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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Thanks Obama!:

Obama, De Blasio, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, etc, killed those two cops.  They said the cops were unjust baby killers and that any reasonable black should be murderously angry about what's going on in a deeply racist and unfair America that hunts down and kills blacks for fun.  The natural and obvious logical next step is to kill these awful racist baby killers, the cops.  If you put a train of logic together that inevitably ends in killing cops, you cannot say that you did not endorse the killing of cops.  If cops are pure evil, then all cops have it coming and this man, Ismaelya or whoever, is a hero.  Obama and all the liberal press, all the New York Times staff, everyone at MSNBC, and so on, told this guy to kill the cops and so naturally someone took their word for it and went out and did as he was told.  Congratulations, Obama, your race baiting tactics where you took the side of barbarism over civilization over and over again has finally borne fruit.

This country is hopelessly wrong on every issue.  We are in a moral death spiral.  I miss Lawrence Auster, who spoke of this issue.  "The worse blacks behave, the more demonized whites are for their vile racism 'forcing' blacks to act the way they do."  The worse wealth inequality becomes, the more the poor are blamed for not getting ahead in a hopelessly rigged world.  The worse the state of marriage becomes, the more men are blamed for not being the ideal husband that women supposedly wouldn't betray.  There is no accumulation of facts that will overturn the mainstream narrative, because they can always flip causality and blame the victims instead of the actual perpetrators.

Geert Wilders is being persecuted for hate speech for simply saying his party was going to aim for fewer Moroccans coming into the country.  Simply being against immigration is now hate speech and prosecutable.

In a situation like this, liars can chant 'what do we want?  Dead cops!' and there is no penalty, but if anyone dares to tell the truth about any corner of reality, they can be thrown in jail, ostracized, fired, and demonized by millions of people in a flash two minute hate.  The truth cannot win in this kind of environment.  All we can do is wait for the inherent flaws in a world that lives solely by lies.  It will eventually self-destruct due to the paradoxes posed by its very nature and bring the whole country/planet/future down with them.  Then the people who were saying "I told you so" from the beginning will finally be listened to and believed, and we can start rebuilding society from the ground up, this time based on principles that heed scientific truth instead of criminalizing it.

I hope blacks go on to kill all the cops in the country.  It will take something of this level to wake up the brainwashed masses who still think all we have to do is sing kumbayah and hold hands.

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