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Friday, November 14, 2014

Liberals vs. Reality:

Liberals are waging war on reality in order to enforce their morality upon the world.  Even though all evidence proves that everything we care about in a person is mostly due to their genes, the entire world system dictates that we must never treat genetics as important in our social policy making or even our private lives.

When a woman who asked for a white sperm donor was accidentally given black sperm and ended up having a black baby popping like an alien out of her stomach to her astonishment, she was reasonably distressed and sued the company that had failed to follow her orders.  The response in the press and the public?  She was racist for not wanting a black baby and (implied), everyone who does not either adopt a black baby or mate with a black man/woman is a racist and should be somehow forced to do so to better race relations worldwide.  This is because we are not allowed to mention scientific facts anywhere down the line in our public debates.  Eventually, if science is never allowed into any conversation, the only reasonable conclusion anyone can come to is that all people should be forced to intermarry with people of separate races until we are a perfect chocolate brown average and all the races of the world have been abolished.  What better way to end racism and discrimination once and for all?

If the cause of all non-white suffering around the world is white oppression due to white racism, the solution would be to get rid of all races altogether, which would end the racism, which would end the oppression, which would in turn end all suffering on Earth.  It's just a logical chain of indisputable necessity.  If whites really are responsible for non-white poverty, billions of people are crying out in pain every day living in abject poverty.  The moral horror of this situation is such that any drastic action, no matter what it takes, is clearly worthwhile on the whole.  No other means has been shown to get rid of white racism, since even newborn babies prefer the company of their own race over any other race.  White babies are racist and will grow up to be yet more white oppressors causing all the problems of the lesser races all around the world through their wicked voodoo curses of 'stereotype bias' or 'structural racism' or 'unfair policing tactics' or whatever.  There is literally no way on Earth possible to eradicate racism because racism itself is genetic.  Only by getting rid of races could you confuse and mislead this 'racism gene' that causes people to favor those more genetically related to themselves than those more distantly related.  Therefore, the best solution would be to just make everyone an identical clone to each other so that no genetic differences exist whatsoever between anyone and the 'favoritism' gene could never trigger again.

If oppression due to arbitrary physical differences between ethnic groups is the cause of all suffering on Earth, the easy and only solution to suffering is to abolish all physical differences.  Anyone who doesn't support this program is responsible for all the suffering on Earth.  Furthermore, since everyone is equal, there's no reason to object to having to restrict your dating choices to someone of a different race, since there are suitable partners for everyone on Earth distributed equally among all the races.  Only a racist couldn't find love by dating other races, so their complaints about the government interfering with their love life don't warrant any notice, just like only a racist mother would complain about having a surprise black child when she had intended to have a white child along with her white but sadly infertile husband.

People imagine that all we have to surrender if we allow liberals to lie about reality is more school funding for blacks or lighter sentences for drug related crimes.  "What's the big deal?  Just let them say whatever and go on with your life."  But what happens when all the current slate of liberal policy suggestions to 'close the gap' fail, and they go back to the drawing board?  They'll discover that racism was far harder to eradicate than they initially believed, and will suggest yet more drastic measures which surely this time will bring about equality of outcomes.  This cycle will repeat over and over as no policy whatsoever will ever close the gap between blacks and whites, until liberals are left with no choice but to demand the eradication of the white race through interbreeding with blacks as the final solution to the racism problem.  Once it's been established that we have the moral duty to eliminate the gap, and once it's been established that we are morally responsible for the gap, the demands will spiral upwards indefinitely because there is no moral line we can draw saying we shouldn't have to pay such a high price because what right does a criminal have to refuse to accept their punishment?  We are guilty for all suffering on Earth.  We have no rights at all.  All we can do is pay whatever penalty is righteously handed down to us by the judging angels of God, the liberals who are holy light incarnate.

The end game of any liberal scheme to eliminate racism will be to eliminate the white race.  Nothing else works so that will always be the eventual conclusion, whether this takes fifty years to reach or five thousand is meaningless.  Since we have to address this issue sooner or later, we should do it now and therefore minimize the harm of the bad policy which will at some point have to be overturned anyway.

The negative effects of allowing liberals to dictate social policy based on a lie are omnipresent in our daily lives, from constantly having to speak humiliating lies ourselves to escape their persecution, to having to denounce decent and honorable men just so that we aren't associated with them, to high crime levels, to school bullying of your children in 'integrated' schools, to affirmative action denying your children college admission or job opportunities or promotions, to political power being shifted over to a deluge of immigrants who will vote in their own self-interest and against yours as a group, to being bludgeoned daily about how shameful and evil we are in school and the media, to having to give bad loans to people with bad credit who then go on to tank the economy, to losing our common language and becoming strangers in our own country unable to communicate with anyone, all of this is a current problem that will only get worse the longer we ignore the realities about race science is telling us.

