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Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Commercials:

In order to watch the Seahawks trounce the Broncos yesterday, one had to sit through a lot of commercials.  Now, most of these commercials were just random and senseless, like the car commercials.  However, there was also a healthy dosage of liberal brainwashing propaganda which most of this country disagrees with and did not wish to see but was forced to because they love football, not liberalism.

The coke commercial where everyone sings America the Beautiful together but in all the world's languages one after the next, to the point that no one on Earth could have possibly comprehended the lyrics to the full song by the end, as somehow representing how great America's diversity is, is criminally stupid.  So we should welcome becoming the tower of Babel and having this country completely incapable of communicating with each other because no one learns the lingua franca, English, in this country?  The convenience of everyone knowing the same language is one of the main strengths the United States has over its rivals, Europe and China.  To simply give away that advantage and force the USA into the same endless trudging of learning various languages just so that we can conduct business and politics together for nothing is sheer insanity.  If you want to live in America, you have to learn English.  In fact, you are not even allowed to become a naturalized citizen unless you display command over the English language.  This is the rule of our country, right there in the law code.  So why is coke celebrating people who refuse to follow the law by refusing to learn English and babbling on in pure gibberish to the outside world?  This seems to me to be the fastest way for the country to break apart at the seams.  Do we want the thousands of internal wars that have been a part of Europe's history solely due to language differences?  Secession movements like French speaking Quebec?  Is this something we should be striving for inside our own borders?

Then there's the disgusting pairing of a black man and a white woman in that Cheerios commercial.  Anyone who mates with a black is by definition gutter trash.  They are substituting the most evolved bloodline on Earth, the glorious DNA of the white race, which produces luminaries like Newton and Gauss, with the tainted blood of the black race, whose only production is rape, gang rape, child rape and monkey rape ie the AIDS virus.  Why would someone take a gas tank full of premium gasoline for their lovely new car, drain it out on the ground, and then put in alcohol instead and insist the car still moves so all is well?  Mixing your blood with African apes and creating mutant babies. . .  The crime you just did to your child, that should have been white, and could have been white, but is now instead black, is something you can never make up for no matter how tenderly you raise it.  Granted, 90% of white women who mate with black men are so trashy themselves that no white man will even look at them anymore, so it's hardly any loss.  But the woman in that commercial was not some obese, drug-using, vacantly stupid slug woman, like real race mixers are.  She was a thin and upper class lady who is about as far from the chimpanzee branch of the family tree as whites can get.  If the commercial wanted to show some fat stupid whore getting pregnant with black babies from a felon who's in jail and she never sees again, which is the typical black male-white female child rearing strategy, then fine.  But creating this happy go lucky fantasy where the black male is nice and 'clean' and 'articulate' in a stable, upper class family with a pretty, upper class white woman creating nice, clean, articulate mulattoes one after the other like some infernal factory from Hell, is the most vile message you can possibly send because it normalizes the obscene and encourages decent white women to try out what will someday be their worst nightmare and the biggest regret in their lives.

The sole purpose of this commercial was to force diversity down our throats.  The idea that this was some sort of commercial that had any remote connection to selling Cheerios is absurd.  It is just a humiliating visual rape, where whites who would never think of race mixing with negroes themselves, some 90%+ of whites, are forced to look at this hellish pairing despite themselves.  "Here it is, white majority.  You can't complain!  You can't protest!  You just have to sit here and take it as we rub your faces in our shit.  If you dare say anything about this biracial couple, we'll scalp you with the weapons of public shaming and job loss, so you just sit there and watch as your skin crawls with a thousand cockroaches at the sight of this unnatural monstrous match made in Hell.'  They know we hate it, we know we hate it, the statistics of the likelihood of interracial mating proves we don't like it, but they can just sit back and smirk at our reactions because no one is allowed to say anything about it anymore.  This was liberal sadism.  They watched this biracial couple, thinking to themselves orgasmically about all of the racists out there who would be squirming in their seats, and got high on the thought of how well they had managed to punish their enemies on the other side of the television.  To sell Cheerios by torturing one segment of the population to the delight of another segment of the population is stooping to a horrible low in civility.  If you want to sing the delights of bestiality, do it on your own time, among people like yourself.  There is absolutely no place for it at a football game, a tradition and past time of the South, which has absolutely no truck with these beliefs and doesn't want to hear about it.

The next commercial displays the truly pretzel-like logic of the liberal world.  According to liberals, gays and transsexuals are simply born that way, it is all due to genetics, and their decision to dress up like girls, chop off their sexual organs, play with girl toys or don makeup must all be respected as part of their innate nature.  However, if a girl is born wanting to play with dolls, dress up in pink, wear a skirt, or do any other such atrocity, then this is due to evil oppressive parents who have forced all these awful toys and habits down their daughters' throats.  However, never fear, all the daughters of America have rallied together to overthrow the toy patriarchy by gathering all the pink things up into a Nazi like book burning festival, piling them all into one giant mound and setting them ablaze as a rocket going into space.  (Which, by the way, the Nazis also invented, hmmm. . .)

Girls must be forced to play with boy's toys.  Furthermore, they must be forced to only take jobs in rocket science and engineering.  They are not allowed to have an innate nature, that perhaps likes the color pink and isn't interested in building complex machines, unlike gays and transsexuals who can be as girly as they please.  All girls must be boys.  All boys must be girls.  Only then will the glory of liberal tolerance shine through.

Then there is the commercial, which only gays could possibly enjoy, of a bunch of ridiculously over muscled men running through the streets together in their underpants.  God knows what the commercial was trying to sell, but we already have enough obscene gay pride parades.  We don't need an additional one during the Super Bowl.  Football is mainly a male pastime.  It's also a straight pastime.  Commercials, ordinarily, should be geared toward the demographic that's actually watching the show.  So why is it that a commercial would air showing a bunch of naked men running around so we can watch their pectorals bounce in slow motion during the Super Bowl?  Simply, and only, as another way to rub diversity in our faces.  You see, the commercial makers knew that we would have much preferred some sort of Baywatch scene with dozens of swimsuit clad ladies running along a beach, but they wanted to turn that formula on its head by ironically doing the exact opposite.  Not because anyone would enjoy it, but because it would be edgy, cute, and hip, unlike anything that ever came before.  Novelty for the sake of novelty.  Communications majors playing their little prank on the world by showing off their unique original senses of humor.  Why a commercial would be geared for its makers, instead of the actual audience, is beyond me.  Talk about an expensive hobby, airing a commercial that is merely an inside joke for your own benefit at tens of millions of dollars a second, but anything is worth it so long as you get to insult white straight males by the end of it, neh?

There were other offensive commercials, like the one where the helpless and ignorant white man is tricked by an aggressive and dominant woman to do 'whatever she says' from here on in return for accepting a single beer bottle from her, where she proceeds to stick him in a limousine full of total strangers he had no interest in originally meeting, and the commercial proceeds from there (who knows what new enormities he must submit to via this devil's pact), but the ones listed above already prove my point.  The American people do not like these commercials, they do not agree with them, and they do not want to watch them.  But various elites who graduate in communications and marketing, and somehow get their hands on the advertising budgets of enormous corporations, continue to churn these things out and attack the public daily with them against their will.  The experience is so obnoxious that the Super Bowl loses all of its charm and half of its fun.  Perhaps it's time to record sports programs as they air, and just watch them afterwards without commercial interruption.  Perhaps it's also time to boycott every company that intentionally hurts us just for the fun of its own college graduates who like trolling mainstream America.  Lucky for me, I never liked Cheerios or Coke in the first place.

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