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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Obama, New York Times Sides with Criminal Thugs; America sides with Civilization:

Two days ago, we saw a poll showing 75% of Americans believe Darren Wilson should not be indicted for shooting Michael Brown dead in Ferguson.  That's virtually all non-blacks in the country.

The next day, it turns out the grand jury agreed with all non-black Americans and chose not to indict him, after carefully reviewing all of the evidence and all of the eye witness testimonies gathered over the previous few months.

Immediately after, all of the evidence in the trial was presented to the public, in order to show how overwhelming the case was in Darren Wilson's favor.  Darren Wilson, within this giant bundle of evidence, gives his own account of what happened that day, which completely vindicates him even to the most fanatical of standards, all of which is supported by corroborating evidence so it can't seriously be called into doubt.

Even after Wilson is getting slugged in the face by a 6'4", 294 pound man, he politely takes the time to inform Brown that if he doesn't cease and desist and back away from the car, the police officer will be forced to shoot him.  Brown's reply?  "You're too much of a pussy to shoot me."  Brown then grabs the gun and attempts to shoot the officer with it instead.  This was the first opportunity Brown had to save his own life which he colossally screwed up.  Darren Wilson manages to keep partial control of his own gun and fire off a shot that hits Brown in the leg through the car door.

After getting shot, Brown decides to back away from the car after all.  Darren Wilson pursues with the intent to arrest this guy who has just committed somewhere around a dozen felonies in the last half hour.  Then Brown comes up with another brilliant plan, he turns around and confronts the officer who has a drawn gun pointed at him with nothing but his bare hands.

At this point, Darren Wilson yet again warns him that he needs to lay down on the ground and cease resisting or he'll be shot.  Michael Brown ignores this second opportunity to save his own life and charges the officer instead.  Darren Wilson shoots him while backpedaling, trying to preserve the safe distance between them.  Then tells him again to surrender, presenting a third opportunity for this man to save his own life.  Like usual, Michael Brown ignores the officers warnings and keeps on charging at him.  Ultimately he is shot dead just 8ft away from the officer.  If he had completely closed the range he would have easily won the wrestling match, as he weighed 90 pounds more than the officer, was taller, had greater reach, and had greater upper arm strength as shown by their previous bout inside the police car.  In addition, Wilson only had one bullet left in his gun so one more missed shot, any non-lethal shot would have spelled the doom of Wilson.  Once a gun is out of ammunition it's just a paperweight, if he had tried to spare Michael Brown for even one more 'warning shot' he would have been empty and at the mercy of this human wrecking ball.

There couldn't be a more clear-cut case of legitimate self defense.  Michael Brown initiated the violence against a law officer who has every right to confront criminals who are in the course of doing a crime (the cigar heist).  Darren Wilson only tried to get out of his car and arrest Brown after he had realized they were the cigar stealers and radioed in this fact to headquarters.  Darren Wilson went above and beyond the call of duty trying to resolve things peacefully and giving the guy multiple chances to back down and give up when he had every right to just blast away in a life and death situation.  Michael Brown was either insane, on drugs, or criminally stupid to not take any of these opportunities to deescalate the encounter in which he was decidedly outgunned.

Nevertheless, Obama says in a speech after the grand jury came to the obviously correct decision, supported by 75% of Americans, that justice was denied and we need to reform our justice system until the 'correct' verdict is reached in cases like these.  He says that the rioters have a legitimate grievance and the whole country needs to transform until people like Michael Brown can steal all the cigars, grab as many guns, and beat as many police officers in the head as they please without reprisal.  The New York Times agrees, calling Darren Wilson a 'coward,' when he puts his life on the line every day to protect the rest of us, and journalists haven't done a damn thing in their lives that would even amount to the courage found in a police officer's little finger.  They say this is yet more proof of how the country is slanted against African Americans and how everyone else needs to change to better accommodate their desires for cigars, flat panel tv's, sneakers, randomized mayhem, etc.

The most elite, powerful people in America are so seemingly blind that they can't even distinguish who was the good guy and who was the bad guy when a cop literally confronts a robber in the course of his on the job duty.  Next they'll call Seal Team 6 cowards for shooting an 'unarmed' Al Qaeda 'father and husband' going about his domestic felicity in his own Pakistan home.

When Obama says justice wasn't done, when the New York Times says we need to reform because we have, collectively, yet again failed the saintly and put upon black race, they are insulting every one of those 75% of Americans who feel Wilson shouldn't have been indicted.  Now that the evidence has been released to the public, I wouldn't be surprised if that number floated up to 90% of Americans who now clearly see Wilson was in the right.  They are calling every one of these 75% instruments of oppression and racism.  They are saying that 75% of America is evil.  Decent, normal people just going about their life doing their jobs and following the law.  Coming home to intact families and raising their daughters and sons.  Enjoying a ball game and a barbeque on the weekend and maybe hiking in the mountains during the holidays.  These are the people who have to change.  The 75% are on 'the wrong side of history' and Obama intends to 'bury us' like Khrushchev with his shoe.  Yet again, blacks aren't called on to do anything and are not held to any standards.  Obama doesn't bother saying something like, "Black men need to stop robbing stores."  Or "Black men shouldn't try to kill cops with their bare hands."  Or "Black men shouldn't try to grab an officer's gun away from him and shoot him with it."  Blacks aren't responsible for anything they do and they're perfect just the way they are.  Everyone else has to change.  Everyone else has to bend over backwards for blacks and give them anything they want and do whatever they say.  Or else everyone else is racist.

I hope all the Asians, Hispanics, Indians, Native Americans, Arabs, etc remember this day.  This is the day they were lumped in with whites as part of the 'hateful, evil 75%.'  According to the Democratic party, you're either with the black thugs or you're against them.  There can be no middle ground.  Either you're for the thugs or for the cops.  Either you're for the rioting arsonist looters or you're for the preservation of law, order, and civilization in America.  Democrats aren't interested in you unless you believe all black men are above the law and should never be confronted for any reason by anyone, even by cops right after they commit felonies.  They will sniff their noses at you and call you a racist, evil, cowardly oppressor unless you go so far as to side with the likes of Michael Brown.

To be a democrat is to be the "Black Thug Party."  You can't even be the black party anymore.  Unless you side with the most criminal and lawless elements of the black race, you're not a good enough person to qualify as a democrat.  Obama, the representative of the Democratic Party, has sided with the black thugs and against our justice system and our civilization.  If you want to stay in his good graces, you will have to do the same.  If you don't want to be smeared by the New York Times, you'd better say the right thing in your next twitter or facebook post.  The social justice warriors are always watching you, like the eye of Sauron, for any possible sympathy you might have for cops trying to preserve a facsimile of law and order and peace in the community.

On the other hand, if Asians, Hispanics, Indians, Native Americans and Arabs felt like it, they could realize they're now part of the 75%, and they have the democratic power it takes to vote out the likes of Obama and the New York Times, and vote in the likes of Rudy Giuliani or other proven crime fighters.  We don't have to kowtow to this demonization and lawlessness.  We are the majority, the vast majority, and whenever we want we can shut these people up and send them packing.  We can send them scurrying away to the hidden corners of the world, rather than hiding in fear from their ever watchful gaze and ever aspersive tongue.  If we united behind law, order, justice and civilization, there would be nothing any of these vipers could do to any of us.

We could become the 'Everybody Except Black Thugs Party.'  We don't have to put up with the smears of the power elite.  Any time we want, all of this nonsense could end tomorrow.  Whenever ya'll are ready, just come calling.  We've certainly been waiting patiently for the rest of ya'll to wake up for a long, long time.

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