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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Wataru Takagi:

The newest entry to my anime voices list is Wataru Takagi.  A boy to help out the beleaguered male side of my seiyuu list.  He's an industry veteran who's been here since ancient times, and he's represented in virtually every famous series -- One Piece, Naruto, Pretty Cure, Bleach, Detective Conan, Pokemon, Rurouni Kenshin, Hunter x Hunter, on and on and on.  He's everywhere, doing everything, playing as everyone.

The roles that really provoked me to act on his name though come down to just a few:  His adorable acting as Bunbee in Pretty Cure, where he's too incompetent to even be a villain by the end.  His 'laughing hyena' role as Bellamy that said a lot of smack before Luffy punched him in the face.  And most importantly, his heartfelt, gravelly, tortured voice as Obito once the mask finally comes off.  (He also played the clownish Tobi while the mask was still on, which is pretty impressive vocal range there)

I could listen to Obito's voice all day.  It feels like everything he says comes from a deeper and truer place than anyone else's dialogue.  Like he thinks it over a thousand years per word.  That emotional gravitas is truly astounding, given he never resorts to that same voice in any other role in any other show.

In other news, Square Enix gave a massive fuck you to its fans by making a huge trailer about, get this, porting the old FF7 game to PS4 on the playstation network.  Thanks for nothing, Square Enix.  What dickwads.

In other news, Street Fighter V is only going to be available on PS4.  If the Xbox can't even secure such an iconic game franchise, I don't see much point to their further existence.  They should just fold their cards and go home.

In other news, Naruto is getting six additional light novels, all illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto and thus canon.  I hope they're animated properly and the TV show just continues so long as there's more canon material left to convert.  Naruto is also getting a new, again canon, movie this summer.  It's unclear whether the movie is going to be the same content as the manga coming out this spring, or different content.  If it's different content, I hope the spring manga gets animated by the ongoing TV show as well.  I don't want the anime to end until every stone has been overturned.

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