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Thursday, June 26, 2014

USA advances, Russia robbed:

The USA played a rather pitiful game against powerhouse Germany, losing 1-0.  However, Portugal bailed us out by beating Ghana, allowing the USA to advance yet again into the round of 16.  We will be facing Belgium next, who look to be less of a challenge than anyone else we've played so far.  Now that we've gotten this far, reaching the top 8 should be a breeze.

The story is different for Russia, however.  Russia had the lead and were set to advance into the next round, when a fan [terrorist] shone a green laser pen in the goalie's eyes as he prepared for an Algeria corner kick.  Blinded by the laser, he was out of position to cover the corner kick as it arrived, and Algeria scored its one and only goal with a simple header in from there.  Since Algeria only needed a draw, it apparently wasn't necessary to blind the goalie again with another laser attack.  The referee either didn't see this blatant interference with the game from outside the playing field, or didn't care, and play continued as normal.  I have never seen anything like this in any previous soccer game in my life.  No matter how heinous the foul or bad referee call in the past, it has always been about something that happened on the playing field, between the players in the game.  For fans to take matters into their own hands and assault an opposing team player in order to advantage their soccer team is unbelievably foul play.  It's beyond imagination unsportsmanlike conduct.  The fact that Russia has been eliminated from the World Cup because one fan decided to determine an entire nation's fate on his own cheating initiative beggars description.  For a lot of these Russian players, this was their only chance to play in the World Cup.  Their whole career, their whole life was poured into these three games.  For the result to be determined not by what happened on the field, but by what happens in the stands, is intolerable.

This was Russia's first chance to advance into the round of 16 since they've become Russia.  They were only a few minutes away from that success, when Algeria illegally stole this success away from them.  There is no low Muslims won't stoop to.  They are simply an evil entity that destroys and corrupts everything they touch.  Muslims should never be allowed to participate in the World Cup again.  Islamic nations should be banned from all international competitions forever, until they renounce Islam for the criminal cult it is.  If Russia wanted to declare war on Algeria over this result and line the streets of Algiers with blood, it would not be beyond their just rights.  Never before in the history of soccer has such a thing ever been done in a tournament of this magnitude.  And just like always, Russia is unfairly treated by the rest of the world, persecuted by liars and cheaters who conspire all across the planet to deny them their rightful place in the sun.  Just like how Plushenko was denied his gold medal in the 2010 winter Olympics, and Komova was denied her gold medal in the 2012 summer Olympics, now Russia has lost their chance to be World Cup champions in 2014.  The oppression never ends.  The international perfidy never ends.  It's just unbelievable.  How Russia has been treated ever since the end of the Cold War, up to and including this Ukraine controversy, is just absolutely unbelievable.

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