We don't even have to wait for liberals to announce their white race eradication program to see the writing on the wall.  South Africa is a perfectly worked example of what happens when a white country is taken over by non-whites.  The quality of life for white South Africans, or white Rhodesians for that matter, has dropped to intolerable levels that no sane individual would ever willingly and voluntarily accept as their own children's future.  Why would we want to allow anti-racist lies to continue even a second longer when their predestined end is the ANC?  (If not our wholesale massacre like the blacks in Haiti enacted)

All of this is just looking at the negative costs of allowing liberal lies to continue.  The actual problem actually isn't the current or future negative costs at all.  It's the opportunity cost that is being wasted by us not being allowed to introduce the proper laws that align with the reality that science is telling us about life.

Our lives right now are horribly run in every way, and all due to our ignorance about the heritability of human quality.  From the very beginning we do everything wrong.

When a person is born, their genetics determine what is the best possible education for them.  If they were sent to a school that matches their genetics from the start, they would be able to maximize their potential, neither wasting effort on unachievable goals nor wasting time on matters beneath their notice.  For people who didn't take well to disciplinarian settings, we could see that genetic nature ahead of time and provide them a more free-wheeling school environment they would thrive in.  For people who like calm and quiet, they could be given a perfect school with only calm and quiet peers for other students.  Everyone could have an enjoyable school life if we matched the medicine to the disease.  There should be a personalized education system just like we are striving for a personalized medicine system where we deliver the exact right dose of the exact right drug for everyone's individual health problems without relying on any broad generalizations.  This is just one of the obvious benefits of admitting genes matter in our lives.

Once we're out of secondary school, the importance of genes could then go on to reform college.  In short, except for a few incredibly sophisticated topics like mathematics, there would be no reason to go to college at all.  With proper genetic testing, we could know who had the right intelligence and personality attributes for every job ahead of time.  For instance, we could take a full genome sample of all the nurses in the world.  Then we would take your full genome test, and if you had a 'nurse' genome we would offer you a nursing job right out of school, or put you into a specialized nursing school where you would learn how to be a nurse and nothing else.  Learning anything else would be a waste of time because there is no other job better suited to your personalized genome than this one.  With everyone's genomes recorded, we could find the ideal slot for everyone on Earth like a perfectly oiled machine, the place they'll enjoy working at most and the place they'll most succeed at their jobs.  Simple statistics could discover the answer to all these questions, whereas college doesn't prepare anyone for the workforce at all.  So why are we still using college?  Because liberals won't let us use the more effective tool that would set people up for gainful and pleasant employment for life.

The same is true of dating.  Currently romance is determined by two things -- proximity and assortative mating.  People marry people like themselves, but only if they can actually meet said people in their daily lives.  The 'like themselves' measure is a rough and poor instrument though, basically just saying college graduates go with college graduates, grad students with grad students, phd's with phd's and so on.  We could more perfectly match people up if we took a genetic sample of all the self-reported and objectively reported 'best couples' in the world.  We would look at why they get along so well, why others report that they're the closest couple they know, why their marriage hasn't had any problems in its 90 years of existence, etc.  We would find the genes responsible for their personalities being so meshable, and then match people up with arranged marriages who share the same compatibility genes.  Now you could have the same compatibility as the happiest couples on Earth share, and it could be with anyone anywhere, no more limiting your options to just the other people you meet in college or the workplace.  Plus all that painful work of thinking you've found a soulmate only to be bitterly disappointed over and over again for decades running could all be abolished because you would get a 'perfect jackpot' on your very first try.  No more breakups, no more failed confessions, no more divorces, no more betrayal.  Everyone's love lives would be fulfilled and no one would have to suffer heartbreak again.

Most importantly of all, if we were allowed to admit the importance of genes to people's character, we could select the right genes to be born into the next generation.  We already do this when we know our children will have horrific health defects at birth, so there is no reason why this wouldn't also apply to mental defects, personality defects, athletic defects, aesthetic defects, behavioral defects, etc.  If the next generation of children could be born with the ideal genes in all fields, they would inherit the same genetic bounty, the same genetic 'lottery win' as the most fortunate people on Earth.  Hawking's IQ, Jennifer Aniston's looks, Ussain Bolt's running speed, Frank Sinatra's charisma, Robin Williams' sense of humor, and so on and so forth.  Everyone could be born perfect right out of the gate, so no one would have to live with obvious character flaws they hate about themselves but can do nothing about.  No one wants to be ugly, unable to get along with others, insane, depressed, addicted to alcohol, obese, weak, have bad eyesight, sickly, stupid, or whatever.  So why are we still perpetuating these curses upon the next generation?  If we admit genes have an influence on all of these traits, then we can get rid of all the genetic causes for all these traits.  Let's assume there's a 10% genetic cause of negative trait X.  If we just at least removed the genetic cause of this problem, that would make the world 10% more perfect right there.  But because we insist genes have no influence whatsoever on anything, we aren't even allowed to make what little progress we can on these issues to make people's lives better.  Our children are stuck being stupid and ugly forever, because we apparently would rather believe feel-good-fairy-tales than actually help our children who are living in the real world right now.

