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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Amnesty is the Best Policy:

The American people have come to a sensible compromise concerning immigration -- securing the border and using various electronic technologies to stop visa overstayers to prevent all further illegal immigration while simultaneously giving amnesty to the tens of millions of illegal immigrants who have already been here for decades and whose roots in America are now far too deep to deport anymore.  A sensible plan would be to set up all the technologies and infrastructure necessary to stop any further illegal immigration, show that illegal immigration has been fully stopped and no further people are getting in for, say, five years running, and then once the government has proven it has complete control of the border and no further illegal immigration can or will possibly occur again, forgive the previous generation of lawbreakers and welcome them to the American community.

For the past few decades, we have been sending covert signals telling illegal immigrants that it wasn't actually illegal to come here, that they were welcome to come on over, and that nothing would be done to them so long as they could get across the border.  With companies eager to hire illegal immigrants and governments refusing to deport them, illegal immigrants have been given the covert welcome mat from day 1.  It's too late now to say 'oh, we didn't mean that, actually you all have to go back' decades after the fact, when these people have staked their whole lives on getting here and making a living here with their families.

It would be nice if these illegal immigrants weren't allowed citizenship until they passed an English proficiency test, since ostensibly all immigrants in order to become US citizens are supposed to be proficient in English, but even that is probably too much to ask.  It's better to just get this whole mess over and done with once and for all.  Since we're going to forgive them sooner or later, we may as well do it all in one gulp.

For whatever reason, the country has looked the other way while tens of millions of illegal immigrants streamed across the border in order to find low paying, low skill jobs.  If we could put an end to this trend, which overall just causes a burden to our taxpayers and our economy, practically any price to be paid would be worth it.  Amnestying the people who have already come here is just giving in to the facts on the ground, it wouldn't cause any more harm than has already been done to the country due to the decades of lax enforcement in our past.  If we get, on the other hand, a complete end to all subsequent illegal immigration as the second half of this deal, we're essentially getting everything for nothing.  Acknowledging the reality on the ground in exchange for a complete reversal of our immigration policy of open borders for unskilled workers?  You'll never get a better deal!  And once we've forgiven all the illegal immigrants already here, we'll have the 'non-racist' cred necessary to switch to a points-based immigration system like our neighbor up north, Canada has, or our relatives down south, Australia already have.  In those countries, only highly skilled, highly valuable immigrants are allowed in who will obviously contribute to the economy rather than parasitically suck at it, which has been America's bright immigration idea up until this point.

Creating an unlimited pathway to legal immigration in America for high-skilled immigrants while shutting down low-skilled immigration all the way down to zero would be a historic change for America and a gigantic boost to our future well being.  If Republicans can gain the House and Senate like they are slated to this election, they can take advantage of this (their practically one and only chance) to craft an amnesty bill more to their liking and less to the Democrats' liking.  Democrats will be eager to compromise on this issue so long as they can get an amnesty of any kind through, something they've been seeking for decades now.  This is our chance to truly secure the borders and change our legal immigration system to one more to our benefit and less to Mexico's.

There aren't many existential threats to America left on the table.  If we can take care of a few loose threads once and for all, our future should be bright.

The number one threat to America is open borders.  If we give the libertarian/liberals their way, they'd seriously allow open borders and just swamp the whole landmass with billions of starving poor ala Camp of the Saints.  If we can end the immigration debate once and for all, and remove this amnesty thorn from our sides by resolving the issue now, the threat of open borders can finally be closed.  Amnestying the people who are already living here and working here is not a threat to the US, by the very fact that we're already living alongside these illegal immigrants now, it goes to show that continuing to live beside them in the future is no big deal either way.  We can live with this number of immigrants becoming US citizens.  What we can't live with is the four billion Africans slated to be born by 2100 moving here too.  Securing our borders now is of paramount import.

Another existential threat to America is terrorists or enemy states taking advantage of our lax border security by sending in a) death squads of suicide killers with bombs or guns b) bio weapons c) nuclear bombs to be set off in all our major cities at once.  When our border is completely open, it's very easy to devise how practically anyone could bring America down to its knees.  Just imagine, instead of a lone crazy with a gun killing thirty people at a movie theater, millions of pretend-illegal-immigrants filtering into our country through Mexico, which has absolutely no checks to make sure these people are disarmed from whatever heavy weaponry they might want to bring with them across the desert, opening up on crowded venues all across America all on the same day.  With just a few thousand dollars of arming and training for these terrorists/soldiers, each of them could kill at least thirty of us per non-screened immigrant we allowed across.  If we pick a war with the wrong people, who are intelligent enough to use a plan like this, they could wreak such insane havoc on us, such total vengeance for our arrogant intervention in their internal politics, as to be the worst civilian casualty rate in world history.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a wall up on the Mexico border, such that we actually know who's coming into our country, and ISIS isn't just traipsing across the border with its entire state-sized military ready to behead us all?

Other existential threats to America could be an insane war with Russia or China, global warming, or our entire country being shackled down by so many politically correct rules and regulations that it's impossible to do business in our country anymore, invent anything of worth scientifically or artistically, or say anything true in our daily lives.  Strangely enough, amnesty would help on all three of these issues as well.  If we secure the borders, we could stop Russia or China importing nukes or bioweapons or death squads into our country and at the least cut off one trajectory of their possible retaliations against us.  With our borders secure, the number of immigrants coming to America would decrease, which would cause lower carbon emissions (due to immigrants to America emitting more carbon than if they had just stayed in their poorer home country).  And with amnesty passed, whites could no longer be accused of oppressing any minorities, which would allow us to be less politically correct on other fronts -- for instance scientific integrity concerning the biological origin of race and sex differences, being against affirmative action and quotas in hiring, confronting out of control crime in certain minority communities, etc.

Amnesty is all upside.  Nothing in this world wouldn't be improved by passing amnesty.  Both parties say they want to pass amnesty and both parties have promised to do so after the election.  In that case, let's just get this done already.  If everyone is in agreement about what needs to be done, then how about we just do it?  I'm so sick of this debate even existing any more.  The American people are in about 75% consensus on this idea -- secure the border, forgive the people already here.  How hard is that?  If all of America can agree on this, why can't Washington D.C.?

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