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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Black World:

If we do nothing, this is our future:

The tiny, dwindling lines are the white race -- Europe, South America and North America, whose populations steadily dwindle over the century to practical invisibility.  Even these lines aren't telling the true horror story.  Inside Europe, North America and South America are large numbers of non-whites, in fact, in all three continents many of them are blacks now.  By 2100 the majority of the people living in all three of these regions will be non-white, so our already invisible presence on the globe will be even more insignificant than the graph makes us look like.

Meanwhile, Africa skyrockets in population in an ever-upward trajectory with no end in sight, no leveling off, no weakening of the curve whatsoever.  The graph stops, arbitrarily, at 2100, just before Africa's population exceeds all of Asia's.  Is this supposed to somehow reassure us?  Like, don't worry folks, Africa will never really be the majority of the world's population?  Well, sorry, but time flows beyond 2100.  And we can see from the curves on that graph that Asia's population will be steadily plummeting at the same time as Africa's rises ever upwards in a never ending expansionary explosion.  So never mind 2100.  By 2200, or 2300, there will simply be blacks, and invisible minorities, all across the world.  Blacks will make the whole world into South Africa, 90% them, 10% everyone else, hidden behind barricades and barbed wire from the ravening criminal hordes.

A recent review of crime statistics showed that Americans can already expect, over their lifetime, to be the victim of a violent crime.  If you extend this to a member of their immediate family, the chance goes up to 3 violent crimes on average per lifetime.  I already stated that a 20% risk of being a victim to a major crime is already unacceptable for a civilized, decent life, and here we are at 300% already.  This is with blacks making up just 13% of the US population.  Can you imagine how bad it will become once blacks are half the population?  90%?  We don't have to imagine, we've already played this scenario out in Detroit.  The place looks like it's been leveled by a nuke.  There are no businesses, no signs of life whatsoever in the city.  The police don't respond to even murder cases and the city lights don't even go on at night.  This is going to become the whole world.  The whole world will look like it's been nuked, every building in ruins, every girl raped regularly, no businesses operating anywhere because their property is instantly stolen if they try, no public utilities because they're instantly sabotaged by copper thieves, no public parks because they're haunted by criminals, nothing.  Just nothing.  Naturally, there won't be any art, science, or progress anymore either, because blacks have proven themselves wholly incapable of any field of higher thought.  The taxes will be so high, to support the endless unproductive black parasite breeder masses, that the non-blacks will be slave laborers for life, unable to afford upbringing their own children, due to the need to provide for all the blacks underneath them.  In a democracy, all it takes is a majority and the blacks can vote themselves, legally, whatever they want.  If they want free money for life and infinite children, well, you'd better just fork over the money and stop complaining, because the police and the military will belong to them.  If they want to make crime legal against non-blacks because 'too many of our kids are going to jail' then that's what they'll get.  The moment they own the government it will be anarchy.  Gang warfare.  Somalia.

Blacks are destructive wherever they go, wherever they live.  Whether they stay in Africa, go to France, the UK, Haiti, Brazil, or the United States, it's the same story everywhere.  In fact, blacks even manage to murder Japanese while visiting on rap tours to that pristine isle.  The blacks infiltrate our US army, get posted to military bases in Japan, and then rape little Japanese girls.  Try as they might, with as strict immigration controls as humanly possible, even Japan can't escape the scourge of this monster race.  A black world is the end of the world.  We would do better if it was just the black plague attacking us again.  This is the worst threat to mankind in human history.  Uncontrolled black breeding, which is set to quadruple their population in a mere 90 years (and won't stop there, it will just keep on quadrupling forever and ever), plus the liberal belief in black equality, is a poison pill that civilization cannot survive.

If everyone is equal, then it stands to reason that we should have open immigration.  It doesn't matter who lives where on Earth, everyone is the same anyway, so why make distinctions between groups?

If we have open immigration, then poor Africans will naturally come to live in every other region on Earth where they can avail themselves of our wealth.  Once they put up roots here, they will continue their 'quadrupling' birth rates on our soil as well, such that even letting in a few dozen Africans into a country is fatal, because they will soon breed themselves in the majority position of the whole country's population.  Because of liberal belief in equality, we can't stop blacks from overbreeding either.  A black is as good as any other child, so it shouldn't matter if they become the majority, right?

Then the final nail in the coffin is hammered down.  Since everyone is equal, everyone should have an equal vote on who runs the government, which includes the police and the military.  Since blacks will inevitably become the majority population of the entire world and every country in it, because liberal beliefs in equality forbids us from stopping either their overbreeding or their immigration, they will democratically seize power over the entire world.  Then they will vote themselves a lawless society, full of welfare for themselves, and become as corrupt as every third world dictator in Africa already is.  There is no stopping this progress of events, this sequence is set in stone.  We cannot stop democracy so long as we believe in equality.  Once blacks seize power, we already know what they do with it.  We've seen it in the mayors of our major cities, we've seen it in Haiti, we've seen it in Africa, we see it wherever blacks go, it's nothing but rape, murder, drugs, theft, civil wars and madness.  It is truly the 'heart of darkness.'  It's so evil it's worse than nothing.  At this point, mankind would be better off extinct as a species than for the world's history to continue even a year longer.

Those arguing for black equality know all the same facts I do.  They know that blacks are stupid, they know that blacks are criminals, they know that blacks destroy every city and every country they live in.  They must know, because the facts are readily apparent to them over the internet wherever they look.  They must know, because in their daily life every black they meet fulfills these stereotypes perfectly.  They must know, because in their own behavior they make it clear that they wish to stay as far away from blacks as humanly possible -- they live in segregated neighborhoods, send their kids to segregated schools, refuse to marry blacks and don't have any black friends.  Whether liberal or conservative, this behavior always remains the same, which means everyone, everyone knows the score.  Everyone truly knows what blacks are like and treats them accordingly, only liberals insist on lying about it in order to look better than everyone else.  When push comes to shove, they act the exact same way, but so long as they're just talking they'll say all the right 'talking points' so that everyone can praise them for their enlightenment.

For the sake of 'looking good,' they are willing to destroy the entire world.  They don't even really believe in equality, helping blacks, or any of the rest.  They know just like we do how hopeless the situation is.  This is why they have no plan whatsoever on how to make blacks civilized people like the rest of us.  They have no plan for how to get blacks to marry each other, stop being criminals, get jobs, graduate college, stop breeding endless maggot swarms of children, or anything else.  They haven't explained or shown a single way to uplift blacks anywhere on Earth.  Not one program, anywhere, can make blacks act like whites as a group.  Therefore, despite saying that blacks are equal and all they need is the 'right nurturing,' they themselves have already admitted defeat and despair of ever providing such nurture to the group.  Which means they themselves know that this 'nurture' argument is bunk because they have never once provided this ideal nurture that would be necessary to make blacks a worthwhile segment of the population.  It's a fantasy, no different from the tooth fairy.  No matter how often they repeat that we just need good nurture, they know there's no such thing because no nurture, no circumstances, no schooling, no amount of money, nothing, has ever succeeded in changing black nature.  Nor do we have all the time in the world to wait for blacks to improve.  If you have some thousand year plan to lift blacks out of poverty, well, guess what, too late, because in just 100 years the whole world will be composed of nothing but 70 IQ, 'quadrupling' rapists.  If you wanted to fix blacks via nurture, it would have to be this generation.  It would have to be right now.  Otherwise, it's already too late and there won't be any whites left to babysit these worthless, hopeless parasites any longer.

At 10% of the population, there's no way we can properly 'nurture' blacks to a virtuous lifestyle when we couldn't even do it at 90% of the population.  Every year the prospects for uplifting blacks shrinks as there are fewer non-blacks and more blacks trapped in their own rut.  For instance, everyone could agree that Detroit is impossible to help because each new generation of black Detroit kids grows up in a hellhole that only exacerbates their already bad nature.  For black children to do well, they would have to grow up in some heavenly place full of kittens and rainbows, some pristine, untouched, non-black, area where they are the only blacks in the entire neighborhood.  The only blacks in the entire school, where all the other students behave, act nicely, and help tutor the black in his studies.  In a situation like that, it's conceivable we could 'nurture' blacks correctly.  But in an inner-city school known more for gang shootings and drug deals then learning?  Where the teachers don't even bother and hide behind armored doors during the lessons so they aren't physically assaulted by their own students?  Where there is no tax revenue because there are no workers because there is no business anywhere in the city anymore?  How exactly do you properly nurture blacks from this position?  In other words, once we reach the setting where a city, country, or planet is majority black, there's nothing anyone can do to save them anymore.  Only as a tiny minority can blacks possibly be 'raised correctly,' even in the liberal's fondest pipe dreams.  And that window of opportunity is rapidly receding as the black population 'quadruples' until it's swarming every last inch of the Earth with more of the same barbarous, uncultured, uneducated, unpoliced blacks every year.

So long as we believe in the liberal myth of black equality, the world will continue to rocket heedlessly towards its final hellish destruction.  Open immigration, democracy, and the right to have as many children as you please are the three pillars of total black domination.  All three are premised upon human equality.  Unless you undermine human equality, you cannot undermine open immigration, democracy, or the freedom to give birth.  And unless you undermine these 'rights,' you cannot save the world from its impending destruction.  Everything starts at black inequality.  Once we accept this, we can quickly suspend black citizenship, prevent blacks from having any more children, and deport them from all our shores, banning any further immigration.  Then, in an instant, the world could be saved from becoming one giant slum of machine guns, booming sub-woofers and broken windows.  But none of those policies will ever be accepted so long as belief in human equality is supported.  Our hands are tied behind our backs.  The fate of our children and grandchildren hangs in the balance, we can see them being lined up in front of the black demographic firing squad, and there's not a single thing we can do about it because 'we are all equal.'

Black equality is the single worst idea ever invented by man.  If we do not end it, we will soon lose the chance to repent of our mistake, and then the world will become nothing but a living hell until the sun blows up, where, thankfully, the last black cockroach will finally be snuffed out (because you can be sure that once blacks are in power, their space program will never get off the ground).


Julie Mitchell said...

Fantastic. The only fault I find with your work is your belief in the EASILY provable lie that is the Jewish Holohoax.

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