We could eradicate forever bad gene lines and stop them from perpetuating themselves, cutting off the chain of suffering that has lasted for tens of thousands of years of human history.  Instead, everyone would be born at the same starting line with the same set of positive genes that would make them as happy on average as the happiest people to have ever lived in the past experienced.  They would also be the most productive and effective people to have ever lived, far surpassing all their predecessors in how loving, virtuous, honorable, honest, kind, temperate, wise, courageous, passionate, sentimental, motivated, etc, etc they could be.  Any trait a parent desires for their child they could give to them, any trait humanity feels is worth having is now within our grasp.

Insofar as traits are environmental, that's the same as saying they are unattainable.  Think about it.  If the 'environment' is the cause of radically aberrant supermen like Hawking or Angelina Jolie, it means we have no idea how to replicate these successes and nothing we are currently doing works.  We cannot isolate the variables that are causing these strange mutant people to appear, or else we would have done it long ago.  If the environment were so easily tamable, everyone could write like Shakespeare and discover like Newton, it would be taught in 3rd grade and we would churn out perfected individuals like a factory.  We have already tried everything we can think of to give kids a leg up environmentally speaking, and yet they still all end up being massive failures in the end with no life accomplishments to speak of.  (The vast majority of the income and wealth of the country is produced by a tiny minority of its inhabitants, not to mention the even smaller minority of scientists and artists who drive human progress.  Everyone else is a parasitic failure living off the successes of others.)

However, if these traits are largely genetic, or even partially genetic, just by admitting this, a new field opens up for all the world's children.  Instead of dooming the vast majority of people to empty, meaningless, parasitic failure (anywhere from 90% of people all the way up to 99.999% based on how harshly you grade 'success'), we could do something for everyone and make sure all of them succeed just by providing them with the right genes.  The opportunity to end suffering on Earth and promote our angelic natures only exists if genes matter.  We can only 'close the gap' if genes matter.  If genes matter, we could close every gap instantly, overnight.  If they don't, inequality will fester and pollute everything forever.  If the environment could have solved things, it would already have done so.  But since we haven't even given genetic solutions a try, there's no telling how far trusting to genes could get us.  Believing in liberals just ensures the absolutely unacceptable status quo going on forever.  Believing in the science that's been presented to us, that IQ and all other personality traits are highly heritable, gives us a whole new avenue for progress.

Think about it this way.  If we didn't believe in electricity, we never could have built electronics.  If we don't believe in genes, we can't build genetics that enhance our lives either.  Everything starts with believing the truth.  Progress always starts with learning the truth.  There is no other way to improve the world than by correcting a lie and replacing it with the truth.  Everything cascades downwards from that point, whether scientifically, artistically, technologically, morally, whichever perspective you take nothing can get any further unless you replace one of your premises.  If you don't change anything nothing will change, you will inevitably arrive right back at your initial conclusion.  Logical chains proceed forward inexorably so that there's no way out of the closed circle except by substituting one premise for another.

Believing the environment is the primary driver of life outcomes can only get us to where we are today, to the life we tend to lead now, because that is what we currently believe.  Can anyone look outside their door and say this belief is working?  Poverty everywhere, divorce, crime, domestic abuse, war, jealousy, envy, hate, despair, suffering and death.  The vast majority of people on Earth live on an income we would consider unlivable in America, without the most basic of basic necessities.  They are born uneducated, taught a bunch of mystical nonsense invented over two thousand years ago, scrape out an economically meaningless subsistence living, and then keel over dead having never even known why they were born into this world in the first place.  This is an atrocity.  And because we aren't doing anything to fix it, we are responsible for every one of these life history horrors that are being born all around the world.  Forty million new Indians were born into this mode of existence in just the last five years.  That's the equivalent of 1/8th of America.  All around the world, entire Americas' worth of people are being born into an ignominious future with no hope and no joy every year.  We offer them nothing.  Though we have the power to overnight turn this world into a utopia, instead we debate queer theory and how many transgenders can dance on the head of a pin.

Even if there were no negative consequences to liberal lies whatsoever.  Even if leaving liberals in charge led to racial harmony and kumbayah singing all day everyday, the results would be absolutely unacceptable.  For the sake of all the suffering people who were born with genes they didn't want, and all the suffering people who were born with genes that suited them to one environment but were forced into another environment deemed 'appropriate' by others who do not understand them or their needs, we would still have to overthrow this system and insist on the importance of genes being at the center of social thought and policy.

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