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Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Debate is Over, Liberals Have Lost:

Two recent polls conducted in America have delivered a crushing blow to the liberal Narrative.  According to liberals, racism is the cause of black failure and Islam is a religion of peace that only crazy Islamophobes who should be put in a mental institute have any fears or concerns about.  Unfortunately for liberals, according to two recent polls conducted just this summer, no one buys their shit anymore.

In both cases, there's basically a 60-40 split between the respondents.  63% of Americans believe blacks are the cause of their own problems.  IE, for 63% of Americans, blacks are the cause of black failure.  Obviously this feeling would be even more intense among non-black Americans, since we can assume that all blacks prefer to blame others instead of themselves.  In that case, the poll would look more like 75% of non-black Americans think blacks are the cause of black failure.

Meanwhile, in the midst of ISIS chopping heads off and demanding people convert to Islam or die while kidnapping and raping women like nomadic barbarians from the dark ages, people have finally woken up to the fact that yes, Islam is the problem.  Arab Christians don't act like this.  Hindus don't act like this.  African Christians don't act like this.  It's just Islam.  Islam is warlike, barbaric and cruel.  It outcompetes every other culture and race for just how stuck in the past it manages to be.  Muslim Americans only have a 27% favorability rating.  We can only imagine how poorly Americans view Muslims in Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Nigeria, etc.  Somewhere below 27% is safe to say.

In other words, despite the mainstream media, all respectable voices on television and in print, all the politicians in D.C., all the movie directors at Hollywood, all the billionaires, all the churches, and everyone else who's anyone saying blacks and Muslims are our friends, innocent victims of white bigotry who just need to be given a fair shake, the American public just isn't buying it.

By decisive majorities in both cases, Americans have come to their own conclusions about these groups and they are refusing to be bullied into the bounds of politically correct discourse.  It's as though the more we come into contact with blacks and Muslims, the more we learn about them personally, the less we like them.  It's as though reality is a stronger influence on people's beliefs than any amount of propaganda.  It's as though we're living in Soviet Russia and even though the entire state apparatus is saying one thing, the people who actually live there all believe the opposite in the privacy of their homes.

On other issues liberals have the upper hand.  Gay rights, abortion, the teaching of evolution in the schools, the need for clean energy and sustainable living, drug legalization, liberals have a lot of good ideas the American public is warming to.  However, these policies can easily fit inside the framework of a pro-business, straight-talking, color-blind libertarian party.  We don't have to include the deadweight baggage of pretending we're to blame for black criminality and fatherlessness.  We don't have to play nice-nice with terrorists who stepped out of a time machine from 600 AD still wielding scimitars to chop off people's heads.  We don't have to say or respectfully listen to the humiliating lies that liberals have been clutching to their bosoms for the last sixty years.

In the latest dustup between Israel and Hamas, Americans had absolutely zero sympathy for the Muslim side.  No one was interested in what the genocidal maniacs who initiate every act of violence had to say.  Just as Americans on the frontier had no interest in the Indians' side of the story, but were more concentrated on just stopping their women from being kidnapped and raped, their men from being scalped and tortured to death, and their horses from being stolen.  We know what Hamas wants, blood and fire.  Who cares what their side of the story is anymore?  You can only negotiate with sane, civilized people who actually honor their promises.

Do Americans hate blacks and Muslims?  Probably not.  They'll think of a few nice exceptions to the rule, and say they should all be treated decently and fairly for the sake of those few mixed in exceptions.  But it's obvious we have no desire to coddle them anymore.  We aren't interested in their tales of woe and we have no interest in helping them any longer.  We don't feel guilty about them and we aren't going to repent by voting them ever more handouts and quotas they don't deserve.  When police officers shoot down black thugs in the line of duty in self defense, we aren't going to side with the rioters and the demagogues who pretend this is some sort of outrage.

Muslims will be periodically bombed into submission while black men will be systematically locked behind bars.  That is the modern solution to the two groups Americans have given up all hope on as fellow-citizens.  Since the vast majority of Americans are in agreement about these two groups, there is no hope for liberals to budge these two policy decisions.  Which means the war is basically over.  Ethnic cleansing and genocide are off the table not because of liberal belief systems saying blacks and Muslims are poor innocent victims, but because of the conservative and libertarian belief system saying people should be judged as individuals not by their group membership.  It is conservatism, libertarianism, that is protecting blacks and Muslims, not the liberal arguments which everyone looks at once and then rolls their eyes.  In other words, liberals can't pat themselves on the back for achieving anything in these fields.  All they've ever managed to do is look like idiots as they squawked their lies on TV and in school.

Racism and collective punishment of inferior groups is frowned upon not because 'race isn't real,' or 'blacks are the victims of white privilege and therefore can't be held accountable for their own actions.'  The liberal arguments don't fly and no one buys them.  Racism and collective punishment is renounced by the vast American majority because it's unjust to the few good apples who just happen to be born black/muslim.  The 'flying squirrel' who won Olympic gold in London, or the Heisman trophy winner at Baylor a few years back, surely don't deserve any collective punishment or collective contempt thrown their way.  They're just nice, charming, happy people doing their best in life who don't harbor any resentment or ill will to us, and therefore we should return the same positive feelings and well wishes right back at them.  Every time a black behaves responsibly and non-threateningly, ie, doesn't accuse whites of being evil racist oppressor scum, that is a better argument for sparing blacks than any number of documentaries on the evils of slavery or Jim Crow.  Liberals think they're some sort of champions and protectors of blacks, but by stirring up black resentment and animosity they actually make it harder for whites to accept the blacks in their midst.  The lack of a final solution against blacks in America has come about despite liberal's efforts, not because of it.  Just as blacks are the cause of their own failure, any good opinions about blacks are also due solely to the efforts of blacks themselves.  Liberals have not contributed anything positive to the racial debate for the past sixty years.

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