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Sunday, July 13, 2014

We Aren't Going to Stay Ashamed Forever:

Germany lost two World Wars in 1918 and 1945.  Jim Crow ended in 1960.  The Soviet Union fell in 1990.  Italy and Japan lost World War II in 1945.  The entirety of the United States was brought under Anglo control from the Amerindians by 1890.  Israel's last territorial expansion was in 1967.  The Ottoman Empire fell in 1918.  China modernized in 1978.  All the Allied Powers European empires ended in the decades following World War II.

We aren't going to stay ashamed forever.  You can't keep throwing old sins in our faces and expect us to take them seriously.  Not when no one alive has even participated in any of these acts.  Not when everything you're talking about was under a different type of regime, a different political reality, than anything that exists today.  Every powerful, important nation has done something you can accuse them of being wrong about.  Every nation can be shamed or guilted for their supposed evil deeds.  The idea that any evil deed, done at any time, by anyone in history, renders a nation morally disarmed and incapable of defending or celebrating itself for the rest of time is absurd.  Likewise, the absurdity of never being able to be proud of your nation, ethnicity, culture, religion or race no matter how much good it does or how many times it triumphs, because of just one 'bad' thing on the balance sheet that occurred eons ago, is just a cheap tactic that attempts to level everyone and everything into nihilistic mediocrity.

Today a united Germany celebrated its domination over the world.  Literally.  No matter how much you demonize Germany in your history books, newspaper headlines or history channel specials, the German people don't care and are still waving their flag and hugging each other.  The German people were not broken.  Their spirit has not been abased.  Right now they are at the top of the world and no amount of gas chambers or dead Jews can faze them.  You can talk about their past until you're blue in the face and they'll just shrug it off and point at their score, 1-0, and then ask how far your team got in the tournament.

Germany is not so weak that one, or even two setbacks are going to derail them in the long term.  They dominate in sports.  They dominate the EU.  They dominate in science and engineering.  They're still chock full of good looking men and women.  You simply can't keep a German down.

Likewise, Japan isn't going to stay apologetic and weak forever.  Japan is amending its constitution to allow offensive military operations again.  It makes movies like The Wind Rises praising its military genius in the ingenuitive production process of the Zero fighter.  It makes anime like Strike Witches, Girls und Panzer, and Hetalia that throw a sympathetic light on the Axis powers.  They aren't going to apologize forever.  Looking back, Japan was the foremost civilization in the East.  Looking forward, they're the foremost civilization on Earth.  Their education is top-notch.  Their standard of living and length of life is top notch.  They have the lowest crime rate in the world.  In science, they have one of the highest patent rates in the world.  In the arts, they completely dominate all fields -- music, literature, movies, tv, comics, games, whatever.  Do you really think Japan is ashamed of itself when they look down on their mountain of accomplishments because of a few ancient moldering graves caused by them before they were even born?

The USA isn't going to coddle its blacks forever.  Now that Obama has been elected, and re-elected, the patience of the American people towards the excuse of 'racism' is at an all-time low.  The vast majority of Americans, of all colors, believe blacks cause their own problems, with only a minority of fanatics still blaming it on some form of nebulous discrimination.  Blacks are becoming a dwindling minority of the country's population as Hispanics and Asians flood in, making their whining about any issue irrelevant regardless.  Now that blacks aren't even the second largest segment of the population, and probably won't even be able to maintain their status as the third largest minority in the country (Asians are coming on strong), nobody cares that they want reparations for slavery anymore.  Nobody cares about the Indian Reservations.  All competent Indians have already moved out and assimilated into the general American populace long ago.  Everybody left is just a victim of their own alcoholism.  Nobody is buying the story of the poor native Americans anymore, now that science has uncovered their bloody past of cannibalism, endless internecine wars and bloody pyramids of human sacrifice.  Nobody romantically yearns for the era where all the major US cities still didn't exist, where the world's largest economy didn't yet exist, where the US military that defeated the Nazis and the Soviets didn't exist, where the flag on the moon didn't exist, and instead a few men wandered around the plains killing each other while using women and wolves as their beasts of burden.  Nobody's ashamed of the transformation settlers made of North America from a howling wilderness to the superpower of the world.  And nobody's to blame for disease epidemics that hit our race long before it wiped out theirs -- of wars more often than not started by Indian raids that wantonly slaughtered peaceful immigrant women and children -- or of an Indian population that now exceeds what it was before Columbus even got here.

