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Friday, November 1, 2013

Ender's Game Movie:

Ender's Game is one of the best books written in the English language, and Orson Scott Card is one of the finest authors to ever live.  So I had pretty high expectations for this movie going in, but seeing it on the big screen, I'm pleased to see the movie lived up to its pedigree.

Much of the dialogue is lifted straight out of the book.  The battle room scenes look exactly like you would imagine they must have been.  The music was nice and the acting was sufficient to carry the message across.  Nothing could live up to the Ender's Game book, but this movie really tried its best.  For that I'm extremely grateful.  It was the best movie since Revenge of the Sith, but that isn't saying much, since America hardly makes any good movies, ever, in the first place.  The next movie I'm looking forward to is Star Wars Episode 7, until then, it's back to anime again.

Speaking of anime, thank you Outbreak Company!  To name your favorite visual novel as Da Capo II, I will love you forever for that!  And your favorite character is Yume as well!  Yume is my favorite, for that matter, isn't she everyone's favorite?  I never thought the author of Outbreak Company would have such good taste, but now that he's revealed it, Outbreak Company will always have a special place in my heart for the rest of time.  This show is fantastic -- literally!

On the other hand, Samurai Flamenco's latest episode was awful.  It completely violated all the principles it had set forth in the previous three episodes, and simply annihilated itself in a particle-anti-particle collision.  What happened to the pacifist hero who only lectured people on their wrongdoings?  Gone.  What happened to the hero being the good guy, and not a bully who attacks innocents?  Gone.  What happened to carrying out your own personal justice?  Gone.  Everything's gone.  Continuing to beat a defenseless/already captured criminal by kicking him the balls over and over is far too cruel, and obviously a crime.  That was far worse than anything shown concerning Rodney King, and I'm supposed to just laugh it off as a joke?  The show seemed promising, but in the end it betrayed that promise.  Yet another series dropped from the lineup.

While I'm at it, White Album 2 is so utterly boring, with none of the characters attracting my interest whatsoever, that watching it any longer is just a waste of time.  I can drop that one too.

Fall Lineup, Take 3:

1.  Little Busters: Refrain
2.  Monogatari Second Season
3.  Valvrave 2  
4.  Outbreak Company
5.  Noucome
6.  Hunter x Hunter
7.  Non Non Biyori
8.  Galilei Donna
9.  Naruto
10.  Doki Doki Precure
11.  One Piece
12.  Miss Monochrome
13.  Arpeggio of Blue Steel
14.  Unbreakable Machine Doll
15.  Kyoukai no Kanata

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