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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Anime Voices Updated:

Two new voices have entered my anime voices pantheon:  Takehito Koyasu, who plays a ridiculous number of male roles but perhaps is best known for his role as Oberon in Sword Art Online, and Mamiko Noto, who also has a zillion roles but most memorably played Kotomi Ichinose from Clannad.

I noticed Mamiko Noto while watching Maria-sama ga Miteru.  Her voice was just so perfect for a refined, reserved lady that I was determined to find out her identity.  When I learned she was also the main character of Jigoku Shoujo, Kotomi from Clannad, and a million other things, I knew she deserved a spot on my list.  Similarly, Takehito Koyasu overwhelms you with the sheer number of roles he's played in so many good series, rather than any one role he stood out in.  His long career dates all the way back to Gundam 83 and all the way forward to the currently airing Valvrave 2.  But his melodious, rolling voice is present in all his roles and instantly distinguishable from all his peers.  It's so deep and sinister that he's constantly stuck playing the villain, but that's okay because he's a brilliant villain that makes the series all the better for his presence all the same.

By watching all this new Lost World anime, I've come to appreciate more voices than ever before, and these two were discovered in a similar manner.  The only question remaining is who I'll discover next?  Both of the voices above are highly regarded in Japanese circles in official polls as well, so I'm hardly taking any risks by appreciating them myself.  If I'm impressed enough to stop and check a seiyuu's list of roles, and if that list of roles is sufficiently grand, there's always room for more heroes to celebrate and commit to memory.

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