What the USA is interested in doing now is improving the internet, getting cars to drive themselves, colonizing space with private reusable rockets, curing the world's diseases, improving farm yields with the power of science, becoming energy independent through our own native fossil fuel abundances, and realigning college conferences so that the college football bowl season is even more exciting next time around.  We could care less about your pity parties or what we supposedly did to you 'X' years ago.

Russia isn't going to play the role of the villain in a new Cold War forever.  They aren't going to go on losing said Cold War forever.  They aren't interested in the histrionics the West has over every little thing Russia does.  It has its own foreign policy in Syria, Iran, China, and Ukraine.  It has every right to absorb a portion of territory that votes with overwhelming, 95% support to join them.  It hosts Winter Olympics and World Cups, throwing giant parties for the world at its own expense, listing all the Russian achievements in the order of their Cyrillic alphabet while a white girl in a white dress flies daintily over the world.  It wins figure skating gold medals with the greatest standout performances of our lifetime, and doesn't care who the foreign press thinks should have won instead.  They sign trade pacts with China, with Argentina, and continue to grow their economy no matter how much we rant, rave, and gnash our teeth about what new sanctions we're going to put on them.  This isn't the defeated Soviet Union of 1990 anymore.  They aren't listening to our advisers anymore.  They've found their own economic path, which doesn't involve enriching various oligarchs at public expense.  And they've found their own democratic path, which involves a President with overwhelming public popularity, as opposed to our President who now has overwhelming unpopularity (just like the previous one managed.  As though our democracy could learn a few things from Russia's, huh?)

With the discovery that China is actually 20% richer than we thought they were, China isn't going to play the role of the poor rice farmer forever.  They are now the largest economy on Earth, with a per capita income already over some portions of Europe and easily over 1950's America.  Their science is state of the art, their military capable of taking on anyone, their education wins every international competition, and even their movies are better than ours (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero, Red Cliffs)  It doesn't matter that they're the same communist party under Mao.  It doesn't matter that they're a dictatorship.  They've plowed ahead, believing in themselves, apologizing for nothing, conforming to nobody's fussing about how they need to 'transition' into this or that, and reached #1 in their own way.  Why exactly should #1 learn from or take after anyone else?

Old people keep bringing up old things that don't matter anymore.  In the new world, Russia, China, Germany and Japan are superior to the USA, the UK, or France.  While our nations become overrun with immigrants and rejoin the third world, they remain pure, nationalistic, united and powerful.  The liberal juggernaut is out of steam.  You can't rely on guilt and war crimes to keep a people down forever.  The old arguments, the old lectures, about how everyone must eventually become a liberal, no longer have the weight of evidence anymore.  Why should Russia abandon Crimea?  Why should Japan flood itself with Filipinos?  Why should China elect its officials?  Why should Zimmerman let his head get smashed into a sidewalk by a black punk who described himself as 'no limmit nigga'?  Why shouldn't Germany celebrate its World Cup win?  Liberals can bring up all these past crimes as often as they like, people are tired of it all around the globe.  They aren't listening anymore.  In fact, confidence in the press, and what the press thinks and says, is at an all time low.

Israel is going to smash Hamas, and it really doesn't care how many Palestinians die in the process.  It has the right to self-defense, where the majority of Israelis never did anything to anyone, and are simply trying to live their lives in peace without receiving rocket fire from terrorists for the crime of living where they were born.  Arguments about 'refugees' and the like don't hold much water when they're talking about something that happened in 1948.  For God's sake, who's left to seek refuge anymore?  The regions Israel won in 1967 belong to Israel and they've belonged to Israel for generations now.  They aren't going to just give them away for free, for no reason, to people who hate them and are trying to kill them.  It really doesn't matter what the UN thinks anymore.

All around the world, nations have picked themselves up, and realized they don't need our concern trolling anymore.  They're adults, and they're quite competent to achieve things on their own.  They're independent nations, and they don't have to listen to what we have to say -- like how there's piles of WMD in Iraq, and other dumb lies.  The Kurds really don't care about a united Iraq anymore, and have decided to conquer Kirkuk regardless of what our state department blathers on about.

No matter how many dusty history books you lay on the table about all these nations, all they have to say is "THAT WASN'T ME!"

Bullying won't work on the new generations inheriting power all across the Earth.  The baby boomers had their world, and we have ours.  They can be ashamed of themselves as much as they like, but we're going to be proud of ourselves as much as we like.  They're the only ones who've done anything to be ashamed about anyway.

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