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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What Men Want:

Men don't want to do chores unless they're clearly necessary.  Women say they're doing too much of the household chores and it should be shared evenly.  But that simply does not follow.  Men should do exactly as many chores as they did as bachelors to support themselves.  No more and no less.  If you want to do more chores than that, then that's your prerogative.  Don't involve your predilections in our personal lives.  If that means you end up doing 90% of the overall chores in the household, you only have yourself to blame.  Somehow, before you were married, his 10% of the chores was perfectly sufficient to sustain his own household.  Therefore, you've just been doing nine times as many chores as you should have been doing, because you're a witless moron who has nothing better to do with your time than meaningless makework.

If a man does his own laundry, washes his own dishes, etc, just like he did as a bachelor, then there should be no complaints.  "You aren't vacuuming enough."  Well maybe the room doesn't need to be vacuumed.  "You aren't mowing enough."  Well maybe the lawn doesn't need to be mowed.  "You aren't dusting enough."  Nothing ever needs to be dusted.  Ever.  "You aren't ironing your clothes enough."  Clothes don't need to be ironed.  Ever.  If women want to do random chores, they're free to do so.  Don't drag us into your stupid playing-house games.

Likewise, men don't want to earn money unless it's clearly necessary.  If all their needs are met, they have no interest in pursuing anything further, because they could care less what anyone else thinks of them due to their socioeconomic status.  If there's food, shelter, transportation and entertainment, that's enough for any man.  Men have survived throughout the ages via stoicism and asceticism, no matter what their vocation.  If you were a soldier, you ate hard tack and slept in tents.  The same for if you were a rancher, a fur trapper, or a sailor.  Do you think Columbus' crew were sleeping in feather beds on their way to the New World?

Monks carved out small farms from the wilderness, taking vows of poverty and wearing sackcloth.  If they had time to pray, they didn't need anything more from life.

Philosophers walked the streets barefoot, more interested in talking with one another than owning mansions full of playthings.  All of Nature was already theirs to toy with inside their own mind.

Real men have always been this way.  They are made of granite and if there's a problem they just go without, toughen up, and get over it.  Only the eunuchs and spoiled brats of the ancient world spent their time wearing fancy perfumes, dressing up in ornate gowns, or eating feasts of pickled quail eggs accompanied by song and dance.  Men don't want money.  In fact, they despise money and materialism altogether.  If money helps them achieve or experience something of real worth, they'll put real effort into acquiring it.  Otherwise they won't.  What was praised as stoicism in the past is now decried as laziness in the modern day, but DNA doesn't change that quickly.  Men have evolved to be stoics and therefore that is what we will always by default be, no matter how many nagging women complain that we aren't making enough to meet their exaggerated needs.

Sports are the deliberate attempt to make life hard on oneself.  That's why we don't stoop to drugs, machines, or cheating to do simple tasks like put a ball through a hoop or in a goal.  Sports are where men can be men again, braving danger and hardship through physical and mental fortitude.  Even if men don't wish to play sports themselves, usually because they're too old for it and their body has become too fragile, they'll admire other sportsman and enjoy watching and celebrating their achievements, because they have the virtues we want.  You can play soccer with just one ball, for about ten bucks.  In order to have the equivalent female entertainment, you would need a prom, which costs over a $1,000 on average.  You can see why men just plain aren't interested in earning enough to support a woman's lifestyle.  You can have sex for free, but a wedding costs an average of $27,000.  Women make everything simple complicated, and everything that should be cheap becomes exorbitantly expensive.  Then they turn around and complain men aren't earning enough.  Well guess what, we were earning enough to support ourselves as bachelors, so if you want more money, you can make it and spend it on yourself.  We could really care less.

When women think men should do what they want because they a) are doing more chores than us or b) are earning more money than us, their logic simply doesn't follow.  Every man and woman on this planet is doing the amount of chores and work they feel is the perfect equilibrium point for them.  If they wanted more money, they would work harder.  If they wanted a cleaner environment, they would clean it.  Everyone is happy with their own situation exactly the way it is.  IE, you who do a million chores a day and earns a million dollars a day are no happier than the guy who hasn't done any chores or earned any money today -- you both followed your own rational preferences and made the choices that were best for you.

When the cost of a chore or effort of work exceeds the benefits, it's downright insane to do it.  To do so simply because it would please a woman is emasculating.  You may as well just castrate yourself and be done with it, if you stoop that low.  Women need to accept men, and the equilibrium men have chosen between chores/cleanliness and work/income before the relationship even begins.  Do not expect any more from a man than what he started with, and you'll never be disappointed.  If a man's lifestyle preferences mean he can't land a woman, who cares?  Better that than being her slave for the rest of your life, forced to work far more than you ever would for your own benefit.  Nor are these women such great catches anyway.  If you have to do anything in order to secure a woman's affection, it's already too late.  She'll inevitably tire of you at some point and 'trade up' for something better sooner or later.  Whether it's adultery or divorce, it doesn't matter.  Since she never really liked you from the start, but only what she could bend and twist you into being against your own natural inclination, there was never any love in the relationship to start with, and therefore it's all bound to crumble sooner or later anyway.

Columbus didn't try to cross the Atlantic in order to impress a woman.  Socrates didn't debate ethics in order to impress a woman.  Robert E. Lee didn't lead the army of Northern Virginia from the front despite his advanced age to impress a woman.  Do what you want, and abide by your own narrative of what's valuable and worthwhile to do in your life, and let women be attracted to you or not as they please.  You wouldn't want the women who aren't attracted to you in the first place -- consider it your first line of defense against heartbreak, a filter that turns down all the flawed relationships you don't have to travel down from the very beginning.  If your wife wants more chores done, tell her to hire a maid.  If she wants more money, tell her to go buy a lottery ticket.  It's not your problem.

The women worth marrying, worth having children with, worth dying for, are the ones who, like men, never cared about material goods in the first place, but seek out companions based on their personality and character.  Being poor yourself is like bug spray, it keeps away all of the parasite women who want to leech off of your effort in the first place.  If a woman lands on your arm despite this natural armor, you can trust she's not a mosquito, and then you can let her into your heart.  Before then, you're just another sap volunteering for thankless drudgery for the rest of your life.

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