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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Noucome is No Good:

My goal of re-reaching a top 160 rankings is receding ever further from my grasp.  After rewatching Noucome in blu-ray, I've come to realize the series was never as good as I thought.  Sure, the art is fantastic and the humor has some really great gags throughout, but without good characters and a decent plot it just doesn't matter.

My first objection is the girls.  All the girls seem to be either insane or retarded.  They take this one trait and give each girl such a hypertension dose of it that it simply obliterates their brain.  There aren't any heartfelt, reasonable, sincere thoughts or emotions left in the series because the author clearly doesn't understand or doesn't care about actual human psychology.  Everything is operating on ludicrous drive.

The next problem is the guy.  He's beyond dense.  With all these girls throwing themselves at him, you'd think he would be able to take a hint and either return their feelings or turn them down already.  Instead everything is dragged out into this pointless harem that doesn't help anyone.  He doesn't have any real character of his own, just being a wishy-washy nobody with no aspirations or goals.  And since a story is largely about decisions, being forced to make decisions against your will is a really dumb idea for a story's theme.

Jokes get old if they're repeated too many times, and this series, even at a mere ten episodes, manages to repeat every joke a nauseating 100 times a piece.  It's clear that there's just not enough serious content in the story to build a serious framework for a story of any length, and yet the story just keeps on going like some horror story monster doll that just won't die.

Noucome is certainly watchable, I've watched it twice now.  But just being watchable doesn't mean everyone in the world should have to watch it, because it's such a worthwhile experience no one should be left out.  A story like this doesn't belong in my rankings, it just makes all the series look worse that I'd even associate them with this waste of mental space.

As a result, I'm back down to 156 ranked series.  I doubt the summer season will provide me four new series of worth, so maybe this fall I can climb back up the hill I first reached a year ago?  It's been so long since my rankings were a round number.  Sigh. . .

Speaking of this fall, there are a lot of good candidates to fill up my four missing slots.  Amagi Park, Daitokshokan no Hitsujikai, and Sora no Method are all promising candidates.  Summer doesn't look nearly as appetizing, in terms of new franchises.  Obviously the sequels look great -- Fate Kaleid Liner 2wei and Sword Art Online II, as well as the Sailor Moon Crystal remake.  But the rest looks pretty suspect.  We're more than halfway through the spring season, so it's about time to turn our eyes towards the summer season.  I'm sure Cart Driver is coming up with a detailed preview as we speak.

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