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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Permaposts Updated:

I decided to make my rankings as accurate as possible with the information I currently had, so I updated my rankings.  Prism Ark and Okusama wa Joshikosei have been replaced with Saint Tail and Howl's Moving Castle, always good placeholders.  These can in turn be replaced by something good that comes along this winter.  Or, if nothing good comes along this winter, they can stay in the rankings a little longer I suppose.  The two have been in my rankings before, so it's no big deal if they come back and stay in them a bit longer.

The other series from my anime carousel have been moved around drastically.  Rocket Girls and Aishiteruze Baby got the biggest lifts, to #64 and #65.  But other shows also improved their ranks, like Myself;Yourself, Maria-sama ga Miteru, Kokoro Toshokan, Binbou Shimai Monogatari, Daa! Daa! Daa!, Jigoku Shoujo, and Outbreak Company.  Others stayed near the bottom right where they started, like Futakoi and Tales of 'x', because they never impressed me any further than my initial impressions.  However, it's a great honor even joining the rankings, so just because they stayed at the bottom is no failure on their part.  It's just that there are many good series competing for these slots and it's hard to be the best.  Everybody has it tough!

I updated my anime blu-ray post to just say whether Japan had released, or plans to release, a show in blu-ray or not, to avoid confusing gray ground.  Now a * means if you wait long enough you'll get a blu-ray version, and the lack of a * means no amount of waiting can help you, which is a much clearer guide than the previous version.

I updated my anime voices to reflect the changes to my rankings, and of course added in the voices for Saint Tail and Howl's Moving Castle.  Which was easy, because there weren't many.

I updated my eagerly awaited releases list to include all the near-future blu-ray releases of good series that came out in 2013's winter, spring, or summer anime seasons that we're all waiting with baited breath for.  Now you can look up exactly when the rest of Haganai, Oreimo, or Fate/Kaleid Liner will be coming out instead of wandering in the mists of obscurity.

Also, I added in the fact that Soul Eater is getting an additional anime season based off of the Soul Eater Not spinoff manga.  Every '+' sign on my list is a cause for celebration, even minor sequels to low ranked series like these.

This world is just a giant ball of information, so it's always good to stay updated.


Lesson17 said...


Have you ever posted your anime list in tiers?

These sort of lists make it hard to discern quality.


Diamed said...

Do you mean tiers like 'Perfect, Great, Good, Okay'?

Let's see, if I had to rate my 160 favorites by that measure, I would say the top 20 are perfect, the top 50 are Great, the top 100 are good, and the remaining 60 are okay.

Lesson17 said...

Exactly. I think putting an anime in the great tier means a lot more to a reader than placing it at somewhere between 21st-50th place:

"Diamed put x in the perfect tier" vs "Diamed moved x to 19th place"

I'll let you decide which sentence is more deserving of an exclamation point.

- L17