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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Zankyou no Terror Dropped:

This show has had two episodes now, but it hasn't revealed anything about the terrorist's motives.  Without a motive, violence is just mindless bestiality.  I could care less about what mindless beasts do with their free time.  If you don't have a motive, there is no story.  There are no decisions.  There's no characters.  There's no plot.  There's nothing at all.  Every story must first explain to me what the motive/motivation of the cast is, and then start saying what happens.  This story does not follow this simple, obvious, essential formula and therefore automatically sucks.  I don't care what occurs, or how it occurs.  All I ever cared about from the beginning was why.  That's obviously a question they have no intention of ever answering, so to hell with this show.

My pass rate's down to 21.  Let's see if Tokyo ESP can survive my next cut.

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