refusal to face facts, liberals can extend our insane way of life for another 80 years.  After that no amount of self-delusion will be able to cover up the apocalypse of our shattered Earth.  So how much worse does it really have to get?  All 80 years of suffering?  70 years?  50?  How about tomorrow?  Can we stop all this nonsense and just close the borders tomorrow?  That choice is up to liberals, who currently run this country and can pull the cord, or not pull it, whenever they see fit.  But this choice is not up to them -- after 80 years has passed, their philosophy will be disproven beyond all possible repair.  And at that time, the vindicated conservatives will finally be empowered by the army and the police, who will side with them in one last desperate stand to save the West from the deluge.  And no matter how small a minority we might be, at that time we will win our victory against both the third world and the deluded liberals, because conservative whites are the greatest warriors to ever live, as proven by history time and time again with examples beyond record.  And then the level of reprisal we exact upon the liberals who oppressed us all this time will exactly match the length of time they made us to suffer under their insane suicidal self destruction programs.  If they end this madness tomorrow, the reprisal will also be nothing.  If they wait 80 years, God help them.  We will not be in a forgiving mood.

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Anonymous said...

The most terrible thing is that this is not Sci-Fi.

I would be willing to do anything it takes, including dying, if I could be sure that the west will be saved. In fact, I think that many people would be willing to do that. However, without the cooperation of everyone, it's just impossible to do anything and my efforts would go to waste.

What in the world can we do if any effort we do to stop this madness will be harshly punished? What can we do if everything we publically say about this will be silenced?

Oh, God! What should we do? Should we create an underground, secretive, non-governmental society so that we can prepare for the terrible times that are coming?

We should do something, like, right now.