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Saturday, November 30, 2013

#1 Done:

The #1 anime of all time is finally subbed.  The long, long journey is finally over.  Victory is ours!

Episode 40 of Yes Precure 5 GoGo was subbed today by Doremi Fansubs.  This completes the last remaining season of Pretty Cure which had until this time not been available to the English speaking world.  It took an agonizing 5 years to get subtitled, but I guess good things come to those who wait.  In terms of quality, GoGo is pretty poor compared to the other Precure seasons.  Even so, in terms of completion for completion's sake, this episode is the sweetest tasting Precure moment that will ever be.  From here on, Precure is famous enough that it will always have some fansub group taking care of all its new releases, and we need never fear being left in the dark again.  It was just those older seasons, before the world really noticed how great the series was, that were subject to being lost and forgotten forever.  Instead they will be memorialized and celebrated for all generations to come, all around the world.  All thanks to the hard workers over at Doremi Fansubs.  They deserve statues.  Millions of dollars.  But at least I can give them a big 'thank you' for a job well done.

Meanwhile, Central Anime released the next season of Touch bd, so they deserve a shout out as well.  That's 29 more episodes of Adachi goodness ready for viewing in the highest quality possible.  It's sad that Touch got a blu-ray release while Cross Game and H2 is still stuck with just dvds, but that's just how highly regarded Touch is, often ranking in the top 10 anime series of all time by Japanese fans.  It's no wonder it got a blu-ray release despite its age.

In other #1 news, Alabama lost in an unbelievably epic way against the miracle finishers known as Auburn, who have pulled this stunt for two weeks running.  As a result, Auburn and Missouri will be playing each other for the SEC championship, while most likely Ohio State and Florida State will be playing each other for the national championship, despite the fact that Auburn, Alabama, South Carolina (who just beat Clemson, the one impressive win of Florida State this entire season) or Missouri could all whip Ohio State with one arm tied behind their backs.  The allure of being undefeated when it comes to the polls trumps the reality that the better team sometimes loses due to blind chance -- like what happened tonight to poor Alabama.  In fact, if we're realistically speaking about who is the better team, I would still rank Alabama as #1, with Florida State at #2 and Auburn #3, because losing via a fluke to Auburn isn't nearly as bad as losing to LSU like Auburn did fair and square.  Missouri would be #4 because losing in overtime to a fierce opponent like South Carolina is nothing to be ashamed of.  Ohio State, meanwhile, struggled just to beat a complete nobody in Michigan today.  It would be generous of me to even put them at #5.  Really, that slot should belong to Oklahoma State, who put on a show against otherwise undefeated Baylor that proved they were truly a top tier team, but seem to have been forgotten by the whole world for no known reason.

Without a playoff system, the better one loss teams (because they had tougher schedules) will never be able to prove themselves directly against the worse undefeated teams (because they had easier schedules).  It's a shame, but that's just how it is -- at least for this year.  Next year the 4 team playoff system begins, and then we'll just see how far the Ohio State's of the world get then.

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