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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Some Good News:

Doremi has released episodes 41-48 in higher quality as a collaboration with Dreaming Roses, who had previously subtitled this region of the series.  As a result, Doremi now has a full version of GoGo that it alone is responsible for having created.  It may just be a footnote, but now we can truly say that Precure is fully subbed in its premiere quality for the first time in its 10 year history.

In other good news, the SEC gets a chance to compete for the national championship in college football for the 8th straight time.  Florida State will be a serious challenge this time, unlike that joke of a fight Notre Dame put up last year against one loss Alabama.  But Auburn should be up to the challenge.  It's hard to imagine the SEC losing to anyone, after winning for 7 years straight.  I said Ohio State was overrated and I was vindicated by Michigan State's victory later that week.  People should listen to me more often.

In other good news, a massive twin study, with over 11,000 people being studied, proved yet again what we already knew, that intelligence is largely hereditary, ie, due to genes, and therefore the quality of individuals and groups is predetermined before birth.  This conclusion was posted in a major, mainstream British newspaper, which is extraordinary, since supposedly any such conclusion was supposed to be 'pseudo-science' by 'extremists.'

This finding obviously necessitates eugenics, as we are morally culpable for allowing anyone with bad genes to be born when we know it will directly impact their own quality of life, and the quality of life of their neighbors downwardly the stupider they happen to be.  As our own supreme court justice once said, three generations of imbeciles is enough.

In the future, we'll know the specific genes for intelligence and be able to screen babies ahead of time for what their eventual IQ will be, and thus choose to implant the fertilized egg into the womb or not depending on the results.  But for now an easy rule of thumb is that children should only be born to intelligent parents, since intelligence is hereditary and it's more likely than not that smart kids will emerge from the genes of smart parents, whereas it's about as likely as winning the lottery that a smart kid will emerge from a pair of dumb parents.  For starters, no one with an IQ below 120 should be allowed to reproduce, because that is the IQ required to master college level material and thus succeed in the technology driven economy of today.  Popping children into the world with no hope of success in their future is just child abuse, child neglect, child abandonment, or whatever you want to call it.  In any case it's morally wrong.

Since the environment is suffering from overpopulation anyway, this massive culling had to take place sooner or later regardless.  This takes care of two birds with one stone.

In other good news, a poll of expert scientists was taken showing that genes were generally credited with 50% of the difference between black and white intelligence, that greater intelligence was always a good thing, and that twin studies were already sufficient evidence of heritability in intelligence.  IE, the science is already in.

This means black are irretrievably inferior to whites.  Or in other words, the vast majority of expert scientists related to the field of intelligence, (Researchers were invited to participate only if they had recent intelligence-related publications in Intelligence, Cognitive Psychology, Biological Psychology, Journal of Mathematical Psychology, Contemporary Educational Psychology, Journal of School-Psychology, New Ideas in Psychology, and Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology ), were 'racists' by the definition that they believed one race was inherently superior to another.  In other words, the vast majority of expert scientists who know what they are talking about agree with me.

Which means that two extremely bad things are happening in the world today -- our most intelligent, honorable, honest, courageous, and overall good people are being demonized by society and made into social and economic pariahs.  People who believe and tell the truth, the most virtuous people in the world, are being persecuted precisely for their virtue.  It is the nightmarish scenario that Plato/Aristotle condemned, where the worst possible evil imaginable is the day when evil is taken to be good and good is taken to be evil.  Now like Socrates, every single person who mentions the truth about intelligence, heritability, and race is forced to drink hemlock by a demented society insisting the Sun orbits the Earth, the world is flat and intelligence is due to the environment.

The other negative consequence of this issue, besides the ultimate injustice that truth tellers are demonized by the public as bad people while liars are lionized as heroes, is that public policy that takes these facts into account cannot move forward.  There are trillions of public policy measures that become obvious the second you learn that intelligence is hereditary and varies between groups.  First, immigration policy could be changed.  Second, birth rates could be encouraged among some groups while being discouraged among others.  Third, all disparate impact/equal opportunity lawsuits could be abolished.  Fourth, affirmative action could be abolished.  Fifth, history could be rewritten to reflect what we now know about the races and why things happened the way they did, instead of just being a long-winded account about how whites are evil and everyone else on Earth was just an oppressed victim.  Sixth, hiring could be made on the basis of IQ tests, so the entire education system could be abolished as a pointless waste of time, money, and energy.  Seventh, compassion would stop blaming the victims and admit that poor or unemployed people are not necessarily lazy, because they were never given an equal chance in life to begin with, and therefore a citizen's dividend could be passed for those who never had the earning power to make a living on their own in the first place.  Eighth, we could give up trying to rehabilitate criminals and instead crack down on them so hard that crime was effectively abolished, no matter how disparate the impact of this crackdown was on a certain race.  Ninth, we could restrict the franchise to only those people intelligent enough to deserve it.  Tenth, massive investments could be made in scientific research for the purpose of genetically engineering super babies with all sorts of genetic enhancements, from health to beauty to intelligence to good moral character, paving the way for the next stage of human evolution.

If we, as a society, as the masses, would just accept the same truths that the expert scientists who know the most in this field have already accepted, not only would a great injustice be undone against the modern day martyrs for the truth like poor Richwine at the heritage foundation, but innumerable public policy changes could be made, all of which would inestimably improve humanity's well being.  These changes could be made tomorrow and are not dependent on any further scientific innovations or findings to be made.  We could be living in a utopia today if we just recognized this one, tiny little truth.  How much longer do we have to wait on the press, and the governments of the world, to catch on to what their own scientists are telling them?  How many more generations must we suffer when the solution to all our problems is already at hand?

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