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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Another Anime Update:

This spring's anime lineup is looking fantastic.  Jojo's, Love Live, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Mekaku City Actors (Kagerou Days), No Game No Life and the resumption of Fairy Tail lead a lineup that is bound to grow yet further as time passes and more projects get finalized.  If winter turns out to be the biggest flop in history, as it's looking to be, spring is likely to be the greatest success in history, so overall 2014 anime is in a good place for now.

One Piece is currently filler so another watchable series has been lost to the void.  It was inevitable, given how many weeks the manga had taken off recently, so it's not like I resent the presence of filler or anything.  I'm just saddened that the world will no longer have new One Piece anime for the foreseeable future.  This is why I love Pretty Cure.  Since it's anime original content, every week is as solid an episode as the previous week, and it can have as fast a pace as it likes without ever 'catching up with the source.'  No filler and fast pacing make for much better stories, lemme tell ya.

Little Busters Refrain has thoroughly impressed me, such that now I've moved it up in the rankings to #9.  Even that may be selling the series short, we'll have to see based on how good the Ecstasy OAV's are.  Refrain just makes you cry non-stop for the entire second half of the season.  It's as bad as Da Capo II, or Clannad After Story.  But anything that can move you emotionally that much is a great work of art, far beyond normal fare, so even when the experience isn't exactly pleasant it's still astoundingly admirable.  Considering how much the anime left out from the visual novel, the fact that it's still the 9th best anime ever, makes you wonder just how good the visual novel might be.  But the EX version of the story still hasn't been translated into English, so there's just no way to know.

Meanwhile, Segawa Onpu has saved Ojamajo Doremi.  What was previously a chore to watch has become a delight, all because of this one new Pretty Witch.  She starts as a sort of 'dark Ojamajo' who serves as a foil and antagonist to the original cast, but by the end of the season ends up being their best friend who sacrifices everything for them, after which they in turn sacrifice everything for her.  That's a good story.  And it's only the first season!  Who knows what awesome plot developments await in the remaining hundreds of eps.  From being a borderline good series, I've completely changed my opinion of this series and shot it up to #69 best ever.  It may be even better than that, but only time will tell.

I couldn't finish Daa Daa Daa, it's so bad, so I'm just waiting for something to replace it this winter season.  Oh well, you can't win them all.

Monogatari's ending is in an awful place.  I dearly hope they will continue the series to its proper ending (the showdown with Ougi) at some point.  Perhaps 2015, after the light novels are done.  Boy this season sure was good while it lasted though.  Wow.

Outbreak Company and Valvrave had pretty rushed endings.  Too bad.  Non Non Biyori and Noucome didn't resolve anything with their endings too.  Both could use some more eps, and luckily both are getting some additional OAV's so that's something.

Now to wait with anxious breath to find out if SAO's second season will be announced on New Year's Eve or not.

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