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Friday, May 9, 2014

May Updates:

There's some interesting news around the world worthy of a little mention.  Nicholas Wade, the prestigious columnist for the New York Times, as well as previously the editor of the science journals Science and Nature, has written a book called 'A Troublesome Inheritance,' whose basic point is that human evolution has been 'recent, copious and regional.'  This of course is science-speak for 'race is real and it matters.'  He then spends hundreds of pages of well documented footnotes proving what we all knew from the very beginning, that races are genetically different on the behavioral level.  Personality, behavior, intellect, everything is rooted in one's genes.  Even a single gene can make you more or less criminal, and the races differ in propensity for thousands of genes.  The idea that we'd all end up the same after all that is absurd, just like it's silly to think women and men are the same when we have different chromosomes regulating gene behavior throughout our bodies and brains.

Nicholas Wade is an unimpeachable scholar.  There is no way to discredit this book.  The science is already in and all of it supports his case.  Given these facts, is it possible for race realism to finally overturn the prevailing politically correct culture which currently controls the whole world?  Of course not.  The book will be ignored or dismissed by people unwilling to even consider the evidence or read through the logic, just like the priests who refused to look through Galileo's telescope due to not wanting to see the moons of Jupiter move around Jupiter instead of the Earth.  His book will join the scrap heap of proof that's already been accumulating for over a century, never to be mentioned again.  But race realism will win in the end, because it's true, and true things can only be banished, they can never be destroyed.  Since truth keeps being proven by every single data point humanity ever comes across, no matter how many times you ignore it, you'll find it right back in your living room tomorrow.  Communism fell eventually because it was premised on a lie.  Christianity fell eventually because it was premised on a lie.  (Young members of 1st world countries have basically abandoned this religion in favor of deism/spiritualism or outright atheism, only old grannies still take what priests and holy books say seriously anymore.)  Egalitarianism will suffer the same fate.  Once something has been exposed as a lie to the public by overwhelming factual evidence, the clock starts ticking on any belief system.  Sort of like how once a marriage suffers from adultery, even if you try to patch it up, the clock is ticking towards dissolution and there's no salvaging the relationship anymore.  People can only live in denial so long.  Generations can only live in denial so long.

Yesterday a study came out isolating a gene for intelligence, called klotho.  Those with this gene had better memory and learning capacity than those without, because it built better synapses at a basic physical level.  This is just a slam dunk case, tested six ways to Sunday to make sure it was a causation and not correlation thing.  It's now proven beyond any doubt that genes for intelligence exist.  Therefore, it's obvious that intelligence is genetic.  We just have to track down all the remaining genes that affect intelligence and add them all up.  It's only a matter of time, now, before we catch them all.

China's GDP has been massively underestimated in terms of purchasing power parity.  It is now close to $10,000 per capita per year, which is a decidedly middle class lifestyle.  That's better than 1950's America or many countries currently in Europe.  China is the leading economic entity in the world and will define the 21st century.  It's time for the USA to stop policing the world and expecting everything to go its way.  One part of USA's arrogance is our constant meddling in states like Ukraine and Syria, but another is on issues like global warming.  The USA has already lowered its carbon emissions down to 1995 levels.  We've done our part in the fight against climate change.  The reason carbon continues to be released into the atmosphere is China, which is building a new coal power plant every week.  The matter is now out of our hands.  If we want to combat global warming, any regulation of the US energy industry is a waste of time.  Only by reaching some sort of treaty agreement with China can anything of import be accomplished.  Perhaps we should pay for the installation of their power grid and build them a giant nuclear, renewable, or carbon capture and sequestration network in exchange for them stopping using coal.  But in any case, Obama's eye-rolling report showing that America is under dire straits due to global warming and we must regulate ourselves now or it's all over completely misses the point.  Unless climate alarmists offer genuine answers to the problem like donating trillions of dollars to China to build a new clean energy grid over there, you know they must be lying to you and operating on an ulterior motive, like perhaps wanting to raise taxes or just punish Republican-leaning states that have thriving energy economies.  All carbon is equal once it reaches the atmosphere, controlling it in one country while letting it geyser out in another is beyond stupid.  There's simply no excuse for that sort of tunnel vision.

Middle class and lower class incomes in many parts of the world now exceed that of the USA's.  The Republicans promised that pro-growth free market economics would trickle down and benefit the poor more than the socialists could give them via direct redistribution.  This promise is now in default.  Low taxes and low spending is manifestly leaving everybody but the top 5% behind.  For a country earning $51,000+ per capita, it is inexcusable that any members of our collective family are struggling to secure basic staples like food, housing, or health care.  Previously we complained when Saddam built dozens of palaces for himself while his people starved to death all around him.  How are we any better?  The rest of the world instinctively knows that whenever possible, the suffering of the poor should be alleviated.  The moment the resources are freed up by the bounty of technological growth, they're committed to the lower classes.  As a result, even countries much poorer than our own give better health care to their populace than we've ever seen.  The free market is a tool, not a God.  If it ceases to serve the general welfare, it's no longer fit for use.  Every other nation on Earth has realized this.  Why can't we?

Speaking of technological growth, we've now made artificial working DNA.  With our CRISPR tool set, we could genetically engineer children without a problem.  Combine this with the ability to make genes from scratch, and human potential is basically limitless.  We could add genes that let us shoot lasers from our eyes or grow angel wings.  The only thing stopping us now is our imagination.  In addition, we've recently discovered the fountain of youth.  If we take blood from young mice and insert it into older mice, the older mice become functionally young again.  It repairs your muscles, tissues and brain, making you good as new.  It's only a hop, skip and a jump to switch this system over to humans.  We're all vampires now.

Shingeki no Kyojin is now fully available in blu-ray.  For a show with a lot of production issues, this is definitely an upgrade worth looking into.

The World Cup is just a month away.  The biggest sports event in the world is about to sweep the world in soccer's holy land, Brazil.  The USA has a good team this year but is in a horrid group, so there doesn't look to be much hope for us.  Alternatively, I'll be cheering for Japan which is looking great this year.  I'll also be cheering for Russia, who has been continuously and unfairly demonized ever since the Sochi Olympics.  I hope their soccer team sticks the world in the eye by winning it all, just like their Olympic team swept the gold medal and the total medal count.  I can even throw in a cheer for Switzerland, who at least has the citizen's dividend up for a vote on a referendum, the closest any nation in the world has approached this ideal political institution.

There's reason for good cheer on a number of fronts.  It's not often we get a winter Olympics and a World cup in the same year, so take the chance to celebrate while we can.

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