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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thoughts on the Midterm Election:

Coming up this Saturday we have a slate of games that may be better than what we see on New Year's Day:

#12 Baylor vs. #15 Oklahoma
#10 Notre Dame vs. #9 Arizona State
#7 Kansas State vs. #6 TCU
#5 Alabama vs. #16 LSU
#14 Ohio State vs. #8 Michigan State
#4 Oregon vs. #17 Utah

Twelve of the top 25 teams are playing each other this weekend.  It doesn't get any better than this.  The playoff implications for all of these teams are huge.  Not a single one of these teams can afford another loss.  It's one giant elimination festival.

Meanwhile, the Republicans won a historic election with a massive sweep of the Senate, House, and governorships of the country.  Democratic misrule has led to their pitiful defeat.  They haven't restored the economy from its endless recession, they haven't gotten any foreign policy victories, and they constantly harp on things the American people straight out disagree with them about, like the martyrdoms of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin.  They attack our most productive and innovative businesses in Silicon Valley by accusing them of not being 'diverse' enough.  They accuse white men of being shadowy sexual harassers even when we don't catcall just by our creepy gazes or say we just catcall women whenever their video tapes aren't currently taping.  They complain about our movie industry, popular not only here but all around the world, as not featuring enough female protagonists.  They say our video games are too sexist and want us to remake that industry too.  Football is too violent so it too has to go, despite being the most popular sport in America.

Democrats have been demonizing and badmouthing the American people, such that Mary Landrieu even said her own state's populace was racist and sexist and that's why they wouldn't re-elect her (despite the fact that they elected her in the first place, which seems to obviously gainsay this hypothesis).  Landrieu will lose her senate seat in the coming runoff election in December.  The rest of the Democrats have already lost their seats, and good riddance.  America is tired of getting preached to by our 'betters' who think everything we do, down to our very drinking habits, is wrong and must somehow be corrected.  It's like we're the wives in an abusive relationship, and we're simply tired of getting beaten around anymore and have quietly decided to leave.  Until the democratic party learns to actually respect and listen to its constituents, they're going to stay in the cellar of American elections.

The vast majority of Americans don't want ebola victims coming into the USA.  The Democratic party lectures us that we mustn't be paranoid about catching ebola and should welcome these plague carriers with open arms, even to the extant of hugging them like our feckless President.  The vast majority of Americans know Darren Wilson is innocent, but our President goes to the very UN and cites the shooting of Michael Brown as one of the worst human rights abuses in the world.  Democrats are so out of step with America that they lost practically every office that was up for a vote today.

Democratic policies are not unpopular.  The minimum wage increase is popular.  Marijuana legalization is popular.  Gay marriage is popular.  Abortion is popular.  Immigration reform is popular.  Higher taxes on the rich is popular.  So how did the Democrats get so demolished in the actual election?

It's because between a party that promises to pass policies that hurt you but respect you as a person, and a party that promises to pass policies that help you but revile you every day and tell you every day how much they loathe and despise everything you believe, value and are, people are going to go with the party that at least treats them like human beings.  Until democrats change their rhetoric, they're only going to appeal to a narrow, bitter core of America haters.  Eric Holder calling our entire nation a bunch of racist cowards isn't going to cut it.  The silent majority is tired of the drive-by slings.  They decided to shut Democrats up for at least the next two years -- and if Democrats don't change their nasty tune, they're going to lose the presidency in 2016 too.  Won't that be a sight to see.

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