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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ore Twintails Dropped:

There's a limit to how sexual you can make a story before it loses all value and all interest.  When you spend 23 minutes out of 24 simply broadcasting bouncing boobs, oral sex jokes, masochistic sex jokes, stripping exhibitionism, girls in dominatrix looking outfits, discussing boob sizes, gathering porn magazines, etc, etc, you are no longer funny.  You're no longer even a story.  Just a long list of loosely connected bad sex gags in an endless comedy routine from hell.

This show didn't start off this way.  It started with a beautiful tail red that focused on her beautiful hair, like Shakugan no Shana's hair.  Then it moved on to the loving sidekick that's the perfect match for tail red, tail blue.  Developing their relationship together was wholesome, pure, and inspirational.  But the moment this worthless slut known as tail yellow entered the picture the whole show has taken a 200% nosedive into pure negative worth.  She's such a poorly written character.  No one acts like this.  If they did, they would be criminals, or at the very least ostracized for not knowing how to keep up decorum and good manners in public.  There is a time, place, and occasion for satisfying weird sexual fetishes (though really the best time for fetishes is never, but oh well), and even the most crazed fetish obsessives know to keep that stuff private and behind closed doors.  So why is Tail Yellow acting like she's having sex in public, drooling and rolling her eyes, while stripping and moaning in front of everyone?  Because they thought this would somehow be appealing to the viewers?  It's not appealing, it's grotesque.  It's like showing animal sex and calling it fanservice.  Who would be attracted to nude gorillas in heat?  So why oh why did they create this tail yellow character?  She's ruined everything.  A great show is now just an embarassment to anime in the course of just two weeks.  What a complete waste of potential.

Another show bites the dust.  At least Yuuki Yuuna continues to prove itself on a weekly basis.  Today's episode was bittersweet and full of dread, a tragedy giving birth to new tragedy before the old tragedy has even ended.  That's how a story should be written.  That's how characters should act, with dignity and compassion, respect for both themselves and the people around them.  Yuuki Yuuna is everything Ore Twintails is not.  Other series should stop everything they're doing and try to learn a bit from a true master before blowing yet larger budgets on crappy fanservice no one wants or needs.

With this, my fall viewing list is down to 14.  But that's okay, because there's still Mother's Rosario.

1.  Sword Art Online II
2.  Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works
3.  Naruto
4.  Akatsuki no Yona
5.  Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru
6.  Shirobako 
7.  Dragon Ball Kai Buu
8.  One Piece
9.  Grisaia no Kajitsu 
10.  Sailor Moon Crystal
11.  Amagi Brilliant Park
12.  Yama no Susume Second Season
13.  Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete 
14.  Happiness Charge Pretty Cure

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