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Monday, August 12, 2013

August Updates:

A rash of filler and recap episodes have spoiled the summer anime fun.  Hopefully this temporary epidemic, which swallowed up Railgun, Naruto, Monogatari, and next week's Ro-Kyu-Bu, will eventually subside.  However, all the long-running series are particularly weak right now.  Hunter x Hunter, One Piece and Precure are leaving a lot to be desired.

However, the good news is that starting this week, Oreimo is finally back on air, ready to deliver the finale to the entire series where we learn who exactly Kyosuke has fallen in love with and what the results of his decision will be.

Aside from these shows, Haitai Nanafa second season is finally being translated, so everyone should make sure to watch that too as it comes out.  In addition, Mangagamer has picked up two highly anticipated visual novel sequels, Da Capo III R and Shuffle's Really? Really! fandisk.  I couldn't have chosen two better games to have translated into English.  These are the cream of the crop.  Now I'll finally get to see what happened after the D.C. III anime ended on its awful cliffhanger.

Baka-Tsuki has also helpfully provided a few more translated Sword Art Online short stories, and the next Baka to Test light novel, so anyone following those franchises should check them out.

The good people over at Doki fansubs have finished translating the new Ranma 1/2 blu-ray box.  They also promise to translate the rest of the blu-ray series as it comes out, so that's something to look forward to.  One of Ranma's biggest problems is its age, the transition to HD is a lifesaver.

The new Sailor Moon anime has been confirmed for winter of 2014, but they also said it wasn't a remake.  Since the only purpose of a new Sailor Moon anime would be to remake it, this time to follow the manga properly, whatever this anime is, it is now worthless and probably just filler.  The whole thing, from the delays to this new announcement of its own irrelevance, has been quite a disappointment.

The new college football season, sporting a lot of new teams like Old Dominion, begins August 29th.  This is the last year of the BCS system.  Next year, there's a playoff game to determine the national champion, and a ton of conference realignments, so the college football scene never gets dull.

Dragon Ball Kai Buu is rumored to begin sometime this August (which I find highly doubtful) or this coming September (which I find credible.)  Strangely enough, it will probably air originally in English on American television, and only be available in proper Japanese with the proper Japanese seiyuu when the blu-ray disks for the series go on sale half a year later.  Once the Buu segment of Dragon Ball is transitioned to its no-filler Kai form, the series will jump up in quality.  The current situation is that 100 episodes of anime were used to cover 99 chapters of manga, a truly horrifying spectacle that totally ruins the remaining 1/3 of the Dragon Ball experience.  Once all of Buu is Kai-ified, we'll be able to assess how good the series originally should have been for the first time.  The new Dragon Ball movie should also be coming out in September in blu-ray, ie, for the wider world outside of just Japan